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The meaning of the name Felix — character traits and fate

Felix — the meaning of the name, fate and character

The name Felix is ​​translated from the Latin as — happy, prosperous, benevolent. This name came to Christianity from Greece.

His interpretation was somewhat different — Philiks. In the Orthodox calendars, this name appears that way.

In Russia, the name Finist was popular, Philist is also derived from the name of Filix. Angel Day Felix celebrates several times: November 1, September 4, February 7, May 1 and July 19. This name is very popular and revered by Catholics.

Some members of the Catholic Church bore the name of Felix.

General interpretation and name horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is Uranus;
  • Star sign, a suitable name — Aquarius;
  • The tree that gives strength and positive energy — cypress;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is blue-green, celadon;
  • A health promoting plant — immortelle;
  • Charm stone — diamond.

Felix in childhood and youth: habits, talents, manifestation of character

Felix is ​​a very agile, attention-seeking kid. With his whims, he often tests his parents for strength, demanding a new toy or sweets. Since childhood, it is very important for the baby to instill honesty, respect for elders, responsiveness, the ability to sacrifice sometimes their own interests for the sake of loved ones.

These qualities are able to appear in little Feli, if he is surrounded by more sisters and little brothers. Otherwise, this person is able to grow up as a selfish, cunning and greedy person.

The meaning of the name Felix - character traits and fate

This child is very controversial since childhood. In a fit of anger, he can slander a lot of rudeness, but after a minute he will come to his senses and greatly repent of his deed.

He tries not to share toys with the children and keeps himself apart in kindergarten.

In school, the character of Felix changes. This is already quite sociable, polite and courteous young man.

The young man stands out among his peers for its practicality and prudence. His own interests are often above the rest of the boy, he will not make unnecessary movements, if it is not profitable.

Felix is ​​able to change behavior, if it is extremely important and profitable. He is very artistic and can easily merge with the role of a sincere, kind and sympathetic guy who is ready for any sacrifice for the common good.

But then it turns out that his courtesy and benefactor were only a mask for the implementation of a personal plan.

In high school, Felix studies well. Despite his cunning, resourcefulness and resourcefulness, he sometimes finds himself in situations that can hurt him.

The young man is experiencing a very deep stress, can become very withdrawn, fall into depression or addicted to alcohol.

In general, the topic of harmful and harmful habits will touch it throughout life. In moments of weakness, disappointment, Felix is ​​inclined to find solace in liquor or drugs.

To stop him in such terrible moments, the participation of close relatives is very important.

As for the people who love him, there may not be many of them. And all because Felix often grows up as an indifferent, callous and selfish person, seeking to satisfy only his needs.

Felix may turn out to be different if the environment of his communication and difficult life circumstances make him show the best human qualities. He is able to be very collected in difficult moments.

In critical situations, ready to mobilize all their forces and successfully cope with the situation.

Since childhood, Felix dreams of a comfortable, prosperous life, a promising position and high wages. This is his main motivation for successful study and admission to a higher educational institution.

The meaning of the name Felix - character traits and fate

As a student, Phil makes it clear to others that he is a leader. He often does not reckon with other people’s opinions, is adamant in decisions and independent in actions.

He is attracted to the restaurant, hotel business, organization of concerts or holidays. He understands that it is quite profitable to work and raise initial capital for a more serious business.

Personal life, profession and health — the fate of an adult Felix

Felix is ​​a very active and active person. He was used to providing for himself, not relying on the help of his parents or influential relatives.

He always triggers intuition for profitable scams or deals. This person is able to successfully realize himself as a director of a restaurant, head of a travel agency or hotel.

It has a sense of taste, it has secular manners and is able to win over its dear customers.

Felix does not sit still, he is always in search of a better life. But money for him is not just a means of profit and an indicator of his well-being.

He was accustomed to generously spend all earned on the big and small weaknesses. One such item of expenditure is women.

With representatives of the weaker sex, Felix is ​​a witty seducer, capable of great folly for a charming beauty. He loves femme fatals with outstanding forms and obstinate temper.

But very often such persons prefer sincere feelings — high status and well-being. Therefore, Phil is often inclined to give up on love and change partner.

Gaining experience and settling down, Felix is ​​ready to marry a modest and homely girl who will not be interested in high life, branded clothing and too expensive resorts. Her loyalty is also important to him, because he is not able to survive betrayal.

Although flirting and grooming other ladies on his part is quite an acceptable phenomenon.

Felix is ​​ready to keep long family relationships with an attractive, well-groomed and quite wise woman. A spouse must keep a little secret for him.

Her silence, mystery can excite a temperamental man in the fillet for a long time.

The meaning of the name Felix - character traits and fate

In general, sex for Felix, like money, is just a way to give pleasure, but often he is used to delivering it only to himself. In intimate closeness his woman may not have enough tenderness, affection and preludes, because he is obsessed with his instincts only.

But as for family relations, here he can find a balance with the one that will guide and prompt him the paths of harmonious existence together, without criticizing his character and not condemning actions. With the advent of children, Felix is ​​ready to settle down and reconsider his values.

These lovely creatures can make him very touching, impressionable and happy.

Felix will gain the meaning of his existence, if his relatives are nearby. But he still does not remove the function of the earner and still tries to earn good money.

Career still remains in first place with a practical, pragmatic and calculating Phil.

Felix has an extensive circle of acquaintances and easily converges with people of different social position in society. He is always restrained, adequate, intelligent.

In its external image, there is a certain isolation and secrecy.

Phil’s delicacy and unobtrusiveness help him to be among those close to a very important person who can play a key role in his fate. This influential person is able to push Felix up the career ladder or support his idea of ​​a joint business partnership.

But the lack of commitment and insincerity of Felix can play a cruel joke with him.

Phil’s health should be protected throughout life. Vulnerable are the teeth, liver, kidneys.

This person is prone to overeating and fullness, hypertension and diabetes. You should also avoid prolonged stress, which can lead to alcoholism.

Famous people named Felix

  • Felix Nolansky — the patron saint, Catholics pray to him believing in deliverance from diseases and various ailments;
  • Felix Yusupov is a famous nobleman from the time of Nicholas II.

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