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The meaning of the name Leon — character traits and variants of fate

Leon — the meaning of the name, character traits and variants of fate

Leona is the name of English origin. Latin is translated as — lion. In Russia, there is an identical name with the same value.

This name is quite common in Europe. Other forms of the name: Leo, Lenya, Leo.

In the female interpretation — Leon.

The meaning of the name Leon - character traits and variants of fate

The church name of Leon is Leonid. In the Orthodox calendar, the day of the angel Leonid is considered to be 4 February.

General interpretation

  • This name is favorable for the sign of the zodiac — Libra and Taurus;
  • Leon’s charm stone — coral;
  • The planet patronizing the name is the Sun.

How Leon manifests itself in childhood and adolescence. Character, habits, behavior

Leonchik is a very active and restless kid. He is environmentally sensitive, contact and friendly.

He is interested in educational games that require patience, an analytical mind, a vigorous imagination.

It is easy for parents to occupy this boy, since Lenya is a passionate and inquisitive nature. He likes to read books, draw, design.

Active games with peers, he prefers less, although seeking to make friends and be in the company.

In adolescence, Leon slightly changes, becomes more withdrawn, shy, phlegmatic. This is often alarming and leads to longing for others.

Friends do not seek frequent communication with him.

But his outward equanimity and calm are sometimes very deceptive. This is still an interesting, welcoming and optimistic boy.

Simply, it often outstrips the development of peers and matures early. This is expressed in the seriousness of his intentions, the foresight of his views on life.

Leo always tries to express his attitude to the surrounding reality, and his clear position seems at times obsessive. He used to comprehend everything independently and to get to the bottom of the main point of things.

In high school, Leon begins to assert himself, showing his character and taking a leading position in the class. Friends respect him for honesty, straightforwardness and decency.

He knows how to be loyal friends, while occupying a dominant role.

Leo is a role model for peers. Its appearance is always neat and toned. He strives to be everywhere everywhere, actively playing sports and attending various sections.

This is not the phlegmatic baby who seemed to them in childhood.

The meaning of the name Leon - character traits and variants of fate

Leon is always a good student, having finished school with an excellent certificate, he enters a prestigious university and continues to successfully move on. By this time, his intuition and logic are very well developed.

Leo is able to quickly concentrate and make quick decisions.

Leonid does not survive the transitional age, he is always morally stable and adheres to clear rules of behavior in society. Possessing enormous inner possibilities, the young man strives for well-being, without interfering in the lives of other people.

Having already become an adult young man, Leo realizes that incredible strength and energy awakens in him, which must be urgently realized in the right direction. He does not seek to make a dizzying career, occupying a high position.

But for Leon, it is important to take a position in the business environment that will allow him to gain financial stability and independence.

Realization in the profession, personal life, health — what will be the most significant for Leon

Work occupies an important place in the life of Leo, he easily finds his vocation, having an analytical mindset, foresight and special business qualities. Leon can be a successful economist, manager, programmer, translator.

It is also great to show yourself in other areas.

In addition, it awakens the gift of possession of the pen and the word. The ability of Leon to logically express his thoughts on paper can provide him with a successful career as a writer, screenwriter, and teacher.

The meaning of the name Leon - character traits and variants of fate

Whatever profession Lenya chooses, she must bring a high income to his family and contribute to the high self-esteem of the talented Leo. Otherwise, he is able to quickly change his professional activities, engaging in something more promising.

Such an attitude to business shows his certain selfishness and high self-conceit. Leon is sure that he will be able to get out of any difficult situation and always earn his living.

He will not allow to use his workforce, not seeing in it his own benefit.

Family and health

Leon is a sensual and emotional person. It is important for him to feel love for someone who is close to him at the moment.

It gives him strength, energy, inspiring new achievements.

In his youth, he quickly notices the insincerity of women and self-interest in him, instantly trying to get rid of such a relationship. He is not afraid of loneliness, because in this he sees a certain element of independence.

Mature and more discriminating, Leon seeks to create a family, having met for himself the ideal companion. This woman is very gentle, affectionate, gentle and necessarily beautiful for Leo.

In her external charm, there must necessarily be an inner force that she can control the recalcitrant Leo. Then this union will be long and strong.

Temperamental Leon will choose a woman who beckons with her sexuality. This will be an incentive for him to look good, earn a lot and enjoy family life.

Loss of interest in the wife, as a woman, can certainly lead to divorce.

Leon is a caring and loving father. His children will definitely study in the most prestigious schools and higher educational institutions.

He tries not to deny them anything and often indulges his offspring.

Leo highlights the fact that he will never go on vacation without a spouse and children. Family for him is a whole world in which he feels full-fledged, happy and confident.

Choosing active forms of recreation, Leo rides a bike, climbs into the mountains, sails on a yacht.

In the house of Leon, very hospitable and welcoming host. His friends are always cozy and comfortable.

The role of the leader in family relations, he prefers to give his wife, taking a passive observant position.

Even at a respectable age, Leon continues to be a spontaneous romantic. For him, it does not cost anything to unexpectedly bring a beautiful bouquet to his wife or invite her without an obvious reason for dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Leon’s health over the course of his life is stable, provided that he does not abuse alcohol and smoking. Leo is always not indifferent to the sport, moderately smart and slim.

He follow his physical form and appearance. It is important for him to remain an attractive man at any age.

What Leon should fear is emotional and physical burnout at work. Leo is a workaholic obsessed with material well-being. He wants to earn as much money as possible, completely forgetting about his capabilities of an already elderly organism.

Overwork and physical exhaustion can cause stress or prolonged depression.

Famous people named Leon

  • Leon Izmailov — Soviet entertainer, Russian satirist, screenwriter;
  • Lionel Messi — Argentine striker of the football club «Barcelona». Captain of the national team of Argentina;
  • Lev Bakst — artist-designer, illustrator, set designer, famous for his work in St. Petersburg and Paris;
  • Leon Faucher — French politician and statesman;
  • Leon Leonidov is an American producer and choreographer of Russian origin;
  • Leonel Ferro — musician, film actor;
  • Leon Yongen — Belgian composer and music teacher;
  • Leo Tolstoy — the famous Russian writer, one of the greatest thinkers of the world;
  • Leon Trotsky — the revolutionary leader of the twentieth century, the leader of the Marxist movement;
  • Lev Leshchenko — People’s Artist of the RSFSR, singer, full gentleman of the Order For Services to the Fatherland.

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