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The meaning of the name Nargiz — character, love, destiny, childhood and maturity of its bearer

Nargiza or Nargiz: what does this mysterious eastern name mean

The sound of this name resembles the name of a flower. Does it really have “petals” like other oriental female names?

And do modern numerologists, esotericists, astrologers consider it successful?

The meaning of the name Nargiz - character, love, destiny, childhood and maturity of its bearer

Meaning and etymology of the name

Yes, you were not mistaken: in translation from some languages, it really means “narcissus”. But this is not the only version of its origin.

The fact is that it is truly ancient, so scientists do not agree on which version of the origin is true, and which is secondary, superimposed on the name later.

  1. Tajik version. The name translates as «beautiful», «radiant.»
  2. Azerbaijani version. It stands for “free”, “proud”, as well as “gentle”, “innocent”.
  3. Tatar version. It means «the one that passed through the fire.»
  4. Uygur version. Translation of the name: “flower woven from fire”, “fiery flower”.
  5. Turkish version. Probably the most popular. According to this theory, the name means «narcissus» or «mountain flower».
  6. The Armenian version is very similar to the previous one: “mountain flower”.
  7. Indian version: “royal family”, “ruler”. Also, linguists say: if we compare the name with the ancient Indian language, we get several more interpretations: «moon», «illuminating the flame» and «fire flower».

Pair male: Nargiz.

For friends and family she: Nara.

In some countries, the name is spelled: Nargis, Nargis, Nargissa.

What character does it impart?

Virtues: this is a very persistent girl. She never gives herself an offense, can always defend their own opinions.

She has an active life position. Nara is very hardworking, always given to the profession without a trace, so that often gets on the board of honor.

Bright personality, many innate abilities — this is what Nargiza (or her parents) can be proud of.

disadvantages: this is an authoritarian personality. It endures failures hard, but most importantly, she does not learn at all from them, preferring to blame others for her falls, but not for herself.

She rarely listens to advice «from outside», believing (often mistakenly) that she knows better than anyone how to act. She does not trust the opinion of other people (and even close ones).

However, she does not consider her own decisions for a long time — having decided something, she can immediately rush “into battle”.

Due to her strong character, she can manipulate her friends or colleagues, subordinating them to her will.

Also this girl has no patience. If she has to wait a few days for the result of the interview, she will literally ruin herself.

This is how the fate of Nargiza changes

  • Childhood. The baby is developed beyond his years, at times overtaking the same age. Beautiful, talented — a sight for sore eyes! One thing is bad — she is too stubborn. However, this trait of character, so disturbing the parents of baby Nara, in a more mature age will greatly help her to make her way in life.
  • School years. In the classroom, she quickly takes a central position. She can quickly organize peers both for leprosy, and for a socially important matter or a festive concert. She studies well, but not because she likes to gnaw the granite of science, but because she likes to feel better.
  • Youth. During this period, many may call the girl proud, because she is rarely interested in the opinions of others, does not heed the advice of friends.
  • Mature years. Iron, strong-willed woman — that’s what she is now. She can easily get a «male» job (for example, to become a military or a police officer), and even succeed in this field.

Astrology and esoteric

The meaning of the name Nargiz - character, love, destiny, childhood and maturity of its bearer

  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Virgo (period of birth from August 23 to September 22).
  • The color of the name: brown and dark green.
  • Heavenly body patronizing: Mercury and Saturn.
  • Stone talisman: emerald, moonstone, quartz (only transparent), sapphire (yellow, white and black), tiger eye, tourmaline (exclusively black) and zirconium.
  • The metal of this name: tin, silver, uranium. By the way, it is not necessary to wear jewelry only from these metals — you can simply keep products made from them in the house. For example, tableware or cute figurines (in the photo above — just decorations for the interior of tin).
  • Happy day of the week: Wednesday.

Name day: they are not.

This is how Nara feels and acts in different situations:

  • Love. She trusts her boyfriend. Does not like to argue or quarrel with him. This girl is constantly in a state of love, noticing the best features in each of her partner. However, when the routine interferes with the relationship, they can annoy the girl.
  • Family. Mutual understanding and trust — these are the two cornerstones on which Nargiz builds marriage. Husband for her is the one and only, for him she will become the most loving and tender.
  • Friendship. Best friend for her closer than her sister. She will entrust all her secrets to her, share the latter, will always help.
  • Job. This is not a freelancer or a freelance artist, but an employee who needs a team. She will show the best results by working as a designer, fashion designer, stylist, hairdresser or actress.

With which guy, a man, to build a relationship, and which one cannot make Nargiza happy?

Interestingly, with some of these failed beloved ones, Nargiza may have just the perfect business partnership. Yes, it is better to have business, and not love affairs, with Artem, Danil, and Kirill.

Famous owners of this name

The meaning of the name Nargiz - character, love, destiny, childhood and maturity of its bearer

  1. Nargis, also known as Nargis Dat (1929-1981) is the creative name of an actress from India. Real name is Fatima Abdul Rashid. She has about 50 films. The Russian viewer is known for the Raj Kapoor film “Tramp”.
  2. Nargis Bandishoeva (1966-1991) — singer and musician from Tajikistan.
  3. Nargiz or Nargiza Zakirova (1970) — singer from Uzbekistan. In Russia, she is known for participating in the show “The Voice”, as well as numerous clips. Currently lives in the USA.
  4. Nargis Hakhri (1979) — model and actress. Interestingly, she was born in America, her father is Pakistani, her mother is Czech, and she began to act in India. However, it also appears in American films — in particular, in the 2015 Spy.
  5. Nargiz Asadova (1980) — Russian journalist, “paper” and television.
  6. Nargiza Abdulaeva (1981) — Russian theater actress, originally from Uzbekistan. Best known for his work at the Moscow Puppet Theater.
  7. Nargiz Umudova (1989) — chess player from Azerbaijan.
  8. Nargiza Salmanova — actress from Uzbekistan.

And at the end, we traditionally offer to evaluate the work of a remarkable bearer of this name — our contemporaries, the singer Nargiz. She performs her songs in Russian, so that all residents of the CIS will be able to appreciate her lyrics:

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