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The meaning of the name Daria — the character and fate of a girl

Daria — the character and fate of a girl, which means that name

Daria, like many other names, has Greek roots. But it is considered Russian and Orthodox — it means strength, victory, greatness and power of fire. Angel Day Daria celebrates April 1.

Her patroness is the Holy Martyr Darius. The short forms of the name include: Dasha, Danya, Darin.

general characteristics

  • The planet that contributes to the progress and growth of Daria is Mars;
  • Totem insect — mosquito;
  • Stone amulet — krovavik;
  • The tree that gives strength and energy is rowan;
  • The plant that favorably affects the health is an anemone;
  • Zodiac sign — Aries;
  • The color that gives attractiveness and brightness is red, richly tomato.

A strong and long marriage alliance with Darin can create with a man named: Valery, Artem, Boris, Gleb, Dmitry, Egor, Kirill, Kondrat, Lev, Nikolai, Robert, Rostislav, Sevastyan, Trofim.

One should not expect favorable compatibility when meeting Albert, Arthur, Philip, Yaroslav, Oleg, Ivan, Denis, Vladimir and George.

Features of the character of the girl Daria and her habits of youth

Daria follows her fiery temperament in everything. Even as a baby, she begins to walk and speak early, growing up as a bright, smart and cheerful child.

In a small and fragile Darina, self-reliance, purposefulness, contact and unpretentiousness are already manifested, even in an unusual environment.

The meaning of the name Daria - the character and fate of a girl

Dasha will easily adapt to the difficulties if it is beneficial to her. Being keen on nature, she used to completely devote herself to his beloved work.

Not afraid of risk, if he sees that the end justifies the means. But this is often a mistake, since Darya has a poorly developed intuition.

She is a short-sighted person inclined to impulsive actions and deeds.

Already in school, she shows command skills. She likes to command and control peers. At the same time in the boys, she does not see the stronger sex and can easily cope with the offender.

It is unseemly for her to show her fists and use physical force. But if the case requires it, it can become very sweet, feminine and charming.

Darina’s student years

In a beautiful and bright girl Dasha everything is fine. She enters precisely in the educational institution, which she had previously determined.

And this is not because she is an excellent pupil, but she simply knows how to achieve her goal. Of course, it does not take perseverance and hard work, but fate is very successful because it is full of optimism and energy.

The meaning of the name Daria - the character and fate of a girl

With young people she is sharp on the tongue, amorous, flirtatious. If she feels for someone bright and tender feelings, Darina will not hide it. It has something naive, childish and immaculate.

It always attracts a large number of fans.

Dasha is an interesting conversationalist, but her love of communication sometimes involves her in all kinds of delicate situations that cause problems. Darina seeks to surround herself with bright and comprehensively developed people.

She always has a lot of friends. But any criticism or excessive attention can annoy and bother her.

Student Dasha does not leave a young maximalism. She is full of doubts and prone to self-flagellation.

Sometimes she lacks the patience to bring the matter to the end, but then she will regret it and repent.

After twenty years, a real feminine principle awakens in Dasha. She becomes more sensitive, slow, sometimes unbalanced.

During this period, it is extremely important for her to know that she is loved and appreciated. It gives her strength and relieves depression.

Her desire to be popular and popular with the male half of humanity can lead to the fact that she does not see the line between friendship and close relationships. At this moment it is important for parents to be near and to correct the behavior of the eccentric Daria.

At first glance, a young lady with such a beautiful name may seem too freedom-loving and ignoring the general norms of morality. But in reality, this is just a mask of a vulnerable girl, who is experiencing hard love failures.

Women’s happiness or implementation in the profession. What fate will Daria choose

In his mature years, Daria becomes ambitious, needing to dominate and dominate. She can easily cope with a difficult, sometimes male task.

Therefore, the profession often chooses non-female. Her sharp analytical mind, a tendency to analyze and painstaking will allow you to become an experienced researcher, lawyer, scientist, journalist, investigator, engineer, translator.

Darya’s career can take shape ambiguously. The reason for this is her desire to achieve results at any cost.

At this point, she can become cruel, calculating and cynical. She would not be ashamed to use someone in her own interests or to be drawn into conflict.

This can create a significant barrier to the top and contribute to the appearance of enemies.

Dasha can become quite financially independent and respectable woman if she is not afraid of large and bold projects that require her direct participation.

Darin’s family can acquire completely spontaneously, guided by a momentary outburst of passion and a keen desire to be bound by marriage. But a spouse with such a woman should not expect stability and tranquility.

You can expect any surprises from it.

In relations, the owner of this sonorous name tries to be loyal and faithful, preferring that the husband be older in age and higher in social status. She becomes a good housewife, knows how to sew, knit, cook. In her house is always clean and comfortable.

Repairs in the apartment can be done independently, considering the spouse as an apprentice. With children it is sharp, unrestrained.

But, in general, she is a good mother and wife, who is not ashamed to meet guests at her home.

Darya’s health and talents

It turns out that the Dasha girl born in the winter months will be less active and even phlegmatic at times. Her thoughtfulness, patience, laconicism can be useful to be realized in the professions: teacher, trainer, educator.

But the «winter» Daria should pay attention to the propensity for colds. Bronchi and lungs should be protected from youth, otherwise chronic diseases are not excluded.

Harmful habits should be excluded. And sports will help keep yourself in good shape.

Dasha, born in autumn, is very gentle and mysterious. Her sentimentality and femininity will help define the profession.

She may well hold a management position, but she can successfully fulfill her duties in an exclusively female team.

Dasha is easily susceptible to seasonal viruses, as she does not like warm clothes, preferring refined and light style.

Those born in the summer are very friendly and sweet. Very suitable work in the service sector.

A restaurant business or travel agency for Daria will be the perfect place to work.

Spring Darina is a gentle flower. She is dreamy and open to others.

Her craving for art, excellent oratorical qualities will help make a successful career as a literary critic, art historian, music producer.

Dasha should pay attention to the weak nervous system. She is prone to prolonged stress and depression.

It is very important that at such moments there are close ones who are able to pull her out of a state of nervous breakdown.

Celebrities named Daria

  • Daria Dontsova — famous Russian writer of detective novels;

The meaning of the name Daria - the character and fate of a girl

  • Dasha Mikhailova — the first military sister of mercy;
  • Daria Saltykova is a cruel landowner from the time of serfdom. She entered the story as a sophisticated murderer and sadist who killed more than a dozen peasants under her control;
  • Daria Zerkalova — dramatic actress, winner of the Stalin Prize.

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