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The meaning of the name Imran — the fate and character of a man

The meaning of the name Imran — traits of character, destined fate

A rare case when the old name from the Muslim world is gaining popularity among Russians. The desire to make the fate of your baby beautiful encourages parents to look for something new or well forgotten old, even from someone else’s culture.

What does the name Imran mean, so sonorous, courageous? There are several similar interpretations:

  1. right
  2. smart
  3. as it should be

It takes its origin in the Arabic language from the root “amr”, i.e. “life”, is mentioned in the Koran. There was a prophet Imran, the sinless, pleasing in all Allah. His family also differed in piety.

In this regard, Muslims widely believed that the baby, named Imran, will grow up the right, good person.

The meaning of the name Imran - the fate and character of a man

Variants and forms

If a child with this name rotates in the Russian-speaking environment, the diminutive Imranchik is often used. There are other synonyms:

Amram is also found in the Bible — the parent of Miriam, Aaron, Moses, therefore there is also a Jewish version of the origin of the name.

In childhood Imranchik does not differ sociability. It requires a gentle approach. With too harsh punishment, noise, cry, very worried, can withdraw, fall into depression.

Despite this, the character is independent. Possesses enviable courage and generosity.

In maturity, everything changes. The understanding comes that in the unity of people is power.

A closed lifestyle ceases to be attractive to Omran. It is open for good, mutual aid, but only in the case of decent people. He has a good memory, sober thinking, excellent mental abilities.

Everything always decides for itself. He always waits for return for his help, tries not to communicate with the indifferent.

The meaning of the name Imran - the fate and character of a man

How life will be formed is largely determined by the ability to hide one’s emotions. Even if a hurricane of passion is raging inside, outwardly it is always calm, relaxed.

Stealth helps in the implementation of their plans. Social activity is not alien, although it loves silence.

Life builds concretely, monotonously carrying out its plans. He approaches everything rationally, tries to be objective.

Thanks to the rich imagination, the developed intuition seldom gets into a mess. Strives to gain knowledge, often has several higher education.

If we interpret the fate according to the Muslim method, according to the sounds, then it turns out that a person will find happiness in love (I), it will be reasonable to judge everything (M), a little awaits for him (P), he will figure everything out independently, reliable (N).

Other characteristics

  • Planet Patroness — Mercury
  • Sign of the Zodiac — Virgo
  • Good day of the week — Wednesday
  • Happy color — dark green
  • Metal — Tin
  • Number — 4, 2
  • Talisman stone — sapphire, tiger eye

Day Angel missing.

Different aspects of life

Love family

Omran is not one of those left alone. Women always treat him favorably.

Marriage is not in a hurry. Long stares at the darling. Marries only after fully studying his lady, up to the most secret habits.

Often the choice falls on a school friend or employee. His goal — to find one that will understand all his needs, will provide him a comfortable care.

On the other hand, for a young spouse, the mind, the sociability of one’s half is important. The girl must be fun, easy going, in a good way. As a lover, gentle and affectionate, often tries to hide these qualities with mock sarcasm.

Will pay a lot of attention to his beloved, but demand the same from her. If there are conflicts, it is only about issues related to children.

Business, career, profession

Choosing your path, always guided by their own opinions. Attracts creative type of activity or specialty related to discoveries or inventions. Main areas of activity:

  • psychology,
  • journalism,
  • ICT
  • electronics,
  • politics and public relations.

Almost always in good physical shape. He loves sports, sometimes engaged professionally.

In old age, possible diseases of the spine, musculoskeletal system.

Compatible with the names of women in a romantic relationship

For Imran, the number of letters in the name of the beloved plays a big role. If there are as many of them as he has, the union will be long, happy.

According to another version, the coincidence of common sounds is important. The more, the better.

In the absence of coincidence, the wife will have to really try to make the family as it should.

The second point of view on compatibility:


The meaning of the name Imran - the fate and character of a man


  • Imran I. Ashum oglu Kasumov — writer, screenwriter (Azerbaijan).
  • Imran Shamkhanov — football player (Greece, France).
  • Imran Gulmammadov — Honored Builder of the USSR,
  • Imran Ayaz Javadov — World Sambo Champion (Russia).
  • Imran Borchashvili is an Austrian judo champion.
  • Imran Bunyaku — football player (Kosovo).
  • Imran Nazar Hossein — philosopher, writer.
  • Emran ben Bahar is a diplomat (Brunei).

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