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The meaning of the name Marina — character, fate and his secret

The female name Marina — the characteristic, the origin of the name and essence

The meaning of the name Marina - character, fate and his secret

Name days and patron saints

  • The patroness of the marina are Marina of Antioch, who lived in the III century and the Syrian marina.
  • Name days are celebrated twice a year: March 13 and July 30.

Name feature

  • Childhood. Little Marina — has a strong character, seeks to please everyone. She loves when adults express delight in her address and in every possible way wants to deserve it. At the same time, she shows pride and sensitivity. We must try not to hurt her self-esteem in order to prevent the child from feeling an inferiority complex. Everything that is said in her address is taken seriously by the girl. At school, studying unevenly, although among students often becomes a leader. He prefers to communicate with boys more. During these years, she needs strict parental control, otherwise there may be problems with her younger daughter.
  • Mature years. Marina is a woman with a free character. She thinks little about the consequences of her actions and rarely regrets about them. Emotionally, she is an unpredictable person. She does not like to interfere in the affairs of others; gossip and intrigue of every kind are alien to her. She tries to be objective, but sometimes goes against the opinion of the majority. Outwardly, it creates the impression of an open personality, but in reality it is a secretive woman. It is difficult to achieve trusting and sincere relations with her, although she is a sociable person. Marina can influence the people around for the purpose of their own benefit. Life difficulties can affect her overall condition and lead to erroneous actions. This will annoy her even more, which can cause her inappropriate behavior.

Suffering from diseases of the nervous system, including mental disorders. Her state of health is directly dependent on her mental state. Marina needs to watch her weight, because she is inclined to be overweight.

The state of the teeth must be given a lot of time since childhood — this is also a weak point in her health.

Marriage and family

For a married life, a balanced man will suit her, able to adequately support her family and devote sufficient time to her. She does not tolerate rude attitudes and insults.

The desire for independence and its perseverance makes living together with her difficult. The future spouse needs to understand this circumstance. But, if Marina loves her husband, she will not create problems out of nothing.

She will become an exemplary wife and a great mom.

Male Name Compatibility

  • A happy family can be created with Vladimir, Oleg, Anton, Denis, Sergey and Mikhail.
  • An unsuccessful marriage awaits her with Nikolai, Boris, Anatoly, George and Stanislav.

Professional activity

  • In work shows unprecedented working capacity and often achieves good results. Chooses a profession that can bring decent remuneration. She can become an engineer, a writer, a doctor, work in the field of art and services. On the career ladder moves forward easily and quickly.
  • In business, her success will be more modest due to the fact that she lacks authority and decisiveness. She can only become the head of a well-established business, nothing more, although she likes to command.

The meaning of the name Marina - character, fate and his secret

Astrological Symbols

  • Zodiac — Pisces.
  • Planet — Venus.
  • Color — Sea wave.
  • Flora — Talnik, lily.
  • Animal World — Seahorse.
  • Stone — Mother of Pearl.

Horoscope name

  1. Aries — light nature, which depends on your mood. In her impulses, she can be energetic, but after a while she can be overcome by anguish and passivity. It is difficult to carry rudeness and critical remarks to your address. She is somewhat reminiscent of a child, believes that all people around should rejoice in her appearance.
  2. Taurus is a sensitive and good-natured person, concealing a mystery. Strives for inner harmony, calm and comfortable state. Changes depress her. She attracts men to herself, knows her worth. In a love relationship, he shows affection and constant attention to his beloved.
  3. Gemini is an uneasy and dual nature. She is always on her mind; Nayava is well able to play the role of an unprotected woman, although this is not so. She is often in search of new experiences. For family life, it will suit a man who will not try to limit her freedom.
  4. Cancer is a receptive and timid nature. Even the slightest obstacle for her becomes insurmountable, she is not able to solve their own problems. Of great importance to her is the opinion of other people. Such a woman can find happiness only in family life. She can be a wonderful wife.
  5. Leo — a nature with a rich imagination and a natural careerist. Another’s opinion does not care about her, does not recognize delusions. Her positive trait is optimism. Even the hardest time she meets in a good mood. This woman knows how to be devoted to her lover and her friends in life.
  6. Virgo is an emotional and inventive person. She is always optimistic, there is no licentiousness. This is a modest and shy woman. She strives for a comfortable and relaxed life. From it will be a beautiful wife.
  7. Scales — pliable and modest nature. She lacks determination and the ability to defend her opinion, it prevents her from achieving success in the professional sphere. She often feels dissatisfaction with her life, seeks to find harmonious relationships with people around her. With age, her searches in this lead to success, she becomes a calm woman.
  8. Scorpio — a nature with a mysterious inner world. A woman with a moody and restless temper. Her life is full of experiences and incredible events. With such a woman is not easy to communicate. She wants to always and everywhere be a leader. This character trait can lead her to success, and bring her irreparable harm.
  9. Sagittarius is an uneasy and changeable nature. She strives to be free, but always turns her attention to what can be useful to her in life. Good work, expensive real estate and men — this is all within the scope of her interests. It is almost impossible to change her character; she needs to be accepted for what she is.
  10. Capricorn — economic and reasonable nature. She strives to make acquaintances only with people who are helpful to her. Her perseverance and endurance help her achieve a lot in life. Often finds satisfaction in his work. He treats men with caution because he does not trust them. But if she finds her lover, she will become a faithful and loving spouse.
  11. Aquarius is a dreamy person who lives in her far-fetched world without filth and lies. With people around it is a sociable person with whom to spend time comfortably. In her personal life, she is haunted by a feeling of dissatisfaction, because she always represents a lover in a rainbow of light.
  12. Fish — educated and savvy nature. Thanks to his good intuition, he is well versed in people. Such a woman has a feeling of mercy, she is always ready to help a man. She is strong in spirit, never will intentionally hurt a person. Such a woman will be a devoted wife and a beautiful mother.

The meaning of the name Marina - character, fate and his secret

Famous personalities

  • Tsvetaeva — poetess.
  • Vlady is a French actress.
  • Neyolova — Russian actress.

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