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The meaning of the name Lia: character, luck, love, destiny, talisman, name day

Lia: what does name, talismans and astrology mean

Many people try to give the child a long and intricate name — in childhood, kids shorten it, and Alexander becomes Sasha, and Clementine becomes Klepa. However, sometimes a short name is immediately affixed to the birth certificate.

Is it correct? How does the fate of a girl affect such conciseness?

The meaning of the name Lia: character, luck, love, destiny, talisman, name day

What does the name Leah mean, where does it come from?

This biblical name gave us the Hebrew language. It is so ancient that now it is even difficult to say exactly which word served as the “impetus” for its appearance. Philologists are sure that it came from the words “cow”, “fallow deer”, “gazelle”, therefore it can mean both “nurse” and “slender”.

It is still considered very popular with modern Jews.

In the Bible, the sister of Rebekah, the consort of Jacob, the founder of the tribes of Israel, was so called.

Friends call such a girl: Lyichka, Liika, Lika, Lily, Liechek, Lyenka.

In other countries, there are such versions of this name: Le or Leah (England, USA), Leah (Germany), Leah or Le (France), Leah (Spain, Italy), Ria (Japan).

What character gives this short name?

Advantages: this is a kind, cheerful, able to joke and laugh woman. Friends consider it docile and reliable.

Outwardly, it is shy, but the girl is always confident in her abilities. She knows well what is worth and what is worth. If someone wants to humiliate her, he will fail.

Gentle and kind Leah will not give descent to the offender.

Disadvantages: she does not trust people, all the while expecting meanness from them. Even with her close ones she is on the “half-armament”, ready to give change immediately.

It is also a skilled manipulator, sometimes completely ignoring morality and decency.

The fate of the bearer named in our country

  • Childhood, kindergarten, first classes. This girl — like a pendulum: just laughed, already crying. This is a very curious baby, falling asleep mother hundreds of questions on the topic «why the sky is blue» and able to easily get into the booth to an unfamiliar Barbos to find out if there is a pillow, so parents should never let her out of sight. It is difficult to educate her, but if you put in a lot of love and patience, mom will succeed.
  • School years. The girl is not diligent, poorly in control of her character, so it is difficult for her at school. But she wants to get only the best grades, so she can easily talk with the teacher.
  • Youth, students. This is a little selfish girl who never hides her emotions.
  • Mature years of life. The biggest problem of this woman can be called the collapse between the expectations of life and the real achievements of Leah. However, it cannot be said that she suffered a complete fiasco in her life: she is a real actress (and knows how to use it), a noticeable, bright personality, very feminine.

Talismans and astrology

The meaning of the name Lia: character, luck, love, destiny, talisman, name day

  • The planet of this name: the sun.
  • Color name: scarlet.
  • Star sign, born under which this name is best suited: Aries (born from March 21 to April 20).
  • Stone mascot: amber.
  • Totem animal: antelope.
  • Warm-up plants: camel thorn and date palm.

Angel Day: March 22 — but only according to the Catholic calendar. On this day, it is customary to read the Holy Roman Leah.

Widowed, this rich Roman woman retired to a monastery and led a very pious life there, showing the sisters of faith an example of piety and charity. Traditionally, this holy pray widows.

Leah’s actions in different life situations:

  • Love. In a pair, this girl prefers to dominate, but does so unobtrusively, so she does not hurt the feelings of her partner. Having started dating a guy, she genuinely cares about him, and if she really loves, she can make many sacrifices for him.
  • Family. It’s all complicated. Leah is waiting, if not a prince on a white horse, then at least an oligarch, and these guys are in no hurry to pay attention to her. Well, the girl does not want to build fate in a “bundle” with a middle manager. And even if she finally agrees to go to the registry office, in most cases she is unhappy with her choice.
  • Children. She wants them, but when she turns on, she is disappointed. After all, it turns out that the kids are not only happy photos on Instagram, but sleepless nights, eternal lack of money, snot and tantrums. Unbearable!
  • Job. This piercing young lady almost from the first day wants to lead. And if the director puts her in a management position, he will not be mistaken: Lia will be strict and even a little authoritarian, and will quickly achieve better results (and in general, in some organizations it is only on such people that everything keeps on). And maybe at school this woman had weak marks, but thanks to her keen wit she always guessed how and when to act.
  • Choice of profession. If she does not go to the bosses, Leah will have a good notary, an accountant, and a bank manager. She will also be welcomed with open arms in the theater or at the film studio.
  • Health. It is especially tender in childhood. As soon as the girl becomes very nervous, she immediately gives her immunity to weakness, and colds and viruses begin to “crawl out”. Also her weak point may be the digestive tract.

With which man to build a relationship, and with which — no

Successful romance, marriage: Anatoly, Bogdan, Boris, Vasily, Valentin, Veniamin, Vitalik, Victor, Gena, Gleb, Dmitry, Daniil (Daniel), Yegor, Zakhar, Ilya, Kostya, Matvey, Mark, Kohl (yes, that’s what a man can be called the best partner for Leah), Peter, Ruslan, Roman, Semyon, Svyatoslav, Edward.

Namesakes who have achieved recognition in their country and abroad

The meaning of the name Lia: character, luck, love, destiny, talisman, name day

  1. Lia Mara (1897-1960) — silent film actress from Germany. Born in Riga (at that time the city was part of the Russian Empire).
  2. Lia de Putti (1897-1931) — silent film actress from Hungary. Performed very fashionable at the time the role of a vamp.
  3. Lia Eliava (1934–1998) — People’s Artist of Georgia, starred in films and performed in the theater.
  4. Lia Bugova (1900-1981) — People’s Artist of Ukraine, performed in the theater.
  5. Lia Akhedzhakova (1938) — film and theater actress. She was born in the Dnieper, grew up in Maykop, was filmed mainly in Moscow. Her talent was discovered by the director Ryazanov (her best roles are considered to be the role of the secretary of the Faith from The Office Romance, a single mother in The Garage, Lyuba in The Old Hats).
  6. Lia Vladimirova (1938) — the creative name of the Russian poetess. Born in Moscow, an adult emigrated to Israel. Her poems were published in Russian and Hebrew.
  7. Leah Goldberg (1911-1970) — writer, poetess from Israel. Received the State Prize of their country.
  8. Lia Kim is a modern choreographer from Korea.
  9. Lia Stal is a modern Ukrainian pop singer.
  10. Lia Kebede (1978) is a supermodel from Ethiopia. Also famous for filming a movie and making clothes.
  11. Lia Dyson (1986) — Japanese model, singer in the genre of popular music. Born in the USA. In Japan, her name is pronounced “Riya”, since there is no “l” sound in this country.
  12. Lia Michelle (1986) — American singer and actress (starred in the TV series «Losers» known to us).
  13. Leah Pipes (1988) — another actress from the United States (“Creek in a hostel”).

If you are a Christian and have chosen this name for your daughter, or you bear the name Leah yourself, you will be pleased to know that the clergy have created a special nominal prayer for you. Turning to her to the Lord, you will get good health, and if the disease is already bothering you, she will quickly go away. The words of the prayer, as well as the icon of your heavenly patroness, you will see in this video:

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