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The meaning of the name Maria: luck, fate, health, love, character

Masha is our joy: name meaning, fate, character

This is one of the most popular Russian names … But if you search in kindergartens and schools, you can meet Masha very rarely. In general, if you want to highlight your daughter, feel free to give her that name.

Today you will find out whether the esoteric and astrologers consider him to be good.

The meaning of the name Maria: luck, fate, health, love, character

What does the name mean, from what language?

For most, it is closely related to religion, since it is this name that the Mother of God bore. Indeed, the name Mary is Hebrew.

Linguists still do not agree that it means — “desired”, “bitter” or “calm”, “serene”.

By the way, there is another theory of origin, also Jewish. If you believe her, this name is an abbreviation of a longer one, Mariam, meaning «sad,» «rejected.»

Close friends and relatives can call the bearer of the name also: Masha, Masha, Marika, Manya, Marya, Maryushka.

In other countries, Mary may be “crossed over” to: Mary or Marilyn (England), Mariche or Mariken (Germany), Manon or Marion (France), Marita (Spain), Mariella (Italy), Moira (Ireland), Maritza (Romania), Marusya (Belarus), Marichka (Western Ukraine), Marika or Marzhenka (Czech Republic), Mayke or Mathieu (Netherlands), Maya (Sweden), Mia (Norway), Lamar (Georgia). The modern American names Molly, Minnie are also derived from this Hebrew name.

What character does it give?

Strong sides: Masha is kind, sympathetic, very decent. Friends can always rely on her: she will not refuse to help if she sees that a person is in trouble.

And at the same time the girl is not a “little thing”, if she is insulted or tried to be infringed upon her rights, she can defend them.

Weak sides: tender, touchy character; the girl often frowns; dislikes criticism, even constructive.

Masha’s life fate

  • Childhood. This is a calm child, only mom and dad know about strong emotion, and 2-3 closest people. She is very sensitive (Masha will be the only one in the kindergarten to sympathize with the Wolf from “Well, wait a minute!”) At the same time, the girl can give back even the most harmful fighter.
  • School. She studies well, and equally loves both physics and literature. Mom should write the baby in a creative circle.
  • Youth. The girl is even more inclined to creativity, can draw, write stories. She has been looking for herself for a long time, so Marousi often gets not one, but several specialties.
  • Mature years. This woman is prone to self-sacrifice (therefore, she can easily quit a promising job in order to engage children or help her spouse). In this case, a strong intuition saves her from a mischievous, dreaming to cash in on the humanity of Mary.

Talismans that bring good luck

  • Best Zodiac Sign: Virgo. That is, according to astrology, Masha should be called precisely the girl, who was born from August 23 to September 22.
  • Heavenly body, «looking» for the carrier of this name: Proserpina. Interestingly, modern astrologers still argue what it is: a planet or an asteroid of the main belt of Pluto.
  • Stone talisman: diamond. Buy earrings or pendant with this pebble, and he will protect from all troubles.
  • The color of the name: gray (a combination of blue and rich gray).
  • Patron animal: bird, dove.
  • Plants-talismans: birch and cornflowers.

Day Angel

The meaning of the name Maria: luck, fate, health, love, character

  • April 14 (according to the Catholic calendar — 1 number). The patroness of this day is Rev. Mary of Egypt, who lived for forty years in the Jordanian desert, spending her days exclusively in prayer and fasting.
  • June 5 (for Catholics — May 23). This day is dedicated to St. Mary Kleopova, a close relative and friend of the Virgin.
  • August 4 (July 21) is the day of memory of Mary Magdalene, a rectified sinner, one of the faithful disciples of Christ. This woman became one of the myrtle bearers who appeared to the body of Jesus after the crucifixion and learned about his resurrection.
  • September 21 (September 8). Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Different aspects of Mary’s life

  • Family. Young Masha does not think about her husband and children, so she is not in a hurry to the altar. But when she is finally “ringed”, she realizes that there is nothing more important than a family. A woman becomes an excellent mother and hostess, often inviting friends to tea. However, she is a homebody, she does not like to leave her favorite nest to walk on someone else’s name.
  • Job. At any place an honest and hardworking girl quickly shows herself to be a high-level professional. However, if she does not like the case, she is easily dismissed and changes the scope of activities. She is a creative person, but this does not mean that a girl wants only to paint watercolors — with a creative approach she can make a career as a physicist, a lawyer.
  • Disease. In general, this girl rarely visits the clinic. The weak points of her body include the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the tendency to allergies. That is why, from early childhood, she should adhere to the principles of healthy eating, and if something in the body “went bust”, immediately go to the doctor. By quickly eliminating the problems that have arisen, Masha will never face chronic illnesses. And besides, the impulsive and emotional girl can suffer from neurosis and other “nerves”.

What kind of man to build a relationship with?

Unsuccessful Union: Bronislav (in Russian this name is rarely found, but it is very popular in Poland), Vsevolod, Valery, Leo, Rostislav. Also, Masha is unlikely to be happy with the owners of such ancient names as Zinovy, Efim, Lavr.

Namesakes that made the world gasp

The meaning of the name Maria: luck, fate, health, love, character

  1. Mary Stuart (1542-1587) — Queen of Scotland and France. A lot of books, poems, operas were written about this historical person. She also devoted dozens of paintings, films.
  2. Marie de Medici, queen (1575-1642) — mother of the king of France Louis the 13th.
  3. Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) — Queen of France, wife of Louis the 16th. A fashionista and lover of a beautiful life, she did not receive popular love. During the uprising of the mob was captured by the rebels, executed.
  4. Maria Nikolaevna Volkonskaya, princess (1806-1863) — Decembrist, went to Siberia for her spouse exiled there.
  5. Maria Bochkareva (1889-1920) — Russian female officer. Cavalier of the Cross of St. George, Lieutenant.
  6. Maria Romanova, Princess, Princess (1907-1951) — after the revolution, lived in Serbia, helping countrymen who had fled from the Bolshevik regime.
  7. Maria Yermolova (1853-1928) — theater actress. She was loved both in the Russian Empire and in Soviet times. The Moscow Drama Theater is named after this talented woman.
  8. Maria Sklodovskaya-Curie (1867-1934) is a chemist and physicist known for her studies of radioactive elements. She worked in her native Poland, as well as in France, in the homeland of her husband, Pierre Curie. Received two Nobel Prizes.
  9. Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992) — American singer, actress, sex symbol of her time. Originally from Germany. Role in the Oscar-winning film «Morocco», where she played in a men’s suit, made her both a scandalous star and a trendsetter.
  10. Maria Callas (1923-1977) — the creative name of an outstanding American opera singer. Born in Greece.
  11. Maria Biesu (1935-2012) — opera singer from Moldova.
  12. Maria Aronova (1972) — Russian actress. One of her roles was the role of Maria Bochkareva in the film “Battalion”.
  13. Maria Mironova (1973) — actress, the daughter of Andrei Mironov. The star of the popular films “Night Watch”, “State Counselor”, “Doctor Richter”.
  14. Maria Efrosinina (1979) — presenter, singer and actress, Ukraine.
  15. Maria Sharapova (1987) is a tennis player from Russia.

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