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The meaning of the name Leila is character, destiny and his secret

Female name Leyla — the characteristic, the origin of the name and its meaning

This name is of Arabic origin and means «twilight», «night».

When pronouncing emphasis is placed on the first or last syllable. There is no name day, since it is absent in the Christian calendar.

The meaning of the name Leila is character, destiny and his secret

General characteristics of the name

Positive features

Leila is tender, sensual and sincere in expressing feelings. Likes when in relation to her showed interest, constant care and praise.

She loves affection.

Negative traits

There is a tendency to find for themselves not very suitable companies and fall into unpleasant and sometimes dangerous situations.

The meaning of the name Leila in Islam

  • It plays an exceptional role in Islam, since it is common in countries where this religion is practiced. Over time, this name became popular with Muslims all over the world. They have several interpretations of this name.
  • Dark night — accurate translation. Another version — a slight intoxication. The famous Arab legend about the unhappy and tragic love of poor poet Mejun and the beautiful girl Leyla is associated with the name Leyla. The content of this legend is a source of inspiration for modern works of poets, composers and artists.
  • This name is called and some associates of the great prophet. Therefore, in the Islamic world, the name Leila is highly respected. Over the years, it has been among the ten most common names among Muslims.

Full name characterization

  • Childhood and school. Girl Leila loves to get a lot of attention. Often she achieves this by showing her capricious character. Parents need to wean the girl away from such ways of getting their needs. She is sociable and likes to be surrounded by peers. Attending kindergarten will not be a problem for parents. Leila grows up neat and executive girl. She is happy to help her mother with housework, maintains order in her children’s corner. When she enters school, good memory and concentration help her to study well. Children in the class love this sociable girl.
  • Mature years. Discipline and the ability to manage their time characterizes an adult Leila. She always remains a friendly and sociable person. He likes to pay enough attention to her. True to his friend will always provide all possible assistance. In the family she is an economic and sensible woman, she manages to do everything everywhere and everywhere. Despite her outward coldness, she is a sensual and energetic woman. This is especially evident in young years. Leila is a great friend. She will always give practical advice and can honestly say everything she thinks.

Destiny in love, marriage and family

  • This is an outwardly attractive woman. Marriage is not always her successful. After getting married, Leila tries in every way to subjugate her husband, which often becomes the cause of divorce.
  • She needs a man who in character will be much stronger than her. Having understood this, Leila becomes an obedient housewife. She will be a wonderful wife and mother.

Male Name Compatibility

  • A favorable marriage is waiting for her with Irakli, Timur, Ruslan, Arsen and Bulat.
  • Family problems await with Matthew, Akim, Kupriyan, Vissarion and Abraham.

Professional activity

  • Executive positions are not very suitable for her. Here you need to make independent decisions, on which Leila does not have the ability.
  • She needs a job that requires joint action. She perfectly cooperates with all employees and partners, can also become a good athlete or musician.

Leila has no health problems. More attention should be paid to the state of the internal organs, especially the liver.

The meaning of the name Leila is character, destiny and his secret

Astrological Symbols

  • Zodiac — Capricorn.
  • Planet — Uranus.
  • Stone — Amethyst, rhinestone
  • Color — Purple.
  • The world of plants — Barberry, aspen.
  • Animal World — Electric Ramp.

The value of stones for Leila

  1. Amethyst — relieves the body of tension and insomnia, regulates the circulatory system. It helps control feelings and suppress negative thoughts.
  2. Rock crystal — harmonizes the physical and spiritual state of the body, relieves headaches, eliminates unpleasant thoughts.

Hobbies and hobbies

Leila is a persistent person, has the ability to create. For her open world of artistic skill.

She with pleasure can do lace work, master the macrame technique or make beadwork. She especially feels the music and perceives works of art.

The meaning of the letters in the name

  • L — the makings of creative and artistic abilities, a keen understanding of beauty and a willingness to tell a loved one about it. The desire to know their true purpose in this world.
  • E — the desire for self-realization, the need for self-expression, intuition, thanks to the ability to enter the world of mysterious forces. There is a talent to act as an intermediary between people.
  • A is a symbol of the basis and aspiration to start something and realize it in reality. The desire to find spiritual and physical harmony in life.

Dependence of nature on birth by season

  1. In the winter. A noble, open, but vain person. Because of her demandingness, the people around her are wary of it, and some do not even like it. A vain person, but always opposes unjust decisions in everything. Always help your friends.
  2. In the fall. She loves working in the garden or orchard, a wonderful housewife who knows how to cook well. She can get married several times because her marriages fail. In relations with men, strict, sometimes makes many demands to his chosen one. Cheating does not forgive.
  3. Summer. Pedantic nature, in which all things are strictly planned. She is sociable with people around, provides all possible assistance to friends. In a love relationship is strict and restrained. Do not forgive betrayal and lies. If he divorces her husband, he maintains friendly relations with him, but he will never return to him again.
  4. In the spring. Complacent, attentive girl with a vulnerable soul and calm character. This is a sociable and active nature. She lacks determination and principles. Hospitable hostess. Her children are often the only meaning of life.

The meaning of the name Leila is character, destiny and his secret

Famous women named Leila

  • Ali is the daughter of Muhammad Ali.
  • Gordeladze — filmmaker.
  • Meskhi is a tennis player.
  • Abashidze — film actress.

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