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The meaning of the name Eva is the typical character of the bearer of the name, her fate

What does the name of the first woman mean — what character and destiny can Eve boast

This name is very popular, and not only here — look at the abundance of modern Hollywood stars, who became the namesake of the biblical first woman. Should I call my daughter Eve?

And what will be your fate if your parents have already given you this name?

The meaning of the name Eva is the typical character of the bearer of the name, her fate

What does it mean and what language spawned it?

This biblical name came to us from the Hebrew language. In the original, it sounds like Hava and means «the giver of life.»

Also, this name is translated as «mischievous, lively, active.»

By the way, sometimes the name Eva can be a diminutive version of longer female names (Evdokia, Eugene, Evangelina).

Friends can call Eve in the following way: Evochka, Evushka, Evulka, Evulka, Evulichka, Evita. And when the girl gets a little angry, they say: Evka.

In other countries, this name is transformed as follows: Yves or Yves (English-speaking countries), Khava (Jewish, as well as Georgian), Eva (Polish, Czech).

What character does it reward its carrier?

Strengths of character: non-conflict, peace-loving. The girl always remembers the good and tries to pay for it with the same.

She does not like to harm others — however, she does not forget about herself. Evushka is prone to romance, dreamy (but in moderation).

She has a very developed intuition — she “reads” many close ones, like an open book.

Weaknesses: in a difficult situation, it can save, get confused. Having set a goal, a girl often does not understand that she needs to make her way through thorns — most likely she will just sit down and wait for everything to turn out by itself (however, she is not afraid of work).

All my life this girl remains very vulnerable. If she faces aggression, she does not know how to resist her.

If you are a little Eva’s dad, get ready to personally destroy all her offenders!

The fate of Eve is such …

The meaning of the name Eva is the typical character of the bearer of the name, her fate

  • Childhood. Baby Evushka grows naughty and nimble. So that she does not “carry” the house, she should often be taken out for a walk on the street or a playground, and in the winter she should be taken to entertainment centers.
  • School years. In the classroom, the baby accumulates so much unrealized energy that in the afternoon she must be led to mobile clubs (dancing, gymnastics, karate). But be prepared that even a small naughty babe might feel bored there and she will change her hobbies every year (and even faster). As for learning, parents do not need to worry here: although the girl does not fall asleep with a book in her hands, she is learning well. She does not rush into honors pupils, but she will not have to blush for her.
  • Youth, students. Activity and children’s games develop into diligence. Young Evka rarely surrounds herself with her friends, because she does not know how to brag or run for advice on any trifle, which is why she can be concealed. She can work a lot. She is very pleased to be one of the first to win, to achieve something. The girl loves complex tasks — and at the same time, if you do not succeed in achieving your plans, it will permanently knock her out of the rut.
  • Maturity. She is hardworking, but if she settles into the office to “shift papers”, she will get bored very quickly. Work should set a high, useful goal for the girl.

What will bring her luck?

  • Zodiac sign: Aries (that is, it will be correct to give this name to a girl born between March 21 and April 20).
  • Planet: The Sun.
  • Color: red (including scarlet).
  • Stone in jewelry: ruby ​​(as you know, this stone has only one color — red, or rather, wine).
  • Plants: Magnolia and Date Palm.
  • Animals: quivering doe.

Guardian angel and name. Eve can celebrate once a year: April 12 (March 30).

Her holy patron saint is Eva, who died in the 3rd century.

Eva’s typical behavior in …

  • … love. The girl chooses a partner for a long time. Calm, apathetic, phlegmatic guy does not suit her — where can she keep up with the cheerful little girl! An excellent pair of Eve will make a guy with no less active life position. The main thing that he was not too powerful! And besides, the girl loves when she is pampered and forgive petty “mischief”.
  • … family life. The family nest is the most important part of the life of an adult Evochka. She adores children and her spouse (although, if the truth is, not every guy gets along with her). If Eve does not work, the spouse often needs to take her to visit, to social events — to throw away the accumulated energy (otherwise she can «go» to family scandals).
  • … career. Active girl can be the boss. She will be a real «dyuraselkoy», charging his subordinates with their positive and hard work. The main thing is that the work was not associated with frequent stress — they make the girl helpless.
  • …Health. Thanks to the love of sport, the health of the girl (girl, woman) will be good. Eve’s weak spot can be called the digestive tract. The fact is that because of the large number of hobbies, she often forgets to eat normally, and the body can take revenge on her gastritis. The most dangerous period in this regard are young years (school, university).

With which man will she find happiness, and with which not?

The name Eve is compatible with few Russian male names. She will make an enviable couple with: Adam, Joseph, Orestes.

She can also search for her love among guys whose church name is: Dasy, Evgraf, Eleazar, Konon, Nikon, Trifon.

And these guys are not suitable for her: Valery, Valentine, Leo. Also, she should not agree with the owners of such exotic or ancient names as: Alan, Herman, Zinovy, Emelyan, Korney, Kim, Erast.

Namesakes who achieved world fame

The meaning of the name Eva is the typical character of the bearer of the name, her fate

  1. Eva Braun (1912-1945) — mistress, before his death — the wife of Adolf Hitler.
  2. Eva Simonayitite (1897-1978) — famous Lithuanian realistic writer.
  3. Eva Figes (1932-2012) is a British writer who gained fame for her books on feminism and the role of Jews in Nazi Germany. The book about the life of Jewish refugees was her memoirs.
  4. Eva Mary Saint (1924) — American actress. Received an Oscar for a supporting role in a black and white film «In the port.»
  5. Eva Longoria (1975) — model and actress from the United States, the star of the series «Desperate Housewives.» After the wedding, changed the name to Bastogne.
  6. Eva Mendez (1974) — American actress with Cuban roots, the star of the films «Double Fast and Furious», «Ghost Rider», «Place under the Pines». Model, face of a famous cosmetic brand.
  7. Eva Green (1980) — American actress, was born in France, in Paris. This woman with a gothic appearance boasts a dozen star roles. The most memorable of her films can be called «Kingdom of Heaven,» «Casino» Royal «,» Dark Shadows «,» Sin City 2 «,» Miss Peregrine’s House of Weird Children «.
  8. Eva Polna (1975) — Russian singer and songwriter. Glory to her came through participation in the group «Guests from the Future.»
  9. Eva Bushmina (1989) — pop singer from Ukraine. She became famous for her short career in the band “VIA Gra”.
  10. Eva Herzigova (1973) — a top model with a world name, was born in the Czech Republic. She also tried herself as an actress (“Between the Angel and the Demon”, “The Wife of the Best Friend”).
  11. Eva Neyman (1973) — film director. Born in Ukraine, works in Ukraine and Germany (she emigrated to this country at a young age). Known for her films «By the River», «House with a Tower».
  12. Iva Maioli (1977) is the best tennis player in Croatia.

Are you devout? You and your husband liked the name Eve and you plan to donate it to your future daughter, but you ask yourself: what if the birth of the baby does not coincide with the day of the angel Eve, and in general, how does the church look at this name? The answer is in this video interview with the priest:

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