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The meaning of the name Gordey — variants of fate and character

Pride — the meaning of the name, variants of fate and character

The name Pride has several meanings. In the first version it originated from the ancient Greek name Gordias — that was the name of the chosen king Phrygia.

Therefore, the name matters — sovereign, king, sovereign.

Another version takes into account the old Slavic roots of the name, in this sense it means proud or proud. And in the third version, it comes from the Greek name Gorgiy — it means fast and formidable.

Getting acquainted with the character of Gorday, you understand that all three versions have the right to exist. Other forms of the name: Gordya, Gordios, Gardey.

January 16 Gordey celebrates the day of the angel. This date is remembered for the torment and torture of St. Gordia, who was killed for the faith of Christ.

general characteristics

  • The planet patron of the name is Mars;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac — Capricorn;
  • The color that attracts luck and well-being is black;
  • The plant that gives strength and health — cloves;
  • Charm stone — garnet;
  • The tree, which gives positive energy — elm.

Peculiarities of behavior in childhood and adolescence

Proud in childhood is a modest and quiet boy. He can safely play with toys without annoying adults. To some, he may seem to be a downtrodden and not very developed child.

But parents are not concerned about this, they are confident in his talent and see great potential in their children.

The meaning of the name Gordey - variants of fate and character

At school, the boy Gordyka does not have a high temperament. He is always restrained, prudent and modest.

He is often shy and indecisive, trying not to stand out from the crowd. He has a penchant for exact sciences, loves those subjects where you need to include logic, and not to use intuition.

In high school, the Gordey becomes more communicative, self-confident and energetic. But he is still peaceful, patient and balanced.

By this time he has a company of friends, whom he will always listen, accept advice or express his opinion.

The boy under the external phlegmatic as if keeps some secret, which will be known only to very dedicated people. He is not inclined to trust everyone, and only true friends are always with him. Proud to be friends.

This person is a dedicated, attentive and reliable comrade who will never condemn for rash actions, but in the future is inclined to evaluate people by the result of their activities.

This young man stands out for increased efficiency and diligence, which will certainly affect adult life. But in his serenity one can sometimes grasp the inner restraint of feelings.

It seems that sometimes passions are raging in him, and he just knows how to deftly hide them. If his independence is infringed, the Pride becomes infantile, indifferent and silent.

Indeed, this shy and seemingly inconspicuous person is an extremely active person who is capable of changing the concept of the world and its values. He has every chance to succeed, as he is not looking for easy ways, he is used to relying only on his strength and will never impose on others what he is obsessed with.

Student years for Gordey seem more interesting. Here he becomes bolder, more persistent, more sociable.

Now his modesty and shyness are combined with male pride, charisma and visual appeal.

In the company of girls he never stays away, they admire his talent, delicacy, gallantry and courtesy. And during this period he can easily plunge into easy love victories.

A young inexperienced young man is looking for love and is ready for the most rash acts for the sake of the desired beauty, and he does not expect instant reciprocity from the girl, trying to charm her and fall in love gradually.

When Gordey feels rejected, he closes in on himself, turning away from reality. Such a guy needs a lot of time to recover and re-feel confidence.

Later, he will learn to control his feelings, but he will be inclined to love one single woman, giving her not only his wages, but also all his warmth and tenderness.

The pride is quite successful and quickly finds practical application of his skills, reaching a high position in society. Already at a young age he can feel his financial viability and security. But some of those who bear the name of Pride may long remain in search of themselves, of their destination, constantly experiencing material difficulties.

Such people find their way in their careers after years, already enough in adulthood.

The meaning of the name Gordey - variants of fate and character

Of course, in his success a large share is taken not by luck, but by his hard work. The older he gets, the more he focuses on his favorite work and career. Colleagues admire his energy and excellent results in work, trying to solve the mystery of his success.

The pride still seems very secretive and constantly holds back their emotions.

Professional realization, love and health

In his mature years, Gordey is a successful and self-sufficient person. He knows how to take responsibility, independent and initiative, accustomed to be guided solely by his experience and practical knowledge.

This seemingly benevolent person who is likable to himself begins to understand people very well, to feel lies and falsity in words, deed. He is irritated by boasting, careless carelessness, indifference.

Dizzy novels and love affairs happen in the life of Gordey, but he devotes most of his time to work. For a family happiness, this man fits very frivolously, as he is used to free relationships with women. Proud — Monogamous, if he decided to marry, then this is really the woman of whom he dreamed.

But in his previous connections no one restricted his freedom and it is difficult for him to create an ideal family.

Often the marriage of the pride is short-lived. He has difficulty in communicating with his wife, unable to endure family scenes of jealousy, offensive reproaches and statements.

It is easier for him to part than to try to change himself, especially since work always remains in priority.

Children usually stay with their mother, but Gordey honestly and thoroughly takes care of them, showing excellent fatherly qualities. He gladly goes on vacation with them or takes offspring on an interesting business trip, not missing any opportunity to be near his heirs.

Favorable union and love compatibility is possible with women named: Vasilina, Zemfira, Maria. You should not hope for a serious relationship with Violetta, Alina, Lina, Teresa.

Gorday’s health problems can result from overwork. He often spares no effort, time and nerves for the successful implementation of a new project.

Obsessed with his working goals and objectives, he proudly forgets to eat on time, fully sleep and just get some fresh air for a walk in pleasant company.

All this can lead to exhaustion, nervous overloads and emotional breakdowns. Stress and prolonged depression will be accompanied by alcohol dependence.

To avoid this, it is necessary that in these critical moments, next to Gordeem was a man who loved him.

Famous and talented people named Gordey

  • Gordias — named king of Phrygia, who until this moment was a simple peasant. Gordia was a sign that foreshadowed power and reign on the throne;

The meaning of the name Gordey - variants of fate and character

  • Gordey Kolesov — a child prodigy who knows five languages ​​(English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian), a boy from Russia, who lived with his parents in China for several years, became the winner of chess tournaments, creative contests, and in his eight years he headed an international chess federation.

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