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The meaning of the name Evdokia — the character of the bearer, love, husband and fate

Evdokia — what does name, fate, character and relationship mean

This name sounds old-fashioned, but nevertheless, on modern television, no, no, and flashes. How does it attract modern parents who choose names for their daughters?

And what advantages does it have in terms of mysticism, numerology, church?

The meaning of the name Evdokia - the character of the bearer, love, husband and fate

What does the name mean, where did it come from?

The theory of its origin is only one — Greek. It came from the ancient name of Eudokia, «goodwill.»

There is also an opinion that this is a synonym for the name Eudoxia, “blessing”.

In our country, it appeared along with Christianity. It was popular among the upper classes, and among ordinary people.

For friends she is: Dunya, Dunyaasha, Dusya. Our ancestors also made this name more rustic — Avdotya (Ovdotya).

The name has a masculine male: Evdokim, «having a good reputation.»

In other countries: Yavdokha (Ukraine, Belarus).

What character does it award a girl, a woman?

Strengths: this is a real diplomat who does not hurt himself and will find a kind word for his opponent. The main value in the life of Dunya is to live in harmony with the world and yourself.

This is a strong, even penetrating woman.

In her youth (and not only), she watches fashion, not sparing money for cosmetics.

Weaknesses: this is a real fitter. She can adapt herself for days to a grumpy mother-in-law or a tyrant boss, but when the opportunity comes, she will take revenge on them with pleasure.

Sometimes people tire so much about Dusya that she goes into herself and stops trusting them.

She does not tolerate criticism, often acts as a real pride. She tries not to show her sight, but inside she is very sensitive and vulnerable.

The fate of the modern Dunya

  • Early years. The owner of this rare name may begin to brag about it, or vice versa, be shy. Mom needs to cultivate a sense of self-confidence in the baby, but to teach her that to exhibit strongly is also bad. Also, this good baby needs to be explained what self-irony and humor are, then at a more mature age she will not be so touchy.
  • Youth. She is an optimist (if nothing hurts her vanity). With friends she is sincere, with a loved one — trusting and open. She barely lives as a “head”, mainly making decisions with a “heart”.
  • Maturity. She has enough internal energy and inflexibility to make a career in a favorite position. However, she will be able to start a family, have children, actively raise them.

This is what will bring her luck:

The meaning of the name Evdokia - the character of the bearer, love, husband and fate

  • Patron of the planet: Jupiter.
  • An ideal sign of the zodiac, born under which a girl is better named by this name: Pisces (from February 29 to March 20).
  • Name color: blue.
  • Stone to wear in the decoration or at least keep at home: turquoise.
  • A plant that protects from harm: from flowers is a violet, and from trees — willow.
  • Totem animal: seal.

Name Day, that is, the day of the angel

  • March 14 (March 1). On this day, they remember the martyr Evdokia, in the past — a great sinner, but in adulthood — a nun.
  • August 17 (or August 4). Rev. Martyr Evdokia, killed in Persia for the faith.

In different life situations, she will do so …

  • Love. Often this girl by nature gets a lot of external beauty, and she well knows how to use it. He likes to steer in a relationship, and therefore a partner chooses an obedient and affectionate. She does not want «half love», she needs either a passionate, beautiful romance, or «Free!»
  • Family. She chooses her husband very fastidiously, so she is not in a hurry with marriage. In this case, the marriage creates a very good one. In the house she loves comfort, ready to support him at least every day.
  • Friends. In life, the girl is really close friends with a friend, who she considers almost a sister. She misses her parting, can be jealous of other friends and even her boyfriend. During the quarrels, she is very worried, but the very first to put up will not run.
  • Job. A good position for this woman: consultant, assistant manager, lawyer, diplomat.
  • Health. The weak point of her body are bones. In adolescence or during pregnancy, she often has problems with her teeth. In adulthood, osteoporosis may develop, so Dunya must “lean” on foods rich in calcium all his life.

What kind of man will she be happy with?

Successful relationships are possible with a man whose worldly or churchly name is Akim, Averyan, Gerasim, Dementy, Emelyan, Evdokim, Orest, Kasyan, Parfen, Ratibor, Fedotiy.

In a partner or spouse, this girl primarily appreciates a calm disposition and stability in everything.

The spouse of the woman should be on the alert: when Dusya starts to marry and she decides that she has begun to lose her outer luster, this lady can start a «romance» on the side. So it is better not to bring this up, but all the time to wake a woman in his wife, giving her flowers and taking her to a restaurant.

Unsuccessful alliance: Artem, Benedict, Vseslav or Vladislav, Izyaslav.

Tezki, thanks to whom everyone respects the name of Evdokia

The meaning of the name Evdokia - the character of the bearer, love, husband and fate

  1. Evdokia Fedorovna (1669-1731) — the first wife of Peter the Great.
  2. Evdokia Chernyshev (1693-1747) — one of Peter the First’s mistresses, general. Peter gave her the nickname «Avdotya, Boy-baba.»
  3. Evdokia Golitsyna (1780-1850), also known as Avdotya — the mistress of the literary salon, considered the most prominent beauty of her time; a big patriot of all russian. Had the nickname «Princess of the Night» (really bore the title of Princess). Young Pushkin often visited her salon, fell in love with the hostess and even dedicated three verses to her (“K ***”, “Other people’s edges are an inexperienced lover”, annex to the “Liberty” ode).
  4. Evdokia Istomina (1799-1848) — the famous Russian ballerina. The same Pushkin sang it in «Eugene Onegin».
  5. Evdokia Rostopchina (1811-1858) — Russian translator, poetess. Most loved poems about unrequited love.
  6. Avdotya or Evdokia Panaeva (1820-1893) — Russian writer, the common-law spouse of Nikolay Nekrasov. Spun in literary circles of that time, wrote a lot of memoirs about writers. She wrote under the pseudonym N. N. Stanitsky.
  7. Yavdoha Share (1885-1988) — Soviet actress, was born in Ukraine. The wife of Vasyl Verkhovinets, a Ukrainian composer, choreographer.
  8. Dunja Reiter (1946) — film actress from Croatia, played in 1963 Westerns “Vinnetu”, “Among the Kites”.
  9. Evdokia Germanova (1959) — Soviet film and theater actress, director. She played in the films «Russian», «Vanechka», «Anna Karenina, the story of Vronsky.»
  10. Dunja Ilic (1990) is a Serbian pop singer. She became famous in our country because she copied the song of Svetlana Loboda without asking.
  11. Avdotya or Dunya Smirnova (1969) — TV presenter, screenwriter, director from Russia. In particular, she led the program «School of gossip.»
  12. Evdokia Marchenko is a writer and poetess from Russia who founded the public organization “Radasteya”, equated with sects.
  13. Evdokia Malevskaya (2002) — young Russian singer and actress (the film «The Bird»).

Name in Russian culture

  1. «Evdokia» (1961) — a dramatic Soviet film based on the novel of the same name by Vera Panova about family values.
  2. This name was also mentioned in classic Russian literature. For example, lovers of Dostoevsky will immediately remember Avdotya or Dunya Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment.

And in the end for all the bearers of this name a small gift — the “nominal” song from the famous singer Zhenya Belousov in Soviet times: “Dunya-Dunyasha”!

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