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The meaning of the name Ismail: fate, health and love

Ismail’s name: ambiguous and many-sided character

The oldest name was worn back in biblical times. The men of Judah, Muslims and Christians called Ishmael men.

In modern life is more common in Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Prophet Ismail, according to the codes of the Muslims, was one of the founders of the Arabs.

Honored name among the population professing the Islamic faith.

The etymology of the name: «May God hear.» Russian variation named Ishmael.

Day Angel

Nameday Ismail marked three times a year. June 30, September 23 and November 17.

Character, fate

Being very young, Isa already gives concern to parents and educators. This boy is a real dreamer who doesn’t get into his pocket for a word. He has an answer for everything and a good hundred excuses.

Keep track of where the guy tells the truth, and where cunning, it is almost impossible. A keen and agile boy is making trouble for himself, but his actions are devoid of malicious intent.

The meaning of the name Ismail: fate, health and love

Possesses insight, instincts are well developed. The child is mobile, for him the best pastime is outdoor games with friends. It is often the leader in the company, quickly makes decisions, is able to find a way out of all hopeless situations.

This deserves authority among peers.

In his school years, Isa is driven by an interest in the world of art, sports, theater, and various hobbies. Not too fond of learning, success is due to stubbornness and outrageous.

Is engaged in circles on a photo, drawing, is fond of sports.

Friends are drawn to Ismail, he is unselfish and responsible. He knows how interesting to tell, will not let get bored next to him.

Growing up, the young man acquires the features of a real man: a defender and a breadwinner. He still seems superficial and a little self-assured.

However, the guy knows how to keep his word, can do his work with concentration, achieving high results.

This man is very hardworking, especially if he feels a commitment. A true lover, not afraid to defend their rights and the rights of colleagues, sometimes to the detriment of their own prospects and career growth.

He certainly does not seek to build a career, he prefers private interest, his business. Has an enterprising character, will not miss the benefits.

Ismail needs a company of like-minded people, often such requests develop into a joint business, the creation of a company. Own labor earned money, Isa loves and knows how to spend. Entertainment, forays into nature, going to restaurants — this is not a complete list of man’s passions.

Distinguished by hospitality, his house is open to guests.

It seems that everything is easy for Ismailchik, he quickly understands, he is not engaged in self-digging, very confident and sociable.

The carrier has a lot of positive qualities: friendliness, generosity, caring. It can be noted excellent intuition, reliability, cordiality.

Negative traits of Ismail’s character are related to his quick temper. This person can be out of balance.

Anger, talkativeness gives a man a lot of trouble.

Astrological parameters

Heavenly Body — Jupiter

Zodiac constellation — Pisces or Sagittarius, Scorpio

Rock — Corundum

Tree, plant — pear, fragrant basil

Animal — merino, swifts

Name shade — blue, blue tones

Professional preferences and career

Ismail can master many professions. Relations with creative, entrepreneurial professions are especially successful.

He can do a lot with his own hands, he can flawlessly master some craft.

A person with this name is able to become a photo reporter, musician, dog breeder, journalist. He does not like superiors on himself, he likes to do work individually or collectively.

He loves mountains and sea spaces, connects his life with painting, poetry, religious activities.

Perhaps, the best success will be achieved in business, it is sensitive to changes, it seizes on new opportunities. Will be able to seize a fortune.

New sensations and changing places. Often chooses a political career, conducts philosophical research.

Love and family relationships

The man is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Since his youth is popular with girls. Watching the appearance, fit and sporty guy.

He likes bright, beautiful girls.

Ismailchik is a passionate and impetuous person who will start a family early. Even a child will not save from quick disappointment.

Often the first marriage becomes unsuccessful and serves as a springboard in the next, much more conscious relationship.

The meaning of the name Ismail: fate, health and love

In a successful union, Ismail will show himself as a loving and considerate man. He will not sit with arms folded.

Able to work hard to support a family and all relatives.

Will find happiness with a woman willing to take on household chores. A caring wife who will become a true friend and helper is the ideal of Ismail.

She will have to endure the outbursts of her husband’s anger.

Being married, he will still flirt with the opposite sex. Changes rarely commit, remains true to his wife.

Women will not pass by this man, all his life he will remain an object of heightened interest.

Children from all companions man loves. Spends time with them, enjoys their company. When the kids grow up, show them the world, teach a lot.

Isa will remain an authority for her children. A lover of fooling around, he will take out the offspring in the countryside, organize excursions for them.

Good and demanding father.

He likes to eat tasty, requires variety in food. His wife will have a hard time also because of the jealous nature of her husband.

Relations with women will be most well developed: Larisa, Tamara and Sophia, Regina, Naila, Camilla, Diana, Svetlana and Amina, Valida, and Zarema.

You should not start romance with girls: Nina, Olga, Oksana, Lilia, Madina and Laysan, Zoya, Violetta.

Health and Habits

Ismail does not have perfect health. Although, outwardly, this is a fit man, with a sports figure.

With age, may gain a little extra weight, affects the love of all kinds of companies, receptions, plentiful tables.

Do not avoid problems with digestion, respiratory organs. It has fairly good blood vessels, so that hypertension and heart disease can not be feared.

Many representatives of the name are professional athletes and do not abuse harmful addictions. Until a very old age, keep a clear mind and will remain in good shape.

The meaning of the name Ismail: fate, health and love

Famous historical figures

  • Ismail the Persian — the holy martyr
  • Ismail — Sultan of Moroccan
  • Ismail Hajiyev — composer, musician, Azerbaijani, Soviet
  • Khalinbekov Ismail — football player
  • Kadare Ismail — writer
  • Ismail Kaplanov — the creator of musical works
  • Ismail Zatsarennny — Russian Warlord
  • Ismagil Tasimov — industrialist, miner
  • Bekmuhamedov Ismail — traveler
  • Ismail Efendi — Astronomer Scientist

It is not possible to list all known name carriers. Many world sportsmen, religious and artistic figures, as well as scholars are named by this common name.

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