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The meaning of the name Magomed: character, fate and love

Magomed — a popular and many-sided name, characteristic features and name astrology

Arabic Muslim name. Mohammed from the religious Mohammed — «glorified», «honorable.»

The Prophet Mohammed is particularly revered in the Islamic faith, with the name of millions of people in the world. Many derivatives of the name exist: Muhammad, Mahomet, Magomed, Akhmat, Ahmed, Hamid, Mahmut, Mamed.

In Russian families, the name is common in the Caucasus, in the Muslim states of the CIS. Abbreviated and diminutively pet form: Maga, Magomedic, Magochka.

This is a very worthy, honorable name. It gives the owner a special mission of the winner and enlightener.

The nature and fate of the name

In childhood Maga is reputed to be lucky, they trust him, they count on him. Getting a lot of attention, becomes arrogant, selfish.

Everything is given to him effortlessly, beyond the years is reasonable, comes and looks older than his age.

Freedom and independence will not exchange for anything. Personal space appreciates above all goods, even if you have to endure need.

This speaks of his extreme ambition.

The young man is noble, optimistic, keeps this word. The most difficult task will get Maga.

There is the likelihood of excessive vanity, adults need to pay attention to the arrogant «habits» of the boy from childhood.

The meaning of the name Magomed: character, fate and love

Magomed cannot live without risk and thrills. Can get involved in adventures, adapts to changing conditions.

His prudence can be mistaken for sluggishness, Magomed will consider it a real slap in the face. In fact, a modest man would rather flare up.

A kind soul, lucky in life, a successful businessman or athlete. All doors are open for him.

When he becomes more mature, the young man realizes that it is not enough to rely on luck; both education and effort are needed. He constantly analyzes problems, learns from his mistakes, logically models situations.

He is not indifferent to what is happening around, trying to improve people’s lives.

Magomed likes girls, he reciprocates them.

According to the meaning of his name “praised,” a man has been waiting for praise and approval since childhood. From educators, parents, friends, wife.

Without recognition of his merits, he literally «withers.»

The meaning of the name Magomed: character, fate and love

Magomed has remarkable health. This is a champion of a healthy lifestyle, an athlete.

Training — an essential attribute of a man’s life.

He tries to avoid harmful addictions, for many years keeps the body in good physical shape.

Love and family relationships

It is not indifferent to the weaker sex, in youth it often changes partners, very temperamental. Long stays in search of the perfect companion.

She wants her to be the best of the best. It is possible to create a marriage alliance very late, but following all the conditions of its conception of it.

Marries solely for love.

The meaning of the name Magomed: character, fate and love

The family, in his view, should be based on passion and love and go on forever. Magomed does not shy off betrayal, is free in relationships. Does not accept encroachment on his independence.

If the wife will complain, make trouble — can go to break the union.

From the wife waiting for worship, unlimited trust and obedience. In gratitude, promises prosperity in all its manifestations, material security.

Can be extremely generous and noble.

Magomed has many children, including outside of marriage. He recognizes everyone, helps.

The main concern for the heirs, their education lies on the shoulders of their mothers.

Compatibility in marriage: Elizaveta, Nadezhda, Natalya, Vera, Diana, Anastasia, Mira, Madina, Zalina, Zuhra.

Unwanted connection: Evgenia, Olga, Rezeda, Irina, Svetlana, Zhanna.

Professional preferences and career

May be completely given to work, beloved work, sacrificing much. Will turn the mountains, if you feel the success and profitability of the enterprise.

The routine activity is not very pleasant, the work “from call to call” is not good for the man.

Like creative quest, can become a writer or musician, engage in choreography. Find ways to make extra money, implements their own work.

It can succeed in business if it sets realistic goals and does not risk mindlessly.

Able to speak in public — potential boss, politician, teacher.

Magomed is an athlete and a leader in life, many representatives of the name choose sport as a profession, they become coaches, mentors.

Astrological characteristics, angel’s day

  • Heavenly body — Venus or Mars
  • Zodiacal constellation — Taurus or Libra, Aries and Scorpio
  • Rock — iron ore
  • Hue — blue, turquoise
  • Plant — asparagus, garlic, mustard
  • Animal — horse, dog

Angel Day is not celebrated because of Islamic background.

  • “Summer” Magomed (Gemini, Cancer, Leo) is a romantic dreamer, ladies man. Long does not marry, is in search of «ideal.»
  • In the autumn, a born man (Virgo, Libra, Scorpio) is a passionate owner. Pedantic, loves order, obedience.
  • “Winter” (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius) — the leader leading the event organizer. It has global goals.
  • Born in spring, Mohammed (Pisces, Taurus, Aries) is quick-tempered and immune to criticism. Slowly and rationally performs the assigned task. Technically directed warehouse of nature.

Famous personalities

  1. Magomed Tashukhadzhiev — Chechen teenager, Hero of Russia (posthumously)
  2. Magomed Ozdoev — Russian football player
  3. Magomed Sultanahmedov — Russian athlete, world and European kickboxing champion
  4. Mohammed — Islamic Prophet, Founder of the Muslim State
  5. Mohammed Ali — boxer, Olympic champion 1960
  6. Mohammed Lamy — Turkish poet, translator
  7. Mohammed Mero — Syrian leader, Prime Minister
  8. Mohammed Zahir — Shah — King of Afghanistan
  9. Mohammed Bernström — Swedish politician, translator from Islamic
  10. Magomed Mitrishev — Russian football player
  11. Magomed Chartaev — Russian economist
  12. Magomed Mamakayev — Chechen poet, writer

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