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The meaning of the name Martin: fate, character, luck and failure

Martin: what does the name mean, does good give fate

In the older generation, this name is strongly associated with Soviet cartoons. First, recall the 1987 Martynco by Edward Nazarov, and secondly, The Enchanted Boy, a 1955 cartoon about Niels and geese (Martin was one of the key characters).

But if we take this name more seriously: what does it give to its owner in the esoteric, fateful plan?

The meaning of the name Martin: fate, character, luck and failure

Meaning and etymology

The Romans had the generic name «Martinus». It was very militant, meant «belonging to the god of war, Mars.»

It is this that gave rise to this name, and not only it. «Brothers» of this name are Marseille, Mark, Marcian.

It gives a patronymic name: Martinovich (Martynich), Martinovna.

For friends and relatives he is: Mart, Martik, Martyn, Martynko, Martynchik, Marik, Martisha, Martyusha, Mark, Marchik.

In other cultures, it sounds like: Martin (spelled the same, but it sounds almost like Martyn, stress falls on the last syllable — Ukraine), Marcin (spelled Marcin, Belarus), Marty (Finland), Morten (Denmark), Martin (France), Martino (Italy).

What character gives its owner

Strengths: this is an independent opinion, assertive person who just splashes with vital energy. He is a born leader — purposeful, able to ignite others with his inner fire.

This man has a strong intuition, to which he listens (and does the right thing). He has an analytical mind.

In the shower he is a pedant.

Weak: he is selfish, besides touchy. He loves when everyone comes only at his request.

To change the opinion of another person, Mart is sometimes ready to even rush at him with his fists. Out of balance it can bring someone else’s moralizing.

Sometimes, on the way to the goal, this man does not understand the methods so much that, instead of achieving his plans, he makes many annoying mistakes. At such times, he snaps and closes in on himself.

This is how Martin’s fate changes as he grows older.

  • Childhood. This is a sociable zinger, who runs a lot, but is not overworked. He is very independent. The authority of the parent for him is often nothing. And if mom needs to convince him of something, she should not stock up with a belt, but several dozens of convincing arguments and great patience.
  • School. At school, he achieves good results, and all thanks to perseverance and innate obstinacy. He practices, likes exact sciences. Literature, too, «pulls», but most likely in order not to spoil the certificate. She loves sports (any), although she doesn’t really want to ride a competition and chase a medal there. However, if you start to train from childhood and make a lot of effort, it can reach a world level in sports.
  • Youth. This sociable guy is still not in a hurry to take a leading position in the company. He is not complex, just a little shy. For this (and also for the calm nature and unwillingness to “show off” and exhibit) his friends love him.
  • Mature years. This man is a model of inner dignity. He is an excellent worker, sometimes forgetting to go on vacation (he can even take homework for the weekend).

Astrology and esoteric

The meaning of the name Martin: fate, character, luck and failure

  • Ideal sign of the zodiac: Libra (time of birth — from September 23 to October 23).
  • Color name: brown.
  • Patronage: Mars.
  • The stone in the hands or house of Martha turns into a talisman: aventurine (in the photo).
  • Warding plants: leek and myrtle.
  • Animal Name: Antelope.
  • April 27, the Orthodox, April 14, the Catholics. On this day, venerable St. Martin, the Pope.
  • October 25, the Orthodox, October 12, the Catholics. The saint of this day is Martin the Merciful, who lived in France in the 4th century. He became famous thanks to the support of the poor and healing prayers.

Here is how this guy will act in different situations:

  • Love. Martin can change her friends, sincerely afraid of marriage, until he really falls in love.
  • Family. He — the spouse, what to look for: reliable, gentle, caring. And besides, he becomes a great father too. The only thing: he is very picky. Yes, he would never scold a spouse, a child, or even a subordinate in front of strangers, but left alone with them, he would certainly express what he was unhappy with. However, in relation to himself, he also never lowers the slats, so you are unlikely to throw him «whose cow would moan.»
  • Job. This is an entrepreneur or leader from God. He seldom trusts his comrades or partners, only himself. And grief to subordinates, if they begin to work carelessly!
  • Health. Everything is just fine here. The only thing: an active guy (especially involved in sports) can take on a truly Olympic load, and this is fraught with injuries or simply «wear» the body.

What kind of woman everything will work out, and which one will only “inherit” in life and leave

An ideal match for Martin: Amalia, Victoria, Helen, Inga, Nina, Maria, Martha (this name, by the way, has nothing to do with the Roman god of war), Svetlana, Polina, Uliana.

The wife of this man must be remembered: he often acts as a real “othello”, even if the wife behaves as a model of decency.

Good compatibility (though not without some «jambs» and work on the bugs): Alina, Albina, Violetta, Zhanna, Irina, Irma, Natalia, Caroline.

Starting a relationship with this lady would be a bad idea: Angelica, Bella, Barbara, Vasilisa, Isolde, Christine, Stephanie, Julia, Jan.

Famous carriers of the given name

The meaning of the name Martin: fate, character, luck and failure

  1. Martin Rodbell (1925-1998) — a scientist from America, for the discovery in medicine and physiology received the Nobel Prize.
  2. Martin Cooper (1928) is an engineer from America, a successful mobile phone developer.
  3. Marton Csokash (1966) — actor from New Zealand, is also removed in the United States. Famous films: «Three X», «The Lord of the Rings», «Eon Flax.» By nationality Hungarian.
  4. Martin Pierre Broder (1972) — ice hockey goalkeeper from Canada. Olympic champion.
  5. Martin Koch (1982) — skier, ski jumper, world and Olympic champion. Austrian.
  6. Martin Freeman (1971) — British actor, is also removed in the United States. Star roles: the films «Real Love», «Armageddets», «The Hobbit», the TV series «Sherlock», «Fargo».
  7. Martin Ford (1982) — British film actor, bodybuilder.
  8. Martin Vucic (1982) is a pop singer from Macedonia. Represented his country at Eurovision in 2005.
  9. Martin Mkrtchyan (1984) is a pop singer from Armenia.
  10. Martin Harriks (1996) — DJ from the Netherlands. In 2017, he was recognized as the best in the world in his profession.
  11. Martyn Kravtsiv (1990) — Ukrainian grandmaster, world-famous chess player.

In addition, one can not forget about the people bearing the name of Martin:

  1. Ricky Martin (1971) is a pop singer from Puerto Rico. Has 95 platinum songs.
  2. George Martin (1948) — a writer from the USA, genres — fantasy, fantasy. It was in his works that the game of thrones saga was filmed.
  3. Dean Martin (1917-1955) — actor, jazz singer from the United States.

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