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The meaning of the name Irina — the character and fate of a girl

What does the name Irina mean — variants of fate and peculiarities of character

Irina — the name of the old Russian, appeared in medieval times, as evidenced by the proverbs of these years. Having Greek roots, it is spread both in the Catholic and Orthodox faith.

Irina means calm, peaceful. The history of the name begins with the appearance of the Greek goddess Eirena, who tried to maintain peace and quiet.

The meaning of the name Irina - the character and fate of a girl

The derived name has a male form: Iriney. Some believe that the name Irina is of the same type to Arina, having the same meaning, one can agree with these, if we keep in mind only the spoken form.

The abbreviated form of the name: Rina, Ina, Arisha, Irinka, Aryusha.

General interpretation

  • The planet patronizing Irina is Venus;
  • Zodiac sign — Taurus;
  • The color that attracts well-being and good fortune — turquoise, pale blue, pale lilac;
  • The tree that feeds with strength and positive energy is chestnut;
  • Health-promoting flower — lily of the valley;
  • Totem bird — owl;
  • Stone Charm — Opal.

Angel Day — April 29 in honor of the Great Martyr Irina, who died in agony for believing in Christ and on May 18 in honor of St. Irina, who converted thousands of people, including her parents. Thanks to her abilities and miracles of healing, she withstood all the agony, torture and remained unharmed.

Features of the character of Irina in childhood and how it will affect adult life

From a young age Irishka manifests itself as a restrained, quiet, obedient and calm child. It is distinguished by its vivacity, decency, and openness to people.

Showing interest in learning, enjoys astronomy, geography, biology.

With her parents there is no trouble, because she is very delicate and courteous. Ira feels fine line between what is possible and what is impossible.

But despite the fact that he is friends with relatives, he prefers to live separately and independently from his youth.

Her love of learning is also practical. Irisha is a material person, good grades are very important to her, as she understands that a high school diploma can have a dramatic effect on future success.

Her ability to objectively assess her real capabilities directs her to specific goals and objectives. She was not used to dreaming of princes and succumbing to illusions about the uniqueness of her external data.

Knowing what she wants to achieve, this girl from her youth can have a concrete plan of action.

Teen Irisha is a shy person. She avoids the brisk boys, dubious companies.

One of the phobias may be the fear of stray dogs, it is possible that this will appear after an unpleasant situation with their participation.

In high school, Irinka is fascinated with books, painting, knitting, but this does not mean that she is a homebody. She is also interested in sports sections and a visit to the pool. She is always surrounded by many peers due to her sociability, responsiveness and ability to be friends.

Ira perceives boys as friends, with whom he is much more fun and more fervent than with girls.

Possessing exceptional talents and abilities, Ira grows a modest and shy girl. She does not like public speaking and is very nervous if all the attention of adults is concentrated on her.

Therefore, parents should not ask their daughter to sing, play or read something for visiting guests.

The meaning of the name Irina - the character and fate of a girl

The main authority since childhood is the father. Maybe this explains her early independence, adulthood, prudence, seriousness.

She tries to thoroughly approach any situation, weighing all the positive and negative points and make a decision that will depend solely on her own opinion.

In high school and college students, Irena’s calm is stirred by a certain temperament and impulsiveness. It is already becoming easier to ruffle and even make it aggressive. But this would be the exception.

He is quick and able to quickly forgive the offender.

Student Ira is not in a hurry to get married early, explaining that she wants to find her purpose in life and be realized in a profession. It is characterized by multitasking, it is easy to master several specialties, but only if it really seems to be beneficial for it.

How will the fate of Irina in the profession and personal life

In the professional field of Irena, women’s classes are interesting. She can easily master a foreign language, learn how to model clothes, professionally cut, take pictures.

She tend to work with enthusiasm and concentration, in all investing personal relationship. This feature can be decisive in a successful career.

When choosing a profession, prestige can be crucial for Ira. She seeks to get into the high society and does everything possible for this at school, college, and when looking for work.

Those who managed to get a good education can fully realize themselves as a press attache, diplomat, lawyer, work in the administration of high-ranking officials.

Irena tends to lead a secular, measured and prosperous life. It seeks well-being, stability, status, and connections in high society.

Those who failed to get a good profession, try to improve in another field, also achieving success.

The meaning of the name Irina - the character and fate of a girl

Irina can become a first-class leader, not because she has the qualities of a leader, but because of her feminine wisdom, delicacy, calmness and tact. In communication with subordinates behaves in an equal position, intelligibly explaining general plans and tasks.

She quickly sets the team to work successfully in the name of total profit and high earnings.

Adult Ira is well versed in people, feels the motivation and mood of employees. The qualities of a psychologist and a diplomat allow her to diagnose and influence the working atmosphere in time.

In communication, Ira is very selective, trying to surround herself with those whom she really trusts. It is important for her to feel its importance and to see that it is admired.

It becomes decisive in the choice of men.

Family and health

The young owner of such a beautiful name — nature amorous and romantic. But she never plunges fully into the maelstrom of personal amorous affairs.

Her fleeting passions of the opposite sex often change, but as for a serious relationship, she clearly knows what man she needs.

For some men, it may seem cold and prudent because of its excessive seriousness and rationality. Irina’s concreteness and straightforwardness can frighten off who she is seriously interested in.

But in order not to be left alone, she is ready to change and adapt herself to that female image that a man saw in her.

In the company of young people, Irochka always attracts interest, enjoys her attractiveness, charm, and takes pride in her sexual forms. Sometimes she can afford to go beyond the bounds of decency, proving herself to be bold and fatal beauty.

To create a family, this socialite will definitely choose a wealthy man who can provide her and future heirs. Ira is an honest and faithful wife, always faithful to her spouse.

He approaches to raising children seriously using the latest modern techniques.

Baby Irina has a poor appetite, which affects her weight and overall immunity. There is a predisposition to quinsy.

It should be selective in the diet, as well as a greater tendency to allergic reactions.

Celebrities named Irina

  • Irina Slutskaya — a multiple champion in figure skating;
  • Irina Khakamada is a political figure;
  • Irina Muravyova — People’s Artist of Theater and Cinema;
  • Irina Alferova — famous film and theater actress;
  • Irina Bogacheva — opera singer of the Mariinsky Theater.

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