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The meaning of the name Maya — the uniqueness of the origin and horoscope by time

Maya — an impulsive lover of loneliness with an indomitable character

The main secret of a woman named Maya is considered to be changeable. What else hides the meaning of the name form, because the person around seems to be principled.

However, a cute girl with a spring name has a difficult character, there is a constant change of principles, focused on momentary benefits.

The meaning of the name Maya - the uniqueness of the origin and horoscope by time

Uniqueness of origin

The Mayan name-form, which causes spring associations, can be called a record holder in the number of theories of origin:

  • in the Greek version, the name personifies the Greek goddess, corresponds with the word mother;
  • according to Latin roots, the word is associated with the spring month of May, the goddess of fertility;
  • In accordance with the philosophy of Hinduism, the word is interpreted as an illusion, the keeper of the world order.

According to the Jewish version, the meaning of the name form is translated as water. In Slavic mythology, Maya Zlatogorka was called the daughter of Svyatogor. In the light of the cult of the mother in pagan mythology, Maya was called the Golden Mother, the Golden Baba.

Identified with the Mother of the World.

Characteristics of the spring name-form

The goddess of spring does not have many short and sweet forms of the name. The girl can be called T-shirt, Mayunya, Mayusha; in a milder form, the name is pronounced May.

In the Nordic countries, the nomoform is considered an abbreviated version of the female name Maria or Marianna, Manephia, Maina.

Patronizing symbolism:

  • the name belongs to the zodiacal sign Taurus;
  • the planet is considered the patroness of the moon;
  • color value corresponds to a lemon-yellow shade;
  • magical plants are called magnolia and calendula;
  • the totem patron of the name is considered a bee;
  • Topaz is chosen as the cherished talisman stone.

All signs and rituals of the spring month May belong to the name Maya, but the bearer’s name is absent, since the name does not appear in either the Catholic calendar or in the Orthodox name.

Facets of character:

  • Positive values ​​include mobility and sociability of a temperamental woman, full of energy;
  • Among the negative traits — ambition, the desire to be the center of attention, if not successful, the lady becomes envious, does not restrain anger.

The flirtatious carrier has a strong and strong-willed character, the meaning of the name is manifested in the desire to lead in everything. An obstinate Maya will not allow herself to be offended, but an obstinate jealous woman is not in the habit of containing emotions, which sometimes complicates her own life.

The name-form suits girls born under the sign of Taurus, it will muffle the value of negative traits, making Maiechka more peaceful and patient.

The meaning of the name Maya - the uniqueness of the origin and horoscope by time

The meaning of the name Maya in stages of life

The agile and active child prefers the company of peers-boys. School years are surprising by their penchant for literature and languages, but the meaning of the name shows nasty behavior.

An adult woman over the years will learn to control her explosive nature.

Fighting childhood

Since childhood, the cute girl is committed to managing others, in games with the boys skilfully dance. Because of the indomitable nature of T-shirt, she is difficult to bring up, but does not deny the importance of parental authority.

A lover of constant changes in life, easily overcomes problems, although not friends with discipline. How time of birth affects the character:

  • a girl born in winter will grow up emotional but stubborn;
  • autumn fate will give Mashushu a decisive character, hard work;
  • a girl born in summer will be sociable, but very selfish;
  • From spring Majuni you should expect attentiveness, sensuality.

Particularly difficult school years are given to T-shirt because of the need to obey. A blow to pride turns into the development of such a character trait as cunning, but meanness and capriciousness are absent.

Character of an adult lady

In adult Maya, character traits change little, inflated pride on the background of impulsivity adds vital problems. Restraint of insults and unwillingness to lose brings strong-willed Maya.

Fate does not reward a cold woman with a bright appearance with an abundance of friends due to excessive demands on others and expectations of admiration for herself. She is even ready to quarrel with those who encroach on the ego of the bearer of the name.

Professional inclinations

Inability to do a job qualitatively prevents Maya from reaching her career take-off in time. However, in the second half of her life, thanks to her extraordinary thinking, a woman succeeds in becoming a good leader who achieves the desired results from her subordinates.

Despotism is not peculiar to a responsible manager, a business lady has learned to restrain a storm of emotions.

The value of personal relationships and family

  • No man can resist the elegant coquette of attractive appearance, fate presents the girl with many admirers. The spring name bearer is not capable of a long relationship, but she is in search of the perfect man. Passion will be the relationship with Victor, Arseny, Kuzma. Fate will bring good compatibility with Yaroslav, Vladimir; fit George, Peter and Leonid. Relations with Valery, Nikon, Adrian will be difficult.
  • To create a family, a demanding lady chooses a non-conflict partner who will obey her in everything. Having found his ideal, Maya will never let such a man go. While exploiting a spouse, Maya does not demonstrate a special love for him, but she can be called a worthy hostess of the house. A hospitable woman is caring for relatives, she is responsible for raising children.

Interestingly, the lack of high sensual heat in the relationship of Maya with her spouse does not lead to the destruction of the family. The basis of the preservation of marriage is the attachment of spouses to their own children, especially if the husband respects the principles of his wife.

The meaning of the name Maya - the uniqueness of the origin and horoscope by time

Famous Maya Bearers

  • About the talented ballerina Plisetskaya (1925), the example of the Bolshoi Theater, the whole world knows.
  • Georgian chess player Chiburdanidze (1961) was lucky to receive the title of world champion six times.
  • Bulgakov (1932) lovers of cinema and theatrical performances know as a talented actress.
  • The pop singer Kristalinskaya (1932) with a difficult fate was called the tenderness of the Soviet era.
  • The specialization of the Russian archaeologist Maya Abramova (1932) was Sarmatians.

Spring horoscope horoscope

  1. Aries — a balanced girl with a calm character lovers of loneliness.
  2. Taurus — suffering from a misunderstanding of others business woman, deprived of close friends.
  3. Gemini — a mysterious person, but closed and timid, different inconstancy of views.
  4. Cancer is a very serious person, executive without initiative, but with generosity.
  5. Leo is a woman who is utterly devoted to work and does not know how to arrange a personal life.
  6. Virgo is a multifaceted personality, prone to pedantry, as well as entrepreneurship.
  7. Libra — the value of the name rewards with restrained and calm character, openness.
  8. Scorpio — fate gave a hot-tempered character with notes of aggression, even causticity.
  9. Sagittarius — a health-conscious person without bad habits, but with ideals.
  10. Capricorn — under the mask of icy calm hides vulnerable soul, devoid of tenderness.
  11. Aquarius — fate endowed with a friendly character, does not tolerate cruelty and insolent.
  12. Fish — too critical of nature, arrogantly clings to people, hiding a vulnerable soul.

In childhood, Mayunya often suffers from infectious and skin diseases, and hypothermia ends with bronchitis. The matured Maya needs to protect the nervous system, monitor the health of the heart, and not ignore the recommendations of the doctors.

In the light of the meaning of the name, the woman should strengthen the immune system due to the propensity for allergies.

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