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The meaning of the name Ioannina: fate and character

Meaning and origin of the name Ioannina

The name Ioannina is common in the Baltic countries, for us it sounds somewhat specific. It is often found in Poland, being one of the variants of the name Jan. The name has an ancient origin.

Most likely, it comes from the Hebrew name «John» and is related to our male names Ivan, Jean, John, as well as female names Jeanne, John. The basic meaning of the root from which the name of Ioannina originated is “God’s mercy”.

The meaning of the name Ioannina: fate and character

Other name options

The name Ioannina exists in other languages. For example, in English there is a name Jeannine (Janine), in Italian Giannina.

In Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian the name sounds exactly the same as in Russian.
The caressing variants of the name coincide with the variants of the name Yana: these are Yanochka, Yana, Yanusya, Yanka.

The meaning of the name Ioannina: fate and character

Character girl named Ioannina

Experts who study the character of a name by its sound say that already in the very name of “Yanina” there is a strong energy of a far from female nature, since the word “yang” means a masculine principle. The sound of the name carries pride, self-confidence, the ability to stand up for yourself and defend their interests.

Yanina is well aware of her own importance, this is a creative, strong girl.

Her key qualities are will and intelligence. Yanina is able to perfectly analyze any situation, always has her own opinion on each issue. She does not like to obey, especially if the boss is lower in her intellectual qualities.

Negative qualities of Yanina are imperiousness, love of manipulation.

Positive — activity, ability to follow your own path, respect for the opinions of others. In general, as a rule, Janina lacks flexibility, patience, femininity, and sometimes they have difficulty in communication, especially with the opposite sex.

Often there are Yanins, having a complex, controversial character, they are quick-tempered, tend to get angry, annoyed, and often resent their friends.

The meaning of the name Ioannina: fate and character

The fate of a girl named Ioannina

Yanina is an unusually clever girl. At school, she, as a rule, is distinguished by sharp judgments and the ability to always express her thoughts on any issue.

Her grades may not always be excellent, because her routine causes her dislike. But in creative disciplines, it always shows itself from the best side.

In his youth, Ioannina is most often known as a capricious, recalcitrant girl with leadership skills. She has difficulties with choosing a partner — not everyone is suitable for her, because she behaves like a real «star».

But she is helped by cold calculation and brilliant intellect: with their help she still chooses her husband, and her choice is always excellent!

Unfortunately, her arrogance and inability to appreciate other people often become the causes of divorce. But Yanina does not remain alone — her bright character always attracts other people.

The family means a lot to her, although not a single Yanina will dedicate her life to housework — she will definitely find arguments for someone else to do the housekeeping. However, many Janins are successful business women, and they have housekeepers for this purpose.

Business and career

Yanina is unusually lucky in business: it would seem that girls named Yanina have shown an interest in earnings since childhood, they can already look for business options on the school bench. Natural flair tells Yanina the most advantageous areas of business.

The meaning of the name Ioannina: fate and character

Various characteristics of the name Ioannina, his horoscope

Yanina is an amazing name because its patrons are such opposite planets as the Moon and Mars. The moon gives Janina its cold brilliance, dreaminess, beauty, unusual appeal.

Mars gives Yanina internal strength and will.
Zodiac sign — Scorpio. The color of the name is yellow.

The number is 2. Stones suitable for a girl named Ioannina are carnelian and ruby.
Suitable professions — doctor, teacher, journalist, politician, scientist, lawyer.

Famous representatives of the name of Ioannina

Among the well-known representatives of the name of Yanin, you can recall the wonderful Soviet actress Yanina Jeimo, who brilliantly performed the young Cinderella, while she herself was already at the age of 38 years old. Actresses Yanina Sokolovskaya and Yanina Studilina stand out for their charm in the modern film industry.

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