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The meaning of the name Elizabeth — the nature and options of fate

Elizabeth — the meaning of the name and characteristics of character

The history of the name Elizabeth has a Hebrew beginning and is translated as — worshiping God or my God — the oath. This name is also popular in England and Russia. In Europe, this name is common among royals.

In Asia, a popular derivative name — Elzira.

Other, short forms of the name: Alice, Veta, Lily, Lisa, Elisa, Elisha, Al, Beth.

General interpretation

  • The planet, the patron of Elizabeth — Proserpina;
  • Zodiac sign — Virgo;
  • Tree and flower, restoring strength and positive energy — lilac;
  • The color that attracts good luck and well-being — pale pink, lilac;
  • Charm stone — amethyst.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Elizabeth has an angel’s day: May 1 — in honor of the healer Elizabeth. The nun led a righteous life, engaged in enlightenment and was revered as a miracle worker; September 18 is the day of St. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.

How is the childhood and adolescence of Elizabeth — habits and characteristics

Lizonka is a very playful and funny child. She is very curious, always and directly involved in everything. But it can easily be seated and carried away with a fairy tale.

She will calmly listen, look at the pictures or try to read by herself.

Teen Lisa is always positive, kind and friendly to others. She has many friends who value communicating with her.

Her school years are active, she likes to attend various sports clubs and clubs, but she is not seriously interested in anything. The girl is able to study well, provided that she is carried away by the subject and his teacher.

The meaning of the name Elizabeth - the nature and options of fate

In high school, she becomes more serious and purposeful, takes an active position in the achievement of goals. It is very logical in its own judgments, independent in its conclusions, and prone to exact sciences.

But at the same time Lisa has an excellent sense of humor, quickly finds a common language with new people and strives to be the soul of the company.

She is generous and ready to give the last for the happiness of loved ones. But if someone unfairly tries to appropriate her property, financial means, she will have no equal in the struggle.

Liza used to defend justice and her interests.

Lizaveta’s transitional age is hard, she becomes more touchy, proud, sometimes selfish. Obsessed with a reckless idea, can inadequately assess their capabilities and commit a rash act.

This will be one of the ways to attract attention.

This girl becomes more self-critical, at times unsure of herself. She desperately wants to be among the best and take a leading position. By placing high demands on herself, Lisa can begin to exhaust herself with strict diets and intensive training.

With age, the complexes will be held, the girl will successfully achieve the desired.

Student years of Elizabeth are surrounded by fans. She enjoys great success with peers, creating around her a small kingdom of her fans.

The caretakers are ready to fulfill any of her wishes until the hope of possessing her heart fades away.

The meaning of the name Elizabeth - the nature and options of fate

Liza has few friends, because it is difficult for her to keep the relationship equal. This masterful and domineering person must always be commanded and manipulated by someone.

This situation leads to the fact that peers avoid communication with her.

Disappointed with his subjects, Lisa can drastically change her life plans: change the specialty she studied at, transfer to another educational institution, or leave a guy hoping for a serious relationship.

Family, career, health — what fate awaits adult Elizabeth

In his mature years, Lizonka becomes more calm and restrained, knows how to control her emotions, to seem gentle and generous. But behind this appearance is still hiding impulsive, selfish and pragmatic nature. If she needs to influence a favorable situation, she can seem stupid and inexperienced.

If she is ordered to do what she does not want at all, she will not be rejected by the sly young person. She just pretends not to understand the request.

Elizabeth is a smart, observant and purposeful person, it is important for her to be realized in the profession. It is important for her to know the final result of her work and the amount of remuneration.

Any field of activity will be acceptable for her if she herself finds it interesting and necessary.

Lisa can become a successful manager or owner of her own business, but in the event that in childhood her parents taught her to work, to respect the work of others, to be responsible for their actions.

From Elizabeth one should not expect innovative ideas and proposals, she is not inclined to dream and dream. It is important for her to live here and now, without a long-term plan for the future.

Showing her professionalism, she easily achieves high social status and becomes very popular.

Attitude to money from Lisa is ambiguous. Her high fees she can easily pull on an expensive thing or a trip. But sometimes its extravagance dramatically changes to thrift and calculation.

She begins to save and save money for something more solid.

Family and health

Elizabeth’s personal life is always active. She easily meets young people and can get married quickly. But the first marriage will not be meaningful and long.

Having gained experience and wisdom, she is ready to try her luck a second time. And this time everything turns out well.

In the second marriage Lizonka finds her family happiness. She easily succeeds in all household duties, although she does not feel love for them.

Her hospitality and cheerful disposition attracts many friends, girlfriends and relatives. But the main thing in life is for Lisa husband and children.

This experienced person treats sex as a way to relax and have fun. But she is very important spiritual relationship with a man, the only way she can completely trust him and relax.

To a loved one, such a woman will always be faithful, and after his death he will live out his years alone, no longer thinking about marriage.

Elizabeth will create a favorable union with a man named: Andrei, Ivan, Alexander, Grigory, Vadim, Mikhail, Yaroslav. Serious relationships with Valentin, Leonid, Victor, Rodion, Stanislav should be avoided.

Elizabeth’s health will periodically fail. Early years she often suffers from colds, flu, viral infections.

In mature years, is subject to exacerbation of diseases transmitted from the mother.

Lisa, born in the winter months, has a predisposition to injury, as it is very energetic, active and impulsive. She likes speed, preferring to drive a car in person.

Parents also should stop the extreme hobbies of girls in adolescence.

It should be attentive to gastrointestinal disorders, metabolism. The birth of the first child, too, may seem to be a great ordeal, since there will be a difficult birth.

But the second time motherhood will delight and will be very prosperous. Old age can remind you of the deterioration of vision and hearing.

Famous people named Elizabeth

  • Empress Elizabeth — daughter of Peter the First;
  • Elizabeth the first is the Queen of England, the daughter of Henry the Eighth;
  • Elizabeth of Bavaria — Empress of Austria;
  • Elizaveta Vorontsova — court maid of honor, the mistress of Emperor Peter the Third;
  • Liza Minnelli — the legendary singer and actress;
  • Elizaveta Kulman — a polyglot — a translator, who owned 11 foreign languages, poet;
  • Elizaveta Bykova — Russian world chess champion;
  • Elizaveta Boyarskaya — the daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky, a talented film and theater actress;

The meaning of the name Elizabeth - the nature and options of fate

  • Lisa Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley, an American singer and actress.

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