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The meaning of the name Marseille — variants of fate and character

Marseille — the meaning of the name, character traits and fate

Marseille is a Catholic name with several meanings attributed to it. The first of them is interpreted as — courageous, warlike.

It is associated with the Roman god of war — Mars.

The meaning of the name Marseille - variants of fate and character

According to another version, Marseille is a derivative name of the French city of Marseille. This port city has an interesting history associated with the French Revolution and the emergence of the famous anthem — Marseillaise.

This male name was very fashionable in those days, they called the boys, in the hope that they would be bold, independent, always defending their rights.

There is also another opinion that the name Marseille appeared from the Arabic language and is translated as — exalting God. All these stories have a place to be and, of course, characterize some of the characteristics and habits of a person named Marseille.

Other variants of the name: Markel, Marcel, Martin, Mark. These are all separate names with the same root.

In Europe, this name is very popular in its different interpretations. In the female version, it may sound like Marceline or Marcella.

The name is not listed in the calendar of Orthodox Christians, so Marseille marks the day of the angel only on Catholic dates. The value of the name fits the boy with the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

General characteristics: features of the behavior of Marcel in childhood and adolescence

Since childhood, baby Marcel is a very energetic child. He was used at any price to achieve the desired.

It is peculiar to him to be capricious for a long time, to cry and show his harmfulness until his demands are fulfilled. The first to feel the prevailing nature of Marseille — is their own parents.

Whatever his relatives tried to distract or occupy Marseille, he will firmly insist on his own. Loving mom and dad are ready to give up their spoiled fumes, just to see the boy’s kind and sincere smile.

Surprisingly, Marcel possesses the unique ability to not only infuriate, but also to fall in love. This emotionally unbalanced nature is so genuine in its tenderness, joy, gratitude that it touches and captivates the hearts of others to the depths of the soul.

At school, Marselchik reveals himself to be an inquisitive and erudite boy. He strives to study well, realizing that this gives a number of advantages in the race for leadership.

From this time on, this young man got used to feeling himself the master of the situation, who is able to influence the views, moods of his peers and turn controversial situations in the direction advantageous for him.

In high school all the more obvious is the ability of Marseille to lead. It is assembled, organized, full of ideas and plans for life.

The young man used to make decisions quickly, but not spontaneously, relying only on intuition, but competently analyzing possible options for the event.

Marcel’s student years

Marcel is a born strategist, but often this quality is not combined with a lack of patience and tact. But even eating this man will offend someone, there is enough nobility in him to apologize in time.

He does not tolerate injustice at all and often tries to help those whom he sees as deprived of something and in need.

It sometimes seems to peers that this young leader is too elevating himself over others. But it rather looks like this because he was not used to living differently, exchanging small things, wasting time on empty efforts or entertainments, being led, playing according to other people’s rules, passively treating his own career and material well-being.

Marcel successfully finishes the institute and enters into adult life as a completely independent man. By this moment he is already determined with the company in which he will work, quickly earning the authority and respect of the management.

It is quite possible that a successful combination of circumstances will help Marcel to show the talent of a successful negotiator and diplomat. He is well versed in people and knows how to quickly find advantageous points of convergence of interests.

Building a successful career, this young man does not forget to think about his personal life. Surrounded by beautiful women, Marcel can quickly plunge into the atmosphere of flirting and temptation.

He recognizes generally accepted standards of morality, but as far as his own intimate life is concerned, he is guided exclusively by instantaneous instincts and desires.

The meaning of the name Marseille - variants of fate and character

Sex for Marcel is a way of psycho-emotional unloading that he simply needs with such an intense lifestyle. Later, when he meets true love, his attitude towards the weaker sex will be different.

Profession, family and health — what to expect from fate

In his mature years, Marseille is a sociable, positive, practical, far-sighted and insightful person. He already knows how to stop in time, feeling the danger, or, conversely, add pace to be the first to reach the goal.

This confident man has few competitors, since opponents simply do not maintain his dynamics, ability to work and obsession in the pursuit of good results. In whatever sphere Marseille is realized, this will be the environment that will bring him unique experience and high welfare.

Marcel is able to become a successful leader not only because he likes to dominate and manage. He is able to competently dispose of human resources.

In each of his employees, he clearly sees strengths and weaknesses, knows how to raise the bar of his colleagues’ potential opportunities, inspiring to win and delegating what he can.

It turns out that this wayward and independent man does not know how to work outside the team. He is an exceptional team player, accustomed to dispose of the power entrusted to him.

But Marcel will perform the most important part of the work on his own, since he will never fully rely on even his inner circle.

Marcel, although a sociable person, does not have many friends at that glorious age when his career is at the height of his fame. This is due to the fact that he simply did not have time to maintain these informal ties.

Starting to realize it, he feels lonely, but successful, rich and famous.

Family and health

If he still manages to meet the other half and start a family, then she will become his main support and support. As a wife, Marcel will try to choose a gentle, calm, affectionate and modest woman.

At this age, he had already settled down sufficiently and was ready to remain faithful and devoted to his wife.

In the family — he is the undisputed leader. And his household are ready to follow and obey all the rules of the spouse and father.

Marcel loves children very much, trying to participate in their upbringing. Relatives can always count on his strong shoulder, because he is used to taking responsibility for everyone.

Marcel loves home cooking and often does not stick to a diet. He, in principle, has never had a particular craving for sports and with age this may affect his physique and health in general.

But it is possible that some Marseilles will be passionately involved in sports too professionally, which will also affect their health in their old age.

Although this person is not addicted to bad habits and bad addictions, he may not limit himself to eating. And this will be the main cause of its chronic diseases.

Over the years, you should walk more, go swimming or leisurely jogging.

Famous people named Marseille

  • Marcel Marceau — French theater and film actor;
  • Marcel Rosenberg is a Soviet-era diplomat;
  • Marcel de Jong — defender of the Canadian national football team;
  • Marcel Janko — a talented architect and artist from Romania, of Jewish origin;
  • Marcel Tournier — composer from France;
  • Marcel Yusupov is a Russian businessman from Bashkiria, an experienced entrepreneur and well-known politician;
  • Marcelo Rios is a tennis player, a world-class athlete.

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