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The meaning of the name David — character, fate and meaning

Male name David — the main character traits from where it came

The name David in Hebrew means «beloved» or «beloved.» It is popular and respected. That was the name of the famous ancient Jewish king.

In Russia, this name was pronounced as Davyd, whence the eponymous last name appeared. In eastern countries, this name is pronounced as Daoud or Dawood.

The meaning of the name David - character, fate and meaning

Astrological symbolism of the name

  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn.
  • The planet Mars.
  • The color of the name David is dark brown.
  • Flora — laurel, poppy.
  • Animal Kingdom — tour.
  • The stone is a ruby.

Positive features

Self-confidence, talent, delicacy and composure. The main traits of David’s character are poise and politeness.

He easily finds a relationship between elements of information, which helps him to get an excellent education.

Negative traits

Vanity and tendency to adapt, weak temperament. The manifestation of secrecy in their personal affairs.

It is easier for him to communicate on abstract topics.

  • The character of the child is calm, but at the same time strong. Easily and simply finds a common language with peers, has many friends and enjoys authority among them.
  • It treats adults with respect, obeys its parents, rarely rude.
  • He is an active child, so it is important to bring up responsibility for his actions in him. It is characterized by curiosity and dignity.

School years

  • Mental abilities in him are manifested from childhood. Studying at school is easy for him. The main thing is to further develop in him the desire for new knowledge.
  • To convince David of something, you need to have a strong case. Has a tendency to sports.

Mature years

  • The owners of the name David are talented, have a rich inner world and strive for harmony in everything. They are good-natured, balanced and able to work hard to achieve their ideas.
  • During these years, the upbringing that he received as a child appears. Intelligence, pride and courage become the main features of his character.
  • He has a lot of friends and buddies. Sometimes it can be hot-tempered and show ambition.
  • We also note his strong will, the ability to convince people and to keep their promises.

Professional and career

  • A man with a name of David can succeed in creativity and in business. He can master any specialty.
  • Well versed in practical and theoretical areas. David is able to learn and reach the top of his career.
  • Strive to create favorable conditions for work and family life. In the first place he has a professional activity, then marital relations. He loves everything only good — food, women, comfortable conditions in everything.
  • He has the great makings of an entrepreneur. This is assertiveness and pragmatism, the ability to find a common language with companions.
  • As a result, he finds a profession that will enthrall him completely and where he can unleash his full potential. The main thing in his professional activities is to be able to overcome his vanity and vanity.

Love relationships and marriage

For family life for a long time chooses his beloved. Cavalier is he refined and amiable. An intelligent and beautiful woman is suitable for his family life.

He loves when his wife praises him, loves children. Changes rarely.

Due to his temperament, he simply radiates sexuality, which attracts women to him.

The meaning of the name David - character, fate and meaning

Compatible with female names

  • A reliable marriage will be with Larisa, Emma, ​​Albina and Martha.
  • The difficulties of marriage are awaiting him with Victoria, Valeria, Alla, Ada and Inga.

The nervous system is a weak spot for David. He needs to pay more attention to the work of the kidneys and the liver, to beware of food poisoning.

Time of birth matters

  • Summer is characterized by kindness and diligence.
  • Winter often become excellent athletes.

Horoscope name

  1. Aries — a neat nature, responsible and calm. It has a strong will and tact. Character assertive, trying to achieve the goal.
  2. Taurus is an energetic character. By nature an independent and sensitive man. He is unlikely to become a leader, but he also has a negative attitude towards outside intervention. Alien influence can not be. His credo is mutual trust and constancy in relationships.
  3. Gemini — an attractive and positive nature. This is an open and cheerful man, although when communicating sometimes shows secrecy. Solves all his life problems on his own. Can only get close to a persistent and loyal woman.
  4. Cancer — cautious and shy nature. This is a gullible and indecisive man. New acquaintances gets hard. Communication with the female sex is hard for him, because he believes little in their loyalty and honesty.
  5. Leo — domineering and emotional nature. A man with a strict and demanding character. She strives to become a leader in all affairs. She has authority among people around her. Successful matrimonial relationships will be with a compliant and innocent woman.
  6. Virgo — an inventive and sophisticated nature. Such a man constantly needs some adventures and diversity in life situations. For family life, he needs a demanding and persistent woman.
  7. Scales — charismatic and sociable nature. This is a fair and open man. The character is a bit frivolous, so you should not expect much success from it. Women communicate with him easily and simply.
  8. Scorpio — restrained and creative nature. He is more comfortable with loneliness. His character is secretive. Such a man is more inclined to be creative than to be an empty pastime. For a full-fledged life, he needs an energetic, cheerful woman, so that she can constantly direct him to the necessary goals.
  9. Sagittarius — joyful and sociable nature. Character calm. Smart and active man. You always feel comfortable with him, especially women like it. And the women he always comes first.
  10. Capricorn — nature is energetic and focused, a little proud. His goal is almost always achieved. Even if the ways to achieve it will not be entirely honest. Rely on such a man is not worth it.
  11. Aquarius is a generous and friendly nature. It is popular with women. Sociable and expressive man. The nature of his punch, any way seeks to achieve their goals.
  12. Fish — solid and confident nature. He is distinguished by hard work and loyalty. Pride is his negative trait. He likes to be constantly praised for his dignity.

The meaning of the name David - character, fate and meaning

Famous people named David

  • Oistrakh, violinist.
  • Tukhmanov, Russian composer.

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