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The meaning of the name Iskander in the controversial fate of man

What value bears the name Iskander and how it affects the fate

The meaning of the name Iskander goes back to the name Alexander and to the revered commander Alexander the Great. Name means defender, patron, winner.

Carriers of a name become thinkers, philosophers, popularizers, orators, leaders.

The main trait of character is to consider the conflict between ease, speed and power of thought and heaviness, inertia, unshakable beliefs. Iskander is not found himself is lost, prone to self-destruction and needs constant monitoring and guidance.

If he manages to find himself — he becomes a force with which it is impossible not to reckon, which cannot be stopped, acquires incredible speed and power, influence and undoubted leadership qualities and the power of persuasion.

The meaning of the name Iskander in the controversial fate of man

  • The controlling signs of the zodiac are the windy and charming scales, the elements of air and the stubborn, purposeful Taurus — the sign of the elements of the earth.
  • Planets — Venus and Mars
  • Color — purple, red, green, blue.
  • Totem animal — pigeon and bull
  • Tree — Poplar
  • Plant — edelweiss, periwinkle
  • Stone — diamond, emerald, agate, marble

Inconsistent talismans point to the complexity of character and unpredictable manifestations of strength and weakness.

There are few variants of the name — Iskanderchik, Kandy — when referring to the baby, from the English «sweetie», Isa, Izya.

Name Compatibility

Compatibility of names is difficult, it is worth looking for consonant names — Ksenia, Larisa, Oksana, Alexandra and similar, with hissing and explosive sounds.

The meaning of the name Iskander in the controversial fate of man

Iskander is all woven of contradictions. He is incredibly charming, insightful, easy to communicate, reads easily and accurately in other people’s souls, but is sometimes too categorical and requires hasty decisions.

He does this because he himself is prone to haste in decisions, excessive swiftness. A sharp mind and unmistakable intuition allow him to find the exact words and the only true actions.

He starts deep thinking and analysis in case of failure and failure.

Speed ​​and onslaught are its main motto, it is not located for long-term actions and plans. Or located, but only in relation to itself.

Regarding himself, his fate, life, future, he is ready to spend hours and years of thinking, capable of slow and solid strategies that should lead him to success.

Ignorance in many issues can be a problem — he carefully studies what he thinks he needs, but ignores fantastically “unnecessary” knowledge. If the gaps relate to jurisprudence — he is not able to fill out and fill in elementary forms, not to mention the documents of ownership, entrepreneurship.

Sometimes he trusts his close friends to conduct his personal affairs and is terribly disappointed when he learns that they can act not completely disinterested and pursue their own interests.

Weaknesses of character should be considered as credulity, selfishness, perception of oneself, as the only significant value, neglecting the interests of others and close people.

The strength is the charm and love for compliments. Around him is always a crowd of fans and admirers praising his mind, beauty and talent.

He skillfully uses the possibilities of friends and fans.

An important feature is loyalty in the main thing and the ability to keep secrets, one’s own and others. He will not use personal information for his own purposes.

It is extremely tactful at the offer of the help, preferring to render it in secret, through the third parties.

The meaning of the name Iskander in the controversial fate of man

In early childhood, the boy seems timid, withdrawn, always ready to help. But sometimes it breaks through to impetuous chatter and it remains only to marvel at the unrestrained wealth of fantasy. Gifted with many talents, rare and clear mind, learns moderately because of impatience.

Already at school, she encounters the attention of girls and skillfully uses it. With pleasure accepts help and pies.

He often fights a lot, because he does not know how to retreat. After a fierce fight can make peace and make friends with the offenders, does not hold evil.

He prefers not to think about the future life structure, will go to any educational institution where parents will arrange, and finish it.

With rare exceptions, with women he is not too lucky. Fleeting relationships and enthusiastic fans can be any number, but seriously building a family is possible only with a very intelligent and strong woman with endless patience and desire to forgive.

Usually women let go of the rebellious Iskander, who rushes about in his quest, problems with him turns out more than good. Charming and irresistible, gentle, inventive and caring during the period of flirting and courtship, he is transformed into an extremely difficult man in everyday life, requiring endless support and care in exchange for whining and complaints.

But everything changes if suddenly Iskander discovers his vocation, finds himself on the stage, becomes a director, cameraman, preacher, priest, scholar, public figure or politician. Not a trace remains from the previous rake; we see a focused professional who achieves maximum heights.

Although he still has no luck with his personal life, it doesn’t matter anymore.

While striving for the goal, Iskander shows his best qualities, accuracy, swiftness and absolute indestructibility.

In mature and old age, he enjoys well-deserved respect, lives beautifully and widely, brings up numerous grandchildren, politely dismisses admiring young female fans. Differs excellent health.

Famous namesakes

  • Zulkarnain — Macedonian Alexander
  • Khamrayev — Soviet film director, screenwriter
  • Gilyazov — scientist, public figure
  • Munshi — historian
  • Dautov — Mountain of the Soviet Union, machine-gunner
  • Medzhid oglu Hamidov — politician
  • Fazil Iskander is an outstanding prose writer.

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