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The meaning of the name Jasmine — fate, character and relationship

The character of a girl named Jasmine — the origin and character

Rare, but beautiful female name Jasmine is of Persian origin. It is one of the derivative forms of the Persian name Yasmin, and in translation it means «one branch of jasmine» or «flower of jasmine».

The bearer of this name has a predisposition to mastering various sciences, to religiosity and understanding of philosophy, to art. For this girl, it is important to learn how to plan your time and affairs, and then follow your plans.

Problems may arise with this, and its success depends on the same.

In this person, sophisticated analytical thinking and a developed creative principle are wonderfully combined. From an early age, Jasmine is a cheerful and cheerful girl.

At the same time she is very modest and docile. However, in no case can it be called spineless, since its character is firm and inflexible.

The meaning of the name Jasmine - fate, character and relationship

Throughout her life, she will be in harmony with herself, therefore, without any problems, she will go through all the stages of growing up. In childhood, parents and teachers will often celebrate the fact that a girl is not serious by her age.

However, this does not prevent her frolic with peers and enjoy life.

Jasmine is able to defend his opinion and will not let himself be insulted by any hooligan. Her genuine modesty at such moments recedes into the background, allowing the manifestation of inner hardness.

Various forms and synonyms of the name

This name has various abbreviations, derivatives and diminutive forms, as well as synonyms. Abbreviated Jasmine can be called: Zhasya, Minka, Yasma, Mina, Yasmin, Yasya,

Diminutive pet forms: Jasminka, Jasochka, Ash, Minchik, Minushka, Minochka, Zhasminushka, Zhasminochka.

Synonyms of the name Jasmine: Jasmine, Jasmine, Esmine, Esuman, Yasmiina, Yasmin, Yazmin, Jasmi, Jesmi, Jasmin, Hasmin.

The nature of the girl named Jasmine

The bearer of this name, as a rule, is visually attractive and feminine, and therefore can grow quite narcissistic. One of the main positive qualities of a girl is her hardness.

She largely determines her personality. During life, this circumstance more than once gives it an advantage.

Also one of the traits of Jasmine’s character is her secrecy. In no case will she put a stranger under the skin and will not confide with someone she does not trust sufficiently.

However, with people who are really close to her, she behaves very naturally and openly.

The meaning of the name Jasmine - fate, character and relationship

In this girl, creativity is vividly expressed, and therefore she is often engaged in dancing, singing, playing instruments or writing poems. At the same time, she has a desire for material well-being, thanks to which she tries to take advantage of her hobbies.

However, one should not assume that it is mercantile — this is absolutely not the case. The main thing for Jasmine — human qualities and values.

Over the course of her life, she will prove it more than once. Also in this girl combines hard work and courage, thanks to which she can achieve no small success.

What fate awaits Jasmine

In school years, the curriculum will not cause this girl difficulties. In particular — tasks related to creativity. It is almost always possible to find at various extra-class events.

She is always active and hardworking. Often studies in drama or music school. Teachers see her as a hardworking and motivated student.

For her success lie many hours of training.

The meaning of the name Jasmine - fate, character and relationship

From an early age and throughout life, the owner of this name will be able to show off good health. In her outpatient card will be on the strength of two or three records.

If she ever catches a cold, she will take it easily and without complications.

Calm and docile nature will remain so as the girls grow older. She will be distinguished by kindness and tranquility, pleasantly complemented by politeness and excellent manners. Due to the fact that she knows how to make a good impression, people will always reach for her.

They will also feel her inner strength.

In complex matters, she will first of all listen to her own heart. He knows how to flirt, but he will not do it too often or when it is inappropriate, as he clearly understands the cheapness of such tricks.

Esoteric characteristics and name

To people around them, Jasmine marriage from the outside always seems ideal. However, this is not always the case. Jasmine is accustomed to counting everything — in love she does the same.

He tries to bring his marriage under some kind of ideal image, forgetting about the most important thing — feelings.

  • The patron planet is the moon;
  • Tree mascot — lily;
  • Stone mascot — garnet;
  • Plant Mascot — Jasmine;
  • Animal mascot — seahorse;
  • Gemini;
  • The color of the name is white.

Girls bearing the name of Jasmine, do not celebrate the name, as it is not in the lists of Catholic or Orthodox Christians.

Jasmine in different aspects of life

This girl is ready to start her own family life only after long serious thought, careful and informed choice of life partner. Feelings do not deprive her of the ability to think soberly — she takes a reserved and serious approach to relationships.

She chooses a man as a husband who exhibits high moral qualities and who is able to provide comfortable living for her and their children in the future. From it turns out a wonderful hostess.

As a wife, she is faithful and caring. He loves his children and is very gentle with them.

However, the spouse may lack passion.

In the field of work, her innate diligence often helps her. She simply cannot afford to do a job badly or work carelessly. She also has a great responsibility — she always brings to the end what she has taken.

For this reason, she wisely refuses various offers if she knows that she will not be able to do the job properly.

The most favorable professions for Jasmine are: historian, librarian, ballerina, pastry chef, music teacher, cultural studies specialist, ecologist, veterinarian, psychologist, writer or linguist.

Famous women with this name

Among the owners of the name Jasmine you can find a lot of interesting and well-known personalities. Among them is Honored Artist of Resupbliki Dagestan — Jasmin Semendueva, American film actress Jasmin Guy, as well as Canadian singer and actress Jasmin Richards.

Energy horoscope name

From the point of view of this horoscope, Jasmine is the embodiment of reliability. This girl at every moment of time knows for sure what action is best to take right now.

Already in early youth, the girl enjoys well-deserved authority among peers.

With the passage of life, this quality is fixed in the area in which Jasmine wanted to develop. In the chosen area, she will by all means maintain the reputation of a person you can always rely on.

However, this should be careful, as there is a risk to bring yourself to exhaustion.

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