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The meaning of the name Daniyar: strengths and weaknesses of character, fate

Eastern name Daniyar: the nature and fate of a person

Having succumbed to the fashion of the original names, many parents are looking for sources of inspiration in European or American cinema, among the names of singers or football players … But why go so far if there are so many beautiful, harmonious names that men wear in Central Asia? Today you will get acquainted with one of the best names that are popular in Kyrgyzstan or Tatarstan.

Perhaps it is it that will sink into your soul!

The meaning of the name Daniyar: strengths and weaknesses of character, fate

What does the name mean, what language spawned it?

The roots are Arabic. From this language it translates as «scientist.» It is interesting that some linguists are sure: at first the name Daniel appeared (“Lord my judge” from Hebrew).

It fell into the Arab countries, transformed there into the name Daniyal, and then into Daniyar.

In addition, in Muslim countries — Turkey, Syria, Iran — there is also the name Dani («close»).

The Tatar peoples also have a similar name, only a translation from him is already different — “son of the sun”

The son or daughter of Daniyar will have a middle name: Daniyrovich, Daniyarovna.

Friendly cut: Danire, Dannik, Dania, Dan, Dan, Yarik.

In other cultures, the name is transformed into: Donier (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan), Diniyar (Tatarstan), Danil (Russia), Danilo (Ukraine).

What character does it impart to its carrier?

Positive sides: this is a very energetic guy or man. He is always ready for action, he quickly finds his place in an unfamiliar company, is not lost in a dangerous situation. Sometimes they are guided by experience, but more often by intuition.

From this guy will not work routine boss, but the crisis manager, he will be excellent.

Negative qualities: he is restless. He does not like when someone (or something) restricts his freedom and personal space.

The fate of Daniyar

  • Early childhood. In the kindergarten and on the playground, this is a very friendly kid who will not quarrel, but he will figure out how and what to play with each of his new acquaintances. He is very inquisitive, so his mother has to constantly get him out of the washing machine, then out of the cage with wild geese in the zoo.
  • School. Over time, he learns to achieve the goal. His strength is the ability to devote all his strength to the main thing, without being distracted by the secondary. He is not a debater, he prefers to solve dangerous situations peacefully. This guy likes to be the center of attention, he loves praise and compliments.
  • Student period. He is constantly focused on self-development. Everything is used: travel, courses, hobby groups. He also likes to help people — not for the sake of praise, but for the sense of being needed in this world, which comes after his act of mercy.
  • Mature years. Even at the age of fifty, he will be fascinated by many hobbies. In addition, this man is not afraid of any work. And even if he is fired from his position as a banker, he will be happy to master the work of a carpenter. The main thing is that the work gives him access to new knowledge and sensations.

What will protect the carrier of this name will bring him happiness

The meaning of the name Daniyar: strengths and weaknesses of character, fate

  • Patron Planet: The Sun.
  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Leo (that is, astrologers are sure: if your son was born from July 23 to August 22, he should give this particular name).
  • The color of this name: yellow, orange, gold.
  • Metal that will become a talisman: gold.
  • Stones-mascots: aquamarine, beryl, sapphire, turquoise.
  • The day of the week, which is guaranteed to be lucky: Sunday.
  • Numbers that bring good luck: 1, 2, 8, 10, 20.

Name day, that is, the day of the angel. The carrier of the given name does not celebrate them.

Most often, when baptized into Orthodoxy or Catholicism, Daniyar receives the name Daniel and marks the days in which this saint is worshiped.

In different life situations, this guy will do like this …

  • Love. Daniyar is definitely not a romantic. Looking at the girl, he will think about whether she shares his interests, and whether he will join his circle of acquaintances. He can love a kind, but not without personal opinion and character, a person who will be ready to support him.
  • Friendship. He doesn’t like to be frank with his friends — Dan tells them only what he wants. He considers his close buddies to be extremely easy-going people. He will always help a friend — but he will also be waiting for full responsiveness from a friend.
  • Family. As a family man, he doesn’t like to hammer in nails and repair cranes; he likes solving global problems more. Therefore, Daniyar needs a mature wife, who will take on most of the domestic problems. He loves when the house is warm, clean and smells of fresh pastries, and for his part is ready to earn a lot so that all this is available to him.
  • Career. This is not to say that this man was born only for a certain labor. It will suit the profession of freelancer (say, a photographer), and the most sociable position (journalist, diplomat), and a place that requires patience and self-discipline (editor), and even dangerous professions (climber, gymnast, stuntman).
  • Disease. This active guy is barely ill, neither in childhood nor even in old age. His weak points can be called high blood pressure, as well as frequent fatigue.

With which woman to build a relationship

There are women who can be for Daniyar not only beautiful mistresses or spouses, but also the most successful business partners. They are: Anna, Anastasia, Angelina, Alice, Victoria, Veronika, Diana, Zlata, Elena, Evgenia, Irina, Xenia, Miroslava, Marina, Milan, Polina, Uliana.

Namesakes, thanks to whom all over the world learned about this name

The meaning of the name Daniyar: strengths and weaknesses of character, fate

  1. Tsarevich Daniyar (reigned from 1469 to 1486) — a Tatar, collected a tribute from the Russian princes, went on a campaign to Novgorod.
  2. Daniyar Usenov (1960) — a politician from Kyrgyzstan, in the past — the prime minister. Unfortunately, he did not become a good “master” in his country, as he was accused of tyranny and organizing executions.
  3. Daniyar Mukanov (1976) is a football player from Kazakhstan. Champion, one of the most famous players of his country.
  4. Daniyar Eleusinov (1991) is a boxer from Kazakhstan. The champion of his country, the winner of the Asian Games, a worthy participant in the Olympics.
  5. Daniyar Ismailov (1992) is a weight lifter from Turkmenistan. Received awards at the championships of Asia and the world, adequately represented his country at the Olympics.
  6. Daniyar Sugralinov — a writer from Kazakhstan. Became famous for the story «Bricks».
  7. Daniyar Ermatov is a modern popular singer from Kyrgyzstan.

Any carrier of this name is talented. This can prove to you Daniyar Ermatov. And let not everyone will understand the words, but the quality of performance makes you treat this person with due respect:

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