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The meaning of the name Larissa: the mystery of origin and the nature of the owner

Larisa is a woman with a sweet temper, but a vulnerable soul.

The secret of the tender name Larissa hides the history of its origin. According to the basic version, the name-form is of ancient Greek origin and corresponds to the name of the granddaughter of the Greek God of the seas, Poseidon. According to linguists, the meaning lies in the Latin translation of the name, and is interpreted as a “gull”, according to another version — “fortress”.

The name-form gives the bearer a powerful activity and firm character.

The meaning of the name Larissa: the mystery of origin and the nature of the owner

Russian meaning of the Greek name

From the 19th century in the Russian lands, girls began to be called mostly from the nobility. The peak of the popularity of the name form came in the 50 years of the last century, when almost every tenth newborn girl was given the soft name Larisa. Among the famous bearers of the name can be called:

  • famous movie actresses Guzeev and Golubkina;
  • pop singer Larisa Dolina;
  • author of soulful lyrics Rubalskaya;
  • world swimming champion Larisa Ilchenko;
  • film director Larisa Shepitko.

The patron saint for the owners of the name is considered to be the martyr Larisa Gotfsky, who was burnt alive in the church by pagan warriors. Prayers of St. Larissa protect from disappointment and rash actions.

Name day should celebrate April 8th.

The main points of the meaning of the name

An adult Larisa can be affectionately called Lara or Laura, Lesia, Lyalya, Risa, even Larisa or Larka. For the baby, softer forms of the name will suit — Lyalechka, Rishek, Laryunya or Larusya, Lyalyunya.

  • Fate gives Larissa a calm character with a desire for independence.
  • Lara keeps her feelings a secret, as well as the ability to aggression.
  • The duality of nature is external greatness against the background of internal helplessness.

It is natural for a woman to be kind and simple to communicate, to justify the mistakes of others, but she does not forgive herself. Lara can not be called vengeful, but hurt feelings hurt her soul, and failures are hard to bear.

Value of the name of the stages of maturation

The closed little girl, staying in her own illusory world, turns into an aggressive teenager with a difficult character. The nature of a grown-up Larisa is a symbiosis of temper and modesty.

Lalechka in childhood

In light of the meaning of the name, the modest girl grows obedient, but closed. Larusya does not participate in noisy children’s pranks, preferring calm games. A faithful and modest girl does not stand out in the company of active peers, but she has many friends.

In addition, the love of reading forms an erudite personality that is interesting for peers and who succeeds in learning.

Due to the detached nature, Lalechka is in his own dream world. So that this does not lead to the development of egoism, parents should not indulge in isolation, but bring up determination and perseverance.

Larusya in his youth

Easy-to-child as a child, the baby becomes a sensible girl, understanding that being gullible is unforgivable. The sensual nature is hidden deep inside, under the mask of prudence and coldness.

The girl looks fashionable, takes care of herself, loves to dress beautifully, but will never take other people’s things. The schoolgirl is difficult to manage and disobedient, can become aggressive.

Therefore, it should be extremely tactful to communicate with a teenager, so that a difficult character will not leave a trauma for life.

Adult woman

According to the meaning of the name, fate gives Larisa a dual nature — modesty is intertwined with a hot-tempered character. Therefore, the wearer constantly feels anxiety, which she skillfully hides.

The breakthrough of inner feelings outward turns around a fountain of hostility, and the soul remains lonely behind the screen of sarcasm. Clever and perceptive Larisa tend to take into account their mistakes, relying on tolerance, mercy.

The meaning of the name Larissa: the mystery of origin and the nature of the owner

Astrology melodic name

  • The carrier is under the zodiac protection of Aries.
  • Among the planets, the patron saint is the sun.
  • Orange color dominates in color range.
  • Aventurine will be a stone talisman for Larisa.
  • Totem animals named ram (goldfish).
  • The magical plant is hawthorn.
  • Favorable for beginnings day falls on Wednesday.

Health in the light of the meaning of the name

In childhood, capricious Larusya has a poor appetite, which leads to problems with immunity in adulthood. A vulnerable child has mood swings, and with age, nervous breakdowns occur. Laroche should take care of the kidneys, as well as tempering the nervous system.

Screams and punishments in childhood can lead to mental disorders over time. To promote health and psyche Larissa should not neglect exercise.

Professional quality

The value of the name bestows Larisa enviable work capacity. Executive girl becomes a responsible employee, performing their duties with high quality.

With age, the character of a leader manifests itself, which makes it possible to become a reliable leader of even the most difficult team. An honest nature with a straightforward character can become a well-known journalist, a successful teacher, manager or doctor.

Nuances of sexual relations

Aspects of the meaning of the name leave an imprint on the harmony of the personal relations of the bearer. The problem is the lack of intuition, excessive irritability, which prevents manifestations of male love. Larisa thinks that her partner is not worthy of her, but to stop the relationship is prevented by an indecisive character that turns Laura into a hostage of circumstances.

Sensual lady does not accept sex without love, as well as the absence of a romantic atmosphere.

The complexity of family ties

Due to the nature of the fine nature of Larisa, her marriage is often late, the early alliances are usually short-lived. Marriage in adulthood is more likely to be successful, since the bearer of the name has already formed a package of requirements for the chosen one.

Marriage by calculation Larochka does not accept, and marriage for love promises to turn Larisa into a good wife, caring mother, capable of sacrifice.

For the bearer, the marriage will be happy with Andrei, Nikolai, Boris, Peter, Eugene, Vitaly or Victor. Grigory, Edward, Ivan, Arkady and Yuri can be attributed to male names unfavorable to the union.

They will not tolerate the leading role of his wife.

The meaning of the name Larissa: the mystery of origin and the nature of the owner

Horoscope signs of the zodiac

  • Aries — windy individualist fate awards inability to empathy.
  • Taurus — a powerful woman has a masculine character with a penchant for leadership.
  • Gemini — an extra-small talker with a cheerful character needs an extraordinary partner.
  • Cancer — soft nature, not transferring criticism, the fate of a caring read, but delicate companion.
  • Leo — the authoritative personality of the name rewards loyal character, not forgiving betrayal.
  • Virgo — Larissa hides a feeling of inner insecurity, attaching great importance to the attention of others.
  • Libra — a sincere lady with a delicate character is looking for peace in love, otherwise her career will go to ashes.
  • Scorpio — fate gives the energetic bearer the will power necessary to implement the plans.
  • Sagittarius — in the character of a charming lover of freedom and travel there is no hypocrisy.
  • Capricorn — a purposeful woman, fate rewarded with perseverance to overcome difficulties.
  • Aquarius — the calm nature of a gullible person turns to her for love suffering.
  • Fish — a girl with a vulnerable soul, it is important to listen to the tips of intuition, and not to sacrifice themselves.

The meaning of the name Larissa presents the bearer with many qualities, among which the majority are positive. With the right upbringing of the girl, she will not grow up selfish, become a devoted wife, a good leader.

The main secret of Larissa’s character is her vulnerable soul, hidden under the mask of causticity.

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