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The meaning of the name Lukerya — character traits and fate

Lukerya — the meaning of the name, character and variants of fate

The name Lukerya has Greek roots and means — sugar, sweet. In the Orthodox and Catholic calendar, this corresponds to the name Glyceria.

Lukerya was called the girls of the peasant class, so this form was more vulgar.

Angel Day Lukery on the Orthodox calendar on May 26 and November 4, and the Catholics celebrate it on May 13. Other forms of the name: Lika, Nika, Glanya, Glasha, some of them can also be independent.

General interpretation and name horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is the Moon;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac — fish, maiden;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is silver, bronze, blue;
  • Charm stone — moonstone.

Childhood and youth Lukery — features of character and behavior

Lukerya is a very energetic and active child. She always finds an occupation, involving in her games those whom she loves and trusts. For this baby there is a clear distinction between her and others.

With loved ones she is always sweet, friendly and friendly. Those who are indifferent to Lukery, she tries to avoid and ignore.

The meaning of the name Lukerya - character traits and fate

This girl is not for years serious, principled, straightforward and stubborn. Lika, like any child, loves to have fun, make noise and indulge.

But she will always feel the limits of what is permitted.

In school years, teachers often set Lukerya as an example for her decency, discipline and obedience. Distinguished by high working capacity, dedication, she is always ready to answer in subjects and gets great pleasure from good grades.

This does not mean a girl’s vanity, Lika just tries to be neat, accurate and successful in everything.

In high school Lukerya shows his mathematical talents and abilities to the exact sciences. She can sit for a long time in one place, performing monotonous work, always logical, precise and consistent in actions.

This girl is accustomed to keep everything in order and follow certain rules.

Already at this age Lukerya is determined with his future profession. She is quite strict with herself, used to acting with the mind, and not trusting instantaneous emotions and intuition.

Her sense of purpose helps to timely carry out existing tasks, not postponing things for later.

Young Lika loves being praised by her teachers, drawing her peers’ attention to the rare merits of a girl. During this period, the opinion of others about her is important for the girl; for the sake of authority and respect in society, she is ready to act contrary to her internal attitudes and rules.

The meaning of the name Lukerya - character traits and fate

His peers Lukerya seems too traditional and decent. With men, this young lady is cautious and alert.

Even if she is interested in a young man, she will not trust the first comer.

Lika is modest, sometimes shy, has angelic patience, endurance, attentiveness, is not touchy and not whimsical, easily adapts even to difficult living conditions.

Glyceria is honest and open in communication; she is not focused exclusively on her career. But her student years will not take place in idle parties and on romantic dates.

First of all, she wants to find a profession and gain some financial independence from her parents.

Lukerya is very charming, sweet, mysterious. She has admirers with whom she has good friendships. The girl prefers not to waste time on frivolous flirting, but to wait for her true love.

Although due to her light naivety and gullibility to people, she will often fall in love with men who are not worthy of her.

The fate of the adult Lukerya — profession, personal life, health

By the age of thirty, Lukerya is an experienced and valuable employee of a large company, with a stable salary, good connections and a certain social status. What Like lacks is ambition and self-confidence.

This talented and hardworking person is accustomed to independently cope with even the most difficult tasks set by management. But she always avoids the role of leader, preferring all the time to be someone driven.

She is alien to taking responsibility for the performance qualities of others, so she does not claim a high position.

Meanwhile, Lukerya can be a very valuable and indispensable employee in the field of accounting and auditing. It can also take place as an experienced doctor, teacher or science worker.

She is not afraid of the monotony of gray everyday life, in them she sees her measured and happy life.

The owner of the name Lukerya will never be rich because she is devoid of ambition, often underestimates her work and her abilities. But this girl has a rare quality — she is very thrifty.

Lukerye is not facing a financial crisis, because this person is rational and adequate in spending. She tends to save without spending money on expensive fashion gadgets or branded clothing.

The meaning of the name Lukerya - character traits and fate

The only thing that Lukerya can spend money on without regretting her deed is charity. This person is prone to self-sacrifice, compassion, educated in the spirit of the classical human values ​​and traditions.

It is not surprising if, at a more mature age, she will seriously engage in patronage of the arts, social activities for the benefit of the sick, the poor, or the disadvantaged. In this activity, she also sees her destiny, feeling satisfaction and joy from good deeds.

In order for the existence of Lukery to be more harmonious and prosperous, she must be in a state of love. This woman, although she is trying to be careful, is not always discriminating in men.

Striving for consistency, she may still be disappointed many times before the fatal meeting with her future spouse.

Marriage for Lukery is a big responsibility. In relationships, she is demanding not only for herself, but also for her partner.

For the beloved, she is ready to be always affectionate, kind and reliable, demanding the same attitude towards her.

Perfect compatibility of Lukery is possible with a man named: Andrey, Artem, Denis, Semyon, Ilya, Matvey, George, Nikolay, Stepan, Pavel, Vadim, Ruslan, David. There is little chance to find happiness in marriage with Igor, Fedor, Nikita.

Not feeling the same dedication from men, Lukerya prefer to leave. This may not be entirely true of the second half, but it cannot do otherwise.

For peace of mind Lukery is important to see how she admired, loved and appreciated.

Lukerya is a very good, caring mistress and mother. True in the upbringing of children, she tends to be excessively careful.

She is so obsessively showing her participation in the fate of her offspring that it demoralizes them, depriving them of any independence.

A woman named Lukerya was accustomed to assume too many responsibilities, wanting to protect the household from unnecessary worries. Close people quickly become accustomed to this, putting all household chores on the shoulders of this fragile lady.

Very often, having found a family, Lukerya sacrifices his professional development and implementation, fully immersed in his home life. And this is her main mistake.

Lukery health deserves attention. This woman may have a number of chronic diseases.

To avoid critical complications and exacerbations, throughout life you will have to follow the diet, take time to walk in the fresh air and exercise.

Famous women named Lukerya

  • Lukerya Polusmak — the bride of Taras Shevchenko — a talented poet from Ukraine, but their novel was not destined to last long, after a strong quarrel they broke up;
  • Lukerya Ilyashenko — ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theater, after the injury continued her career as an actress of theater and cinema;
  • Lukerya Kalmykova, a social and spiritual figure, has created a positive image of the Christian religion among the ruling authorities.

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