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The meaning of the name Daniel — features of character and variants of fate

What does the name Daniel mean — fate and character traits

The name Daniel has Jewish roots and is mentioned in the bible. The original name Daniel is translated as — God is my judge.

This name has many options and even the female form of Dan. Other forms of the name: Danila, Danil, Danya, Danchik, Dan.

general characteristics

  • Gemini;
  • The patron planet is Mercury;
  • The tree that feeds strength and energy is ash;
  • Color that attracts good luck and well-being — gray-blue, steel;
  • The flower of life is buttercup;
  • Totem animal — squirrel;
  • Charm — blue jasper.

According to the church calendar, Daniel three times celebrates the Day of the Angel: December 30 — in honor of the prophet Daniel, who predicted the descent of Christ 600 years before his birth. For his dissent was thrown into a ditch with lions, but they did not kill him; April 20 is the day of the Wonderworker Daniel; July 23 — in honor of St. Daniel, burned for his faith in Christ.

Daniel’s childhood and youth — the beginnings of character and behavior

Daniel’s childhood takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Parents rejoice at the peace-loving and inquisitive kid.

He is smiling, balanced, not inclined to the whims, the manifestation of aggression.

The meaning of the name Daniel - features of character and variants of fate

Baby Danya is distinguished by autonomy, he does not ask unnecessary questions, but tries to find an answer to everything himself. His inquisitive mind, high interest in the world around him makes him precocious, serious and wise.

In school, he is hardworking, always brings what has been started to the end, he will never give up homework for the sake of walking with friends. But she appreciates her friends with whom she is always honest, open and kind.

His deep nature, love for introspection, self-criticism make others think of him as an uncertain and phlegmatic person. He often withdraws into himself, being in some frustration, but this is just a way to distract from reality and set new goals and plans for the future.

In high school, he becomes more communicative and sociable. He very much values ​​family values ​​and traditions.

She prefers to spend all holidays in a circle of relatives, and not in the company of her peers.

Student Danya is a pleasant young man, although sometimes he is able to look dissatisfied and helpless. And all because he always makes high demands on himself and keeps the bar, trying to achieve it.

The young guy is alien to rudeness, assertiveness, unprincipled, aggressiveness. He is a very substantial and spiritually developed person, striving to suppress internal conflict with external life circumstances.

Danila is a very enthusiastic person with a penchant for exact sciences. It is not surprising if a student, Danya, selects two specialties at once and receives two higher educations.

But in his work he prefers the activity of a freelancer or a position that allowed him to practice his favorite hobby.

He is able to get involved in painting, acting, playing musical instruments. All this brings him not only a charge of cheerfulness and strength, but also inspiration for the main activity.

The meaning of the name Daniel - features of character and variants of fate

The choice of profession, family and health — how will the fate of an adult Daniel

Danil is able to achieve successful professional implementation in medicine, science, and pedagogy. This inquisitive person is accustomed to work a lot and painstakingly, achieving goals.

Indefatigability and constant striving for self-improvement will be useful in the research field, the work of a psychologist and analyst. But his work requires responsive leadership, Danil is not used to working independently.

Therefore, it will be very difficult for him to organize his own business.

Dane needs a permanent, stable and preferably highly paid job. This does not mean that he strives for significant material well-being.

He simply does not know how to save his earnings in case of unforeseen circumstances and he constantly needs funds to provide for his needs. He is waiting for real success and high fees, if you can embody their bold and sometimes insane ideas.

For a family, Danil should choose a modest and non-ambitious woman. Since he himself does not strive for high status in society and wealth.

If it happens to become a very wealthy person, it will not affect his principles in any way; he would prefer to lead the same modest lifestyle as before.

With a favorable set of circumstances, Danya can develop his creative principle, which he mercilessly languishes in him. He has an extraordinary fantasy, can improvise, resourceful and artistic.

This may come in handy to become a famous actor, director or producer.

Personal life and health

For the family, Danila will choose a soulful and intelligent woman, though not very bright in appearance. Preferring family harmony and the joy of communicating with loved ones, he pays little attention to sex.

He does not like to talk on the topic of intimacy, as well as experiment in bed. In his understanding, sexual intercourse with a woman is more a reason for the continuation of the race, and not for receiving pleasure.

Danya, who possesses intuition and inner instinct, can correctly choose a worthy life partner for himself from the first time. It is not surprising if this nice, kind and intelligent girl will be his colleague.

Usually, Danina’s spouse takes a more active position in the family and is able to command her husband. The fact that Danyu is directed by a wise spouse does not embarrass him at all, and even makes him happy.

He is very devoted to his family and trusting in his half.

Danila loves his dwelling, is very attached to antiques that are kept in his apartment and passed down from generation to generation. He prefers to jointly equip his nest, giving it coziness and comfort.

Danil also continues to honor family traditions, there are many friends in his house, he is open, sociable, hospitable, sings well, dances merrily and knows how to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the company.

Common interests and spiritual compatibility may arise with a woman named: Anastasia, Uliana, Maria, Lyudmila, Irina. Avoid a serious relationship with Xenia, Zinaida, Raisa, Oksana.

Daniel’s health is not marked by special disabilities. Children’s colds, viruses will be insignificant and quickly treatable.

Danya enthusiastically engaged in sports, hardens the body with workouts and sporting achievements.

What you should pay attention to is increased fatigue with an excessive active life. Danil is an eerie workaholic, accustomed to conscientiously and stubbornly go to the planned plans. This often becomes the cause of an irregular working day, improper diet, frequent snacking while running.

Such employment can lead to problems with the stomach, gastritis, ulcers and other diseases. It also affects the overall condition, leads to rapid «burning out» without the possibility of full recovery.

To avoid such problems, a person with this name should go on vacation with his family more often. Rest on the sea coast is an ideal place for relaxation and recuperation of Dani.

Famous people named Daniel

  • Daniil Sagal — People’s Artist and actor of theater, cinema, winner of the Stalin Prize. Member of the Great Patriotic War;
  • Daniel Igumen — Russian pilgrim, the first Russian left a description of the holy land, where Jesus Christ went;
  • Daniil Cherny — an icon painter and contemporary of Andrei Rublev;
  • Daniol Shtoda — opera singer, soloist of the Mariinsky Theater;
  • Danila Kozlovsky — a talented film and theater actor, producer, director. Winner of the «Golden Eagle» and «Nika»;
  • Daniil Move is a Russian race car driver and international master of sports. He knows Chinese. He graduated from high school externally.

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