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The meaning of the name Ilaria: name day, fate, charms, character, ideal partner

The character and fate of the girl, who was named Hilaria — the meaning of this name

To call your daughter somehow original, it is not at all necessary to invent new names (as it was done in the Soviet Union, especially at the dawn of the communist era), and also to choose among foreign options. We also have rare, sweet, and most importantly, sounding very organically in our language names.

But what impact will each of them have on the life of their mistress?

The meaning of the name Ilaria: name day, fate, charms, character, ideal partner

Where did the name come from and how is it decrypted?

The “cradle” of this name is considered to be ancient Greece. In Latin, Hilarius means “joy”, “fun”.

That is, naming this name of their daughters, the Greek moms tried to give them a light, cheerful disposition.

Abbreviated Hilaria can be called: Lara, Ilya, Larochka, Ilka, Ilechka.

In other countries, the bearer name will be called Hilary (Hilary, English-speaking countries).

This name has a masculine male: Illarion. However, if you believe the nominal compatibility, the guy with that name will not be the perfect match for Lara.

What character is different from Hilaria?

Her merits can be considered: cheerfulness, sociability, sincerity, positive character (this girl is just a battery that brings a smile to everyone around her).

Concerning deficiencies, there are almost none. The girl may not be quite serious about learning, instead of studying the multiplication table, thinking about how to build eyes at a classmate.

Mom-Hilaria may be too loyal to the children, indulge them without measure, because of which the kids can grow a little divorced from society.

The fate of the bearer of this name

  1. Early childhood. This is a beautiful baby, with a smile that does not leave her face.
  2. School years. More often the girl becomes a good girl. She sometimes “forgets” the diary at home, does not teach lessons. But the teachers don’t swear much — you can’t be angry with Hilaria at all. But she is an excellent organizer, she is often “hanged out” by the captaincy in the KVN school team, and the girl copes with a bang — on the stage she feels like a fish in water, moreover, Lara is able to rally classmates into the most friendly team at school.
  3. Youth, student years. She becomes a charming coquette. Parents need to be vigilant, because having obtained student freedom, a girl can abandon her studies in order to participate in a public organization.
  4. Solid age. This is an energetic, kind woman. She has a lot of friends, some of whom she can even forget, although she tries to maintain good relations with all her comrades. She is talented, sincere, with an inner nobility.

All the mascots of this name

The meaning of the name Ilaria: name day, fate, charms, character, ideal partner

  • The perfect sign of the zodiac for Lara. Astrologers believe that this name should be given to girls born under the constellation Sagittarius (from November 23 to December 22) or Aquarius (from January 21 to February 19). In the first case, the girl will be friendly, active, a real seeker of truth and a queen of tops. In the second — good, a little mysterious, at home — a conservative, and at work (in school) — an innovator.
  • It is not difficult to guess that the winter will be the happy season for Ilechka.
  • Patron of the planet: Jupiter.
  • The day of the week on which everything will always work out: Wednesday.
  • The colors of the name: scarlet, brown, dark green.
  • Which stone is worth buying jewelry: with aventurine. She can also wear sapphires (white, black, and yellow), emeralds, moonstones, tiger eyes, and tourmalines (black).
  • Metal: tin and uranium. Of course, you can hardly buy a uranium rod home, but you can easily carry a tin ring, an elegant brooch or a cute handmade figurine!
  • Totem animal: lion.
  • A plant that is guaranteed to bring happiness: violet and poplar.

Day Angel (name days): on the Orthodox calendar — April 1, on the Catholic — August 12 and December 31.

What typical Hilaria appears in:

  • … love. She has a lot of fans. The only «but»: the active life (civil) attitude of a girl often hinders the development of a turbulent romance. Often, Hilaria starts a relationship with a person who is her soul mate, a colleague — so they can see each other all the time, travel together on business trips, and the guy will not be jealous of her because of the constant weekly absences.
  • … family. The wife of Lara becomes tender, loving, faithful. However, she does not like to tinker around the house (if she is engaged in washing dishes or cooking, then with great reluctance). She also finds it difficult to handle a baby. However, when the child grows up a bit, mom will become his best friend.
  • … career. Profession Ilya can choose quite risky (say, become a mountaineer). She will also succeed in the sports field (gymnastics, dancing, figure skating), or as a public figure (politician, official). You can try yourself as an actress, a television journalist.
  • …Health. In general, such girls and women very rarely visit pharmacies (and even buy vitamins). A weak spot in the body can be called bones and joints. To avoid any problems with them, it is worth going in for sports. But it is desirable that it was not running, but swimming.

Male Name Compatibility

Famous namesakes

The meaning of the name Ilaria: name day, fate, charms, character, ideal partner

  • Hilaria (the end of the 3rd century) — the holy martyr, Rome.
  • Illaria (1986) is the creative name of a popular Ukrainian singer, poetess and composer, performing in the genre of folk-rock, ethno-rock.
  • Hilary Ann Swank (1974) — Oscar-winning American actress, star of the film «Baby in a Million».
  • Hilary Burton (1982) — another actress from America, the star of the TV series «Castle» and «White Collar».
  • Hillary Dion Rodham Clinton (1947) is an American woman politician, in the past senator, first lady, secretary of state.

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