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The meaning of the name Mansour — character and fate, health and career

Mansur: what does the name mean, does it give luck, what character has

This name sounds very majestic. Of course, its meaning is truly noble! No wonder he was worn by the great Muslim sheikh.

However, our contemporaries and you do not forget about the name of Mansur, quite often calling him his sons. And that’s why…

The meaning of the name Mansour - character and fate, health and career

Etymology, that is, the origin of the given name

Spawned his Arabic language. The name literally translates as “conquering”, “winning”.

It gives a middle name: Mansurovich (Mansurych), Mansurovna.

For friends and relatives he: Manzur, Surik, Manchik, Mansurka, Mans.

In other cultures, it sounds like: Mans (Scandinavian countries, means “God is gracious” translated from Dutch).

What character does it impart?

Positive hand: it is an active and independent person with a sharp mind, prone to rational thinking. He does not like risk, he is law-abiding.

Considered a great friend.

This is an optimist who charges everyone around with a premonition of something good that will surely come in the future. He is kind by nature, and if he is angry, not for long.

Not greedy, will share the latter, if he sees that a person is worse than himself.

Weak sides: first of all, this is a very selfish person. Mansour can be overly conservative, closed, cunning.

Can learn to «twirl» family or friends for their own benefit. He is covetous, which is why some of his good deeds do flaunt.

Prone to hysteria.

This is how the fate of Mansur changes from early to mature years.

  • Childhood. These quiet, obedient child. Minium often «takes» my mother’s character. He can be very modest, which does not prevent him from being courteous (as he grows older) with others, earning universal love.
  • School. With the same success can “catch” both the best and the worst mark — it all depends on his mood. In general, he does not like to pull a hand on a lesson, and in the morning he does not hurry to school, preferring to lie in pillows to the last. But he is friends with the whole class, both with boys and girls. In order to inculcate discipline in a little loose fellow, father should write down Mansa to fight.
  • Youth. Former child begins to «take shape» in this aristocrat. Proud posture, love for beautiful items of clothing, stylish and eye-catching accessories — this is what marks young Mansur. Sometimes the external brightness goes into bad taste, so in finding your own style, the bearer of this name should be very careful, and if there is an opportunity, do not give up the advice of people with delicate taste, or at least read articles on men’s fashion.
  • Mature years. Most often, this man is not torn into several types of activities, but becomes an excellent specialist, having mastered some particular profession.

Astrology and esoteric

The meaning of the name Mansour - character and fate, health and career

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac is Virgo (the period of birth from August 23 to September 22) and Pisces (from February 19 to March 20).
  • Color name: bronze, silver, blue.
  • A heavenly body with special patronage: Neptune and the Moon.
  • Metal, in the hands of Surika turns into a talisman: platinum, tin and zinc.
  • Stones charms for the carrier of the given name: agate, pearl, quartz (only pink).
  • The day of the week, which is guaranteed to be lucky: Monday (oddly enough, because for most people this day is considered unlucky), as well as Sunday.

Name day: because the name is Muslim, it is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar.

Here is what Mansour does in different life situations:

  • Love. Rare Mans will turn out to be Casanova — for most of the carriers of this name the creation of a family will be a completely natural conclusion of the romantic relationship. This is a serious, reliable, sensitive and caring partner. Some girls may not like it, that this guy is not sentimental and does not know how to care for her. He will never buy a «million scarlet roses», but a fancy multicooker will easily. But partners like the fact that with Surik there is never any uncertainty and reticence.
  • Family. The house for this man is a fortress in which everyone obeys the «general», that is, the owner. Because of this, there may be conflicts with a spouse or older children who have a separate opinion and do not want to obey their husband / father every day. And besides, the carrier name — a desperate homebody. If the wife wants to go to visit or to the concert, she should start preparing for this Mansa at least ten days before the holiday event. He does not like a sharp change in the situation at home, changes in the image of his beloved.
  • Friendship. For strangers, this person puts a wall, a “door” in which will not open until Mansur realizes that the person is really pleasant to him. As a friend, it is important for him that they accept him as he is, and do not try to change him, influence his life choices.
  • Job. Thanks to the analytical mind, this man can successfully go into science. It is well systematizing and analyzing large layers of data. From it will turn out valuable analyst, philosopher, psychologist, researcher. But the creative profession, as well as «crisis» (work that is subject to constant risks, changing activities) — not for him.
  • Money. Mansour knows and loves to live beautifully. Going to the opera, exquisite works of art, expensive things — all he can afford. He is not a drive. Living in wealth, he generously buys expensive gifts to close friends, early begins to help parents (and even keep them). And although he will not “go over the heads” for the sake of high wages, he will not live in poverty either.

With which woman to build a relationship, and which heartbreak?

Good compatibility (though not without moments that need to be mutually worked out): Galina, Victoria, Varvara, Elena, Inna, Nastya, Polina, Sara, Tina.

To become happy with the carrier of this name, the girl or woman must be feminine. This guy loves well-groomed, beautifully dressed lady, and of course, very neat — both in the wardrobe and in everyday life.

And besides, it should be calm, wise, kind, gentle and gentle person — the real keeper of the home.

The namesake that made the name Mansour sound especially loud

The meaning of the name Mansour - character and fate, health and career

  1. Ushurma, also known as Shaykh Ucherman or Sheikh Mansur (1760-1794) is the first Caucasian revolutionary, Islamic preacher, the first Imam (theologian leading the prayer) of the North Caucasus.
  2. Mansur Bahrami (1956) — professional tennis player. At competitions represented not only native Iran, but also France.
  3. Mansour ibn Zayed Al Nahyan (1971) — the son of the UAE emir, a member of the ruling family, the spouse of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai. Known for becoming the owner of the football club «Manchester City», the company ADUG.
  4. Amir Mansur (1972) — American heavyweight boxer, champion of his country in several versions became known under this name. The name he received at birth is Laverne Murer.
  5. Isaev Mansur Mustafaevich (1986) — judoist from Russia. Master of Sports, Olympic champion. Born in Dagestan, lives in Chelyabinsk.

And in the end we offer to get acquainted with another Mansur. This is the sweetest bear, rescued by the employees of the aerodrome and “registered” on their territory.

Almost two-meter “baby” has its own video blog on YouTube. He forces to be touched not only by children, but even by adult men:

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