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The meaning of the name Elisha — the fate and character of a person

Elisha — the meaning of the name, the nature and variants of fate

The name Elisha has Jewish roots. This is a derivative of the Hebrew name Elisha, which means «God is salvation.»

Other forms of the name Les, Eliza, Yelya, Ulysses.

This name is listed in the Catholic and Orthodox calendar calendar. Angel’s Day Elisha celebrates June 27 in honor of St. Elisha, who inspired people with faith in Christ, who saves the common people from illness and suffering.

general characteristics

  • The patron planet is the Moon;
  • The tree that nourishes with power and energy is aspen;
  • The color that attracts good luck and happiness is blue, blue-green;
  • Totem animal — fox;
  • Stone — charm — moonstone.
  • The name fits the sign of the zodiac — cancer.

Childhood and adolescence Elisha — behaviors and talents

Little Eliseyushka is a kind and smiling boy. He is an open and cheerful inventor.

This extraordinary fidget is always full of ideas and plans. He does not sit still, he draws the attention of both adults and their peers.

The meaning of the name Elisha - the fate and character of a person

In the company of his peers, he stands out for his leadership qualities. This is expressed rather in the desire to change the course of the game, to influence the existing rules.

Since childhood, he has become accustomed to adapting the environment for himself, rather than waiting for someone’s sensitive guidance.

The boy is very consistent in his actions, has a sense of humor, is energetic, able to anticipate events and orient in time. From these years he begins to trust his intuition and is guided more by feelings than by logic.

The schoolboy Elisha is an inquisitive child, eager to learn the world through books. Reading is his favorite activity.

This dreamer and visionary learns well, possessing mathematical skills and the ability to beautifully and competently express their thoughts.

He has no attachment to any particular subjects. Elisha is a versatile person who can try a lot in life, being in search of his destiny.

The boy has good musical data and good hearing. But his talent will occur if parents start developing skills in time.

The child’s attitude toward sport is rather mediocre, although Elisha likes active games and always takes part in them. To maintain overall fitness, the boy may go swimming or jogging, but this will not be professional.

Elisha has many friends among his peers. He is friendly, polite and honest with everyone, knows what loyalty, devotion, honor is, knows how to support, help in difficult times and always keeps his word.

These qualities he often inherited from his father, since from childhood his father — the main object of imitation of the boy.

In high school, young Elisha is not distinguished by outstanding abilities and ideal behavior at school, but he receives a good certificate and successfully enters a higher educational institution. There is still a lot of hobbies in his life, but it is difficult for him to decide on his future profession.

This young enough adult already knows a lot, is not afraid of physical work and is very hardworking. Back in his student years, Elisha could find himself quite a decent salary, which in the future will affect his choice of business.

And even if it does not become his favorite thing, this work will bring good profits.

The older Elisha becomes, the more pronounced the form becomes his spirit of freedom and independence. He becomes bolder, more determined and unpredictable.

In an instant, an insight can come to him, and the young man will be ready to give up, drastically changing his further fate.

Realization in the profession, love and health of Elisha — what will matter

Elisha can achieve high career growth and dizzying success in the profession, if you decide in time with your place in life. By mature age, he is already able to deftly organize people, inspire creative work, is businesslike, practical and intelligent.

His business skills and speaker skills can come in handy as a manager in education, medicine, services and hospitality.

The meaning of the name Elisha - the fate and character of a person

It will look especially harmonious in the position of the director of the women’s team. He will easily win over the weaker sex with his delicacy, courtesy, tact and will always find an individual approach even to the most obstinate employee.

But not only these qualities contribute to its success. Elisha is very active, has charisma, intuition, knows how to track the situation when the team begins to treat their duties mediocre, and stop it in time.

He is respected and authoritative.

Money is important to Elisha, but he is not obsessed with the idea of ​​constant enrichment, finding other values ​​in life. In order for a person with the name Elisha to always have a stable financial situation, he needs to constantly work without slowing down the pace of his growth and development.

It is possible that, having accumulated a certain state, Elisha in his mature years will be carried away by charity, and one fine day he will write off some of his savings to an orphanage or a shelter for the homeless.

In general, the more years that Elisha becomes, the more often he will be occupied by the spiritual side of life. He is keen on self-knowledge, literature, art, painting.

This person will become deeper, more thoughtful and detached.

As for her personal life, Elisha never had any problems with the charm of the weaker sex. Fans surrounded him from his youth. And he answered them in return, carelessly changing his friends, getting carried away by all the new passions.

But one day he will meet that ideal woman, whom he is ready to be faithful, forgetting about past «exploits.»

Elisha is a real family man, he lovingly takes care of his wife and his offspring. Moreover, his adoration of children can sometimes cause jealousy in a spouse.

Elisha usually marries late, spontaneously making an offer of that which he considers her only.

The meaning of the name Elisha - the fate and character of a person

This woman is pretty, calm, gentle and always shares his interests. And it does not matter to him whether he is right or not, the main thing is that the spouse should support the position of her husband and always be on his side.

Then Elisha is ready to live long with such a woman, creating comfort and safety for her.

Favorable compatibility of Elisha is possible with women named Mirra, Aida, Sarah, Deborah. You should avoid a serious relationship with Dana, Roxana, Alla, Vera.

Elisha’s health throughout life is stable and steady. Although he has gastronomical preferences that contribute to the development of diabetes, shortness of breath and high blood pressure.

With age, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to alcohol and stick to a diet.

Various active hobbies and sports will contribute to the well-being of Elisha. Therefore, it will be ideal if he is interested in cycling in the summer, and in winter skiing or skating.

Famous people named Elisha

  • Elise Reclu — French explorer, traveler, was in a geographical society, by conviction — an anarchist;
  • Elisha Bobrov — actor of the Russian Imperial Theater;
  • Elisha Sinitsyn — a legendary employee of the KGB, was the organizer of agent networks in the near abroad;
  • Elisio Diego — a children’s poet, author of many books for teenagers, originally from Cuba;
  • Eliseo Cedas — a talented football player of the Brazilian national football team;
  • Eliseo Subiela — famous film director, producer of Argentine films;
  • Eliseo Salazar — a participant in the formula — 1, a racing driver with a great sports experience;
  • Elisha Kolbasin is a nineteenth-century critic of Russian literature, a member of the Writers’ Union, a historian.

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