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The meaning of the name Esenia: talisman, ideal spouse, fate, character

Yesenia is a name with a gypsy character, what it means and what kind of fate it gives

This name sounds exotic. Nevertheless, many researchers consider it Russian! Calling so daughter, you are guaranteed to select her from the crowd … But is it worth it?

What kind of «dowry» does a girl with this name receive, what is her life waiting for?

The meaning of the name Esenia: talisman, ideal spouse, fate, character

What does this complex, but sonorous name mean?

It is a real mystery for linguists! There are many versions of its origin, and not a single philologist is 100% sure.

  1. Slavic version number 1. This is a variant of the male name of Eseni, which meant “born in autumn”, “autumn”, since the word “autumn” sounded like “eden” in those times.
  2. Slavic version number 2. On the contrary, it is a shortened version of the female name Spring (“Spring”).
  3. Russian. In the early 20th century, in the heyday of communist innovation, many names were invented. Children were named after mechanisms and tools of labor (Gear), party leaders (Lenin, Vilen), loud slogans (Kim: “communism, international, youth”). On this wave could appear the name created from the surname of the poet Yesenin.
  4. Arabic This is the female version of the male name Hassan (translated as «handsome», «good man»).
  5. Turkic. This is a variant of another name — Isania, which stands for “healthy”, “alive”.
  6. Greek Some linguists believe that this is a variant of the name Xenia, the meaning of which is “foreigner”.
  7. Mexico (Spanish). Despite the Slavic version of interpretation, this name is considered popular in Spanish-speaking countries. Proof of this is the film released in the Soviet hire in 1975. The Mexican melodrama tells about the gypsy Eseniya, who fell in love with an officer. After the release of this picture, the name became especially popular in our country.

Friends may call Yesenia: Senya, Senechka, Enya, Yesya, Yasya.

What character will it bestow upon its owner?

Advantages to be proud of. Yesenia is a good friend who will not betray and will always help. She is prone to reciprocity and compassion, can pick up a kitten or sparrow and bring home, always gives to the poor.

She practices, calculating, if necessary for business — with character. Senia can also be very religious.

She is beautiful and feminine.

Character weaknesses that need to be worked on throughout life. In dealing with frivolous people, the girl behaves frivolously — quickly forgives mistakes, giving a second and third chance (for which he pays more than once).

Yesenia is a bit of a breeder (even as an adult she doesn’t throw her toys away).

Interestingly, the nature of the girl depends largely on the season in which she was born. «Summer» Senya is very gentle, shy, diligent. “Winter” — quick-tempered, quickly “ignites” from one crooked word.

The fate of Esenia

  • Early childhood. This is a friendly baby, not delivering mother trouble. She does not climb the fence, but knits bows to dolls, and in general, she tries to be like her mother in everything (and she does it). She happily runs to the kindergarten, she is friends with most of the children there.
  • School. The girl’s friendliness is only growing. She is very kind, but she does not like injustice — even with a teacher she can argue if she thinks that he deliberately underestimated her (or other student’s) assessment. He studies excellently, does not refuse to conduct concerts and organize school holidays. She loves mugs, including active ones (dances, where she has time better than other girls, or sports).
  • Youth. To good nature and a heightened sense of justice, personal opinion is added, as well as purposefulness. The girl knows exactly what she should strive for. Moreover, others say that she thinks like an adult, a serious person.
  • Mature years. As a rule, she enters the university, which she chose at school, and after receiving a diploma, she works in her specialty, improving her profession over the years. To poison her life can only adventurers, using the credulity of the girl. But having understood that she was deceived and used, Yeseniya removes the scoundrel from herself and stops him (or her) to help.

What will bring good luck?

The meaning of the name Esenia: talisman, ideal spouse, fate, character

  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Gemini (birth period from May 21 to March 20).
  • Patron of the planet: Mercury.
  • The color of the name: there is no one specific. Sanechke fit any bright color — green, blue, scarlet, sunny yellow.
  • Lucky number: 8.
  • To become a talisman, the decoration of the Canopy must be encrusted with emeralds or agates.
  • Totem animal: it is a bird, a lark.
  • Lucky plant: a modest vegetable celery.

Does the owner of this name have an angel day (name day)? No, because in our fair calendar the name has no patron saint. However, at baptism, the father can offer you the church name Xenia.

In this case, your birthday will be February 6.

This is how Yesenia is revealed in various aspects of life.

  • Relations. If she gets a spouse who does not hurt her with stupid jokes and jokes (Senya is very sensitive, stupid comparison, a compliment with a hint can hurt her), she will be happy in marriage, as she can easily get along with most men. But no matter how she loves her husband, a woman will always try not to depend on him financially.
  • Family. She can jump out of marriage early — but not because of passion, but to quickly leave the parental nest and build her own. However, she can also postpone marriage, trying to first learn, get a job and “get back on her feet”. She loves family and children, for their sake she can quit her job. She doesn’t have enough time for housework, as she terribly loves to sleep, but cooks very tasty and is always cleaned at home.
  • Friendship. She is very picky, who will not name the best friend. An important point for the girl will be a community of interests, and even a material question. However, having begun to be friends with someone, she will keep in touch for years — as they say, from a kindergarten pot to a pension.
  • Career. The girl can be a good entrepreneur. She also succeeds in medicine, cooking (especially she succeeds sweets) and teaching. Strong character helps her not to succumb to the difficulties, achieving the desired. If a girl is appointed as a leader, she organizes subordinates very well.
  • Health. Thanks to the activity, in childhood, Senya barely gets sick (especially good health is promoted by sports clubs, which the baby can attend almost from the first class).

Male Name Compatibility

A bright future awaits Yeseni and: Alexander, Alexei, Andrey, Anton, Dmitry, Denis, Vladimir, Yevgeny, Ivan, Maxim, Mikhail, Yegor, Roman.

And these guys are simply not created for Seni: Victor, Nikolay, Konstantin, Pavel (with the latter there can be a bright, short love, but not a marriage).

Famous namesakes

The meaning of the name Esenia: talisman, ideal spouse, fate, character

  1. Yesenia Volzhankina (1983) — athlete from Latvia.
  2. Yesenia Butorina (2003) — gymnast from Russia.
  3. Esenia Centeno Sosa (1971) — athlete from Cuba.
  4. Yesenia Valencia — actress, Cuba.
  5. Hil Esenia Hernandez Escobar (1983) is a beauty from Chile who won the Miss Earth 2006 competition.
  6. Yesenia (1982) — modern singer in the genre of chanson, Russia.
  7. Yaseniya (1992) is the creative pseudonym of her colleague (real name is Nana Arakhamia). The girl was born in Abkhazia, lives and performs in Russia. It is interesting that at first she subscribed as Yesenia, but then changed one letter in the spelling of her name so that there was no confusion with another singer.

And in the end — three minutes for the soul. We offer to listen to the song, which was written by a modern performer, inspired by this beautiful name with a gypsy character.

If your parents have already given you the name Esenia, consider that the song is written for you. If you want to call your little daughter so, you can include her as a lullaby:

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