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The meaning of the name Constantine — character traits of the name

What does the male name Constantine mean — the origin and main character traits

The name Constantine is of Latin origin and means «permanent.» Briefly it is called Kostya, Kota, Kot, Kostyan, Kostyukha. Angel’s Day twice a year.

March 19 and June 3. They are associated with holy martyrs.

The meaning of the name Constantine - character traits of the name

General characteristics of the name

Constantine is an outstanding person with a delicate and sensitive inner world. He considers this to be his advantage and feels superior in this. The world of feelings, hobbies and temporary sensations — his element.

Long constancy in the relationship may annoy him.

Character — positive qualities

  • His personality is bright, but mysterious. In self feels confident, not influenced by.
  • Positive attitude to advice. For a long time to try his patience is not worth it.
  • Balance, willpower, dedication, endurance, generosity. He is not inherent in anger and irritation.
  • Shows perseverance and can solve serious problems.
  • Honesty and responsibility.
  • Well developed intuition.
  • All these qualities help him in difficult life situations.

Negative qualities

  • Shyness and susceptibility complicate his life a little.
  • As a young boy, he often feels timid, serious not for years.
  • Difficult to meet with strangers. And already, as an adult, can be nervous because of the little things and feel anxiety for the events that have happened.
  • Moving and timid child, subject to incomprehensible fears. Meticulous and sensitive.
  • He has a great imagination that helps him get carried away drawing and writing poetry. Loves nature and its inhabitants.
  • At this age, Konstantin is independent, carefully selects friends.
  • At the same time he is sociable, but does not like to be in a large team.

Mature age

  • Bright personality, alienness and vulgarity is alien to him. May be nervous and irritable.
  • With people shows courtesy and decency. Possesses innate intuition and a beautiful mind.
  • Decisions are made after careful deliberation. Calculates all possible options for events.
  • He is active in the business sphere, he is able to solve complex and long-term projects.
  • It can be a good leader, if it will be purposeful.
  • He is willing to work in many areas. Constantine is able to understand the beauty of music, painting and literature.

The meaning of the name Constantine - character traits of the name

Features of communication

  • At first glance, he can create the impression of a cynical person.
  • If you speak frankly with him, then a completely different person will open up before you. You might even become buddies.
  • After a conflict situation, Constantine can remember for a long time an undeserved attitude towards him or insults.
  • Outwardly, he will not show it, but at the opportunity, he can remind his offenders about it.
  • Konstantin does not like to spread about his intentions and future plans, therefore he is sometimes considered to be cunning and intriguing. In fact, he is still secretive, not cunning.

Astrological characteristic of the name

  • Gemini
  • Planet — Mercury
  • Flora — acacia, forget-me-not
  • Green colour
  • Spring time
  • Patron — ibis
  • Stone — Jasper

Compatible with female names

  • The marriage will be successful with Inna, Rimma, Sofia, Victoria, Larisa, Anna, Polina and Love.
  • Difficult relationships will be with Alice, Dina, Maya, Bella, Kira and Euphrosyne.

Love and Marriage

  • In a love relationship shows sexuality and amorousness.
  • For family life, she tries to choose a neat woman who loves children.
  • The leader in matrimony is Constantine. He does not tolerate objections here.
  • Keeps feelings under control. He needs relaxation from current affairs to pay more attention to his beloved.
  • Divorce for him delivers many experiences, but marries more than once.
  • Household worries are oppressive, but the family provides decently. He loves children. Loves to drink.

Business and career

  • He has a desire to climb the career ladder.
  • He is more suitable work related to mental activity. The makings for this he has.
  • In the business sphere, he is active and persistent. It can be a good leader if he is persistent.
  • It is difficult to convince him of something, but he will always listen to advice.
  • Responsibility for the team always takes on itself and does not shift the blame on others.
  • The scope of his activities and interests is broad. Decisions are always made deliberately. For him, the work of the designer, specialist in management, actor and director. May become a writer or a poet.

Some features of the name Konstantin in the opinion of the well-known expert on the interpretation of the names of Pierre Rouget

  • Mind. The focus is on the outside world. Active with direct involvement in some affairs. Influence from the outside does not give in, but listen to comments and advice.
  • Will. For him, it is typical. Even in his declining years, he will not give up on adventures.
  • Emotionality Responds to all suggestions good-naturedly. To the people around you with respect and love. Instead, it does not require anything. Abuse his exposure should not be.
  • Field of activity. His imagination is well developed. Carefully chooses a profession. Showing persistence and the ability to make the right decisions, becomes a leader.
  • The ability to anticipate events. Owns a great intuition. It seems that he already knows everything in advance.
  • Mind. Beautiful intelligence from nature helps him to understand life situations and solve all problems in a timely manner.
  • Impressionability. Susceptible nature.
  • Moral. Honest and decent man.
  • Health. Great Only need to pay attention to the work of the internal secretion system.
  • Sexuality. It is well developed, but it always keeps its feelings and desires under control.
  • Energy. Active person
  • Sociability. Great
  • Conclusion Constantine is a person with a rich inner world.

The meaning of the name Constantine - character traits of the name

Famous people named Konstantin

  1. Khabensky — Russian actor.
  2. Rokossovsky — Soviet commander.
  3. Raikin — the head of the Moscow theater «Satyricon».

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