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The meaning of the name Emma — variants of the origin, fate and facets of the character of the bearer

Emma is a perceptive woman with well-developed intuition.

Sometimes parents choose unusual names for girls with the hope that their daughter will stand out from the peer group. Therefore, if you intend to name the girl by the name of Emma, ​​you should know its meaning in order to understand what awaits the child in life.

Indeed, besides the unusual sound, the nomoform predetermines the character traits and the verge of the bearer’s fate.

The meaning of the name Emma - variants of the origin, fate and facets of the character of the bearer

The origin of the poetic name

In different countries, especially the Catholic religion, the name Emma sounds in various interpretations. For example, the names Amalia or Irma correspond to the name form in Germany.

The English interpretation sounds like Emilia, and in America it is Emmy. The question of the origin of the name is controversial, has several options explaining its appearance:

  • according to the German version, the meaning of the name is associated with the concepts of “whole” or “universal” because of the common root in the word “ermen”;
  • According to the Jewish interpretation, the name comes from the male form of Emmanuel, in religious translation it means “God is with us”;
  • from the point of view of the supporters of the Latin version, the name corresponds to the meaning of «soulful», «precious», even «priceless»;
  • in the ancient Greek translation, nomoform is associated with a tender or flattering woman;
  • according to the Arabic version, the word means a faithful, reliable and calm person.

Due to the abundance of values, the name was popular among the reigning persons, including Emma French. Also in the history ruled the Queen of Italy, Norman, Waldeck-Pyrmont, the owner of the feminine name of Emma.

The main characteristics of the carrier

Brief and affectionate forms of the name Emma quite a bit — Mile or Iya, a girl can be called Lily, Amy, Emita, even Emko. For the baby, the shape of the name is suitable — Emmie, Emusya.

Named Emma will have to celebrate only by the Catholic calendar, the day of St. Emma on June 27.

  • Sounding in a special nomoform, gives the bearer a strong but changeable character, not without controversy. The screen of external coldness hides the sensitive nature.
  • Sociable Emma is considered a fair personality, ready to work in the name of public interest. It is mandatory and keeps this word, objectively evaluates people.
  • Fate rewarded a self-critical persona with a sophisticated character with the gift of foreseeing the future. Together with inventive intelligence and responsiveness, this is a prerequisite for gaining leadership.

The vibration of the name Emma corresponds to the number 6, which adds some reverie to the character of the charming and active bearer. At the same time, the value of the six is ​​explained by the straightness of the rational Emilia, which causes conflicts and offenses.

Astrological aspects of the name

  • Emma is protected by the signs Taurus, as well as Libra.
  • The planetary patron is Venus.
  • The bearer is protected by the magic of emerald and sapphire.
  • The name corresponds to the color green, happy will be orange.
  • From the world of plants, the iris is chosen as a talisman.
  • Totem animals are named fallow deer, as well as a bull.

The meaning of the name Emma - variants of the origin, fate and facets of the character of the bearer

Emma’s fate in life stages

A hardworking child, hiding their emotions, becomes a skeptical woman. She seeks to realize her ambitions not only in business, but also in the family.

Girl character traits

Serious Emmie is distinguished by her curiosity, the desire to read along with the speed of perception helps to learn life. The girl cannot be called exemplary, but her parents do not have any special problems with her, she learns well all the parental lessons.

Thanks to perseverance and hard work, Amy has good grades, organizational traits that lead her to class leaders.

Parents should take into account the high emotionality of the girl, hidden inside. He does not know how to abstract a child about his offenses and feelings, rarely tells his parents, veiling them under the mask of arrogance.

Characteristics of an adult lady

In a matured Emma, ​​a critical attitude is manifested by skepticism regarding universal hobbies, and an ambitious character by a desire to dominate. The desire to be smarter than others, with age forms the habit of teaching people that discourage them from the desire to communicate with Emilia.

An ambitious woman becomes boring, which deprives others of the desire to communicate with her.

Health for Emma

According to the meaning of the name, its owner does not have to complain about health. It is only important to monitor the work of the digestive system, as well as the state of the bone skeleton.

The girl is distinguished by physical endurance, although psycho-emotional breakdowns occur.

Professional inclinations

Thanks to a well-developed intuition, Emma has the strength to engage in large-scale financial operations, become an expert in sociology, a psychoanalyst, and engage in mathematical analysis. Congenital artistry, which has given the woman the fate, will help make her acting career, but the choice of creative direction requires the support of a reputable mentor.

It is important to remember that the meaning of the name manifests in adult Emma a propensity for careerism. However, finding a leadership position will be well-deserved, because the hardworking Emma is stubborn, respected colleagues.

Spectrum hobbies

Books become the main hobby for Emmy since childhood, but she also loves to sing and dance. These are irreplaceable traits for an artistic career.

Other hobbies can be very strange.

Family and love

For the tender Emma, ​​sex with a beloved man in the first place, to an unloved person, is complete indifference. Given the importance of the name, in marriage the carrier also strives for leadership. The disagreement of her husband with the plans of Emma can turn into a divorce, which will respond to suffering in the soul of his wife.

With a decent and strong husband Amy will be a wonderful hostess, a fanatical mother. Especially if he chooses Alexander, Daniel, Mark, Valentine as well as Edward or Felix as husbands.

Historical figures

  • Emma Hamilton (1765) — the muse of Vice Admiral Nelson, the queen of love affairs.
  • Amy Noether (1882) was a famous German mathematician, the author of theorems of physics.
  • Fate brought Emilia Musin-Pushkin (1828) to Pushkin, and Lermontov dedicated madrigal to her.

The meaning of the name Emma - variants of the origin, fate and facets of the character of the bearer

Horoscope for cute Emma

  1. Aries is an infantile-naive woman with a hot-tempered character who has devoted her life to her husband.
  2. Taurus, an ambitious but hardworking bearer named after fate, endowed her with love for solitude.
  3. Gemini — mild sentimentality of nature combined with a demanding character, quick-tempered.
  4. Cancer — by the meaning of the name, the sociable lady loves praise, is notable for excessive compliance.
  5. Leo — self-assured lover of pretending, can be called a born actress.
  6. Virgo — the meaning of the sign does not allow an active career woman who does not understand the environment can relax.
  7. Libra — the special character of a sincere, conflict-free girl does not accept flattery, as well as lies.
  8. Scorpio — the value of the name gives Emma a thirst for respect, but aggression becomes a reaction to criticism.
  9. Sagittarius — a weak-minded idealist with a vulnerable soul needs a loving spouse-protector.
  10. Capricorn — fate gives the girl an unpredictable character, the ability to sacrifice for the sake of love.
  11. Aquarius — the emotional nature of the mood, prone to rash actions, mistakes.
  12. Fish — by the meaning of the mark, purposeful, but loving personality requires support.

The secret of the name Emma is hidden under the guise of her outward equanimity. Sensual nature can trust only very close people, before them she is able to open her eternally doubting vulnerable soul.

For the rest, Emma is the queen of new heights, a confident personality with a strong character.