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The meaning of the name Christina and the useful signs of the name

What does the name Christina mean and how does it affect the fate

The name Christina or Christina has Greek-Latin roots and means Christ, a Christian. The name was popular in the Middle Ages in pious families.

At the moment, the name does not have a pronounced religious overtones, parents choose it for a pleasant melody.

The name was especially popular in Western countries and is even considered Catholic. This is not quite true, in the Orthodox calendar there is a name, although in the version of the reading of Christ. In the male version, the name sounds like Christian or Christian, Chris.

People with this name differ dreamy and strong character and amazing, changeable fate.

The meaning of the name Christina and the useful signs of the name

  • Planet behalf — Saturn, Sun
  • Zodiac — Virgo, Leo, Scorpio
  • Happy colors — all shades of yellow, gold, orange, brown
  • Plants — cypress and myrtle
  • The animal — a dove — a sign of peace and inspiration, a toad — a sign of wealth and happiness
  • The stone is sunny amber and shining diamond.

Name options

Affectionate options: Cristea, Kristinochka, Krisonka, Krisha

Other options: Chris, Christie, Christie, Cro

Name Compatibility

  • The best names for men are the names that contain the sound «p» — Sergey, Ingvar, Igor, Grigory, Marcel, Patrick.
  • Relationships with “happy” and “sunny” names — Philippe, Kirill, Arkady, Valentin — will be good.

The meaning of the name Christina and the useful signs of the name

Christina always remains young soul. She keeps her youth without the slightest effort throughout her long, difficult, exciting, and happy life.

She is not too attached to people, easily part if the paths diverge, but she does it tactfully and unobtrusively.

Surrounding people, even glimpses of friends, usually speak warmly about her. But with all kindness, she will not allow herself to drive, she always has her own interests, which she defends.

For a close, loved one, she is able to forgive a lot, almost everything. But at some point it turns out that she no longer considers options for a joint future, in which she is assigned an unenviable role.

Direct and independent, it moves on easily, allowing everyone to follow their own destiny.

Chris is a hard worker. Even without a special talent, she is able to develop the skills she needs and achieve serious success, to become a respected expert in any field.

The main qualities are simplicity, directness, sincerity, love, goodwill, self-confidence, inner strength.

She is able to sincerely and without envy admire other people’s talents, she is happy to learn new things and quickly learns knowledge. Despite her frankness and inflexibility, Chris is a very gentle person, prone to subtle feelings.

However, it does not allow the senses to overpower the voice of reason. Emotional balance and calmness for her is the main value, which she will not give up.

Tactful, gentle, modest and hardworking Chris rarely takes the place of a leader. Usually she is satisfied with the place of a valuable and dear friend, advisor, useful and pleasant companion.

The prude in public life, in love and in sex, Christina reveals herself from the most unexpected side. She is a bright, often imperious, unbridled and insatiable, greedy for love woman. She constantly improves her sexual skills and with age acquires skills comparable to the basic professional skills.

All because of diligence, diligence and constancy in everything. She considers sex an important part of life and calmly and confidently brings to perfection, like everything she does.

Christina’s childhood is usually difficult. The clever and bright girl does not get along too well with her peers, but she can stand up for herself.

As a result, she receives an excellent education and a rare sense of purpose, the ability to rely solely on themselves. However, it does not close, maintains sociability, knows how to find a common language with any person.

But the most important thing for her will be the desire to find her own person. Quite often, she leaves her well-established career and hangs on the neck of the first decent and respectable-looking man who is ready to provide her with a good standard of living, travel, and child support.

She is happy for some time immersed in pots and diapers, engaged in needlework and does not regret at all the past career of a financial analyst.

Even if the husband starts to behave incorrectly, she will try to save the marriage. If this turns out to be impossible, after crying inconsolably for a couple of days, she finds herself a fashionable theater critic, restaurant reviewer, and moderator of a large Internet portal with a good salary.

Christina’s weak point is creativity. Endowed with subtle creative instinct and excellent taste, good natural data, she strives for creative success and self-realization as a creator.

But with all the hard work, diligence and diligence, she rarely succeeds in rising above a good average level.

It may be hampered by the general equilibrium of character, which does not allow either too deep and hopeless depressions, nor bright flashes of genius. Prudence makes Chris not to get involved in doping, which could shake the psyche, she still values ​​her personality and is not ready to burn all his fate for a couple of insights.

She prefers a reliable and sure path to success. Let not to the stars in airless space, but to the tops.

In his old age, Chris retains the youthful enthusiasm and gladly climbs the rocks of Portugal, hunts barracudas in the waters of the Bay of Biscay, enjoys steaks and discusses theatrical innovations on Logn Island. She prefers the society of young people, tactfully avoids small children and does not deny herself flirting, easily captivating young surfers and gray-haired Don Juans.

The meaning of the name Christina and the useful signs of the name


  • Aguilera — singer
  • Stuart — actress
  • Orbakaite — dancer, actress, singer
  • Andersen Hans Christian — a great storyteller, writer

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