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The meaning of the name Leysan — the formation of character and the line of fate

The meaning of the name Leysan — bright fate and strong character

There are several versions of the origin of the now popular Lysan name. According to one of them, it is formed from Nissan, which means abundant, generous. It is of Arabic origin.

The name Tatars give a different meaning. In their more poetic version, Lyusan is the first warm rain. In the same Tatarstan there is an opinion that the name of the girl is associated with snowfall. «Leisen Carlara», literally, the snow that fell in early spring.

So girls are called not only Arabs, Turks, but also Bashkirs.

The meaning of the name Leysan - the formation of character and the line of fate

Eastern peoples often called their children figuratively, according to natural phenomena. Another meaning of the name Laysan is the month of April according to the calendar of the ancient Syrians.

They have this time always been rich in rain.

Different variants

In other languages

  • Leisan — English
  • Lyssen — Tat.
  • 鹱 形 目 — kit (Hù xíng mù)
  • ラ イ サ ン 島 jap. (Laisan shima)
  • Laysan — him. (Laizan)
  • Laysan — fr. (Laisan)
  • Laysan — ital. (Leysan)

Often there is a variation of Laysan, which, in principle, is one and the same.

In the passport one of two things will be written:


Character in different periods of life

Little Lesa is characterized by activity and sociability. A clever girl, she loves to demonstrate her skills and knowledge. Among peers — the undoubted leader.

Her love for a good temper and a rich imagination. A big inventor in terms of having fun, than sometimes annoying adults. all sorts of forms of leisure, and often forcing nervous adults.

Until the end of life retains such qualities as courage and determination.

Education is given simply, although the girl does not burn for him with great love. She is helped by efficiency, perseverance.

If desired, master any complex topic. Serious peaks submit to it, even during extracurricular activities.

Loved by teachers, teachers for the willingness to always work from the heart. Not always a child is endowed with good health by nature. The weak point is the digestive tract.

The vitality is always very high.

Over the years, the cheerful little girl turns into a spectacular lady. Being popular since childhood, she is confidently moving towards success. Much happens on an intuitive level.

In his circle is considered a very brave girl, although San is often cautious and prudent. Never makes decisions fast.

Maybe a long time to think about them, but accepting, just rushing the tank to its goal.

For whatever Laysanochka would undertake — everything bodes well. Often life connects not with a specialty obtained at a higher educational institution, but with a hobby acquired in youth. Never will work for a small reward, calculating and pragmatic. .

A girl from birth is very talented. This will be manifested in various trifles, and then greatly affect its development.

The ability to communicate will help to adapt in any society, to have many friends and useful acquaintances.

A workaholic in essence will always be busy with something. Even being a prosperous person will not leave work. Challenging takeoff on the career ladder is possible.

Over the years, the popularity will be extinguished and then revived. Lasya will not give up and will always act.

For a woman with her character, family life will be happy, in that case, if creativity is slightly relegated to the background. We’ll have to travel a lot, change their place of residence. It will always be in the thick of things, he knows everything about everyone.

In the absence of a fresh stream of information languishes. Fate can be greatly affected by resentment from a stranger.

Spoiled by the attention of active fans, remains loyal to his beloved.

Fate often leads to creative people. Itself, being gifted from childhood, with proper upbringing, can become a writer, actress, professionally draw.

The meaning of the name Leysan - the formation of character and the line of fate

Other characteristics

  • Libra
  • Totem — polar owl
  • Patroness of the planet — the moon
  • Lucky stone — garnet
  • Plant — Lily
  • Number — 4

The secret owner of a beautiful name is considered to be a combination of strong will and childish vulnerability in her character, which few people realize.

In the Orthodox faith the name Laysan is not found. No angel day.

Different aspects of life

Love family

Always strive to turn his attention to a decent man. Long chooses. Marries usually after 25 years, rarely in his youth.

He loves romance, but applies to marriage with full responsibility. The status of a married lady varies greatly.

The main thing is her home, fun companies are forgotten. Very attached to family members, excellent mother, worthy of emulation.

Business, career

Successfully realizes itself in many areas: journalism, commerce, politics. Shows interest in philosophy, can be an excellent teacher.

He treats himself realistically, therefore he chooses where he can reach the top. As a business, a woman will experience great difficulties.

Talents Leysan

Well oriented at critical moments. May be the author of a scientific discovery.

The great advantage is good faith, which allows you to cope with many tasks in different areas. Independently in assessments and judgments.

If creativity is associated with another type of activity, sports, handicrafts, production, then success is possible.

The meaning of the name Leysan - the formation of character and the line of fate

Compatible with male names for relationships


Famous personalities

  • Leysan Utyasheva — gymnast (Russia).
  • Leysan Gimaeva — vocalist (Tatarstan).
  • Leysan Galimova — artist (Painting, graphics, Russia).
  • Leysan Garifullina — TV journalism, TV presenter.
  • Leysan Dusayeva — author and host
  • Leysan Sunagatova –actress, singer, laureate of many competitions (Tatar Republic).

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