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The meaning of the name Bogdan — character, fate and meaning

Male name Bogdan — characteristic and origin

This is a name of Slavic origin and means it is «given by God.»

Positive features of the name

Resoluteness, perseverance, mental composure, logical thinking and the ability to restrain their emotions. He is characterized by insight and enterprise.

The meaning of the name Bogdan - character, fate and meaning

Negative features of the name

Ambition, self-centeredness, lack of ability to find compromise solutions and inner alertness.

Full name characterization

In childhood, a naughty and spoiled boy, strongly attached to his mother. As he grows older, Bogdan becomes independent.

With his peers makes friendship rarely. He communicates with older guys. In school years, he devotes little time to classes, so he may have problems with academic performance.

Despite his excellent memory, he needs constant control over his studies.

In adolescence, Bogdan seeks to become a leader in everything. A significant drawback with him is often lazy.

He is good at controlling himself, although internally he is sometimes aggressive. He prefers not to share his ideas with anyone.

He has many friends and is easily influenced by them, which is not always good for him. He has a well-developed intuition, but he trusts his mind more.

Professional activity

For Bogdan, peace and material well-being are of great importance. He has creative and commercial abilities. Due to his dedication and diligence in work, he achieves quite good results.

It has a tendency to medical research. Maybe an artist, musician, historian.

He provides for himself a dignified existence.

Hobbies and hobbies

Bogdan may have many hobbies, but he often changes them. If today he is keen on photographing, then in a week he can lose his inspiration to write poetry.

His favorite hobby is often sport.

Love relationships and marriage

In life, this is a faithful man, although jealous. He demands dedication and obedience from a woman, does not forgive betrayal, immediately breaks off the relationship.

In marriage, spiritual intimacy and community of interests are important for him. Family life has a beneficial effect on him.

If he finds a beloved woman, he will be faithful to her all her life.

There may be problems with the internal organs and digestion. Constant control of your emotions can provoke neuralgic pains and impairment of the nervous system.

Compatible with female names

  • A successful marriage will be with Zoe, Lyudmila, Vanda and Galina, Elena and Zinaida.
  • Problems await with Catherine, Antonina, Anfisa and Zhanna.

The meaning of the name Bogdan - character, fate and meaning

Horoscope name

  1. Aries. Serious and confident nature. He does not want to trust people, therefore he has few friends. He is prone to loneliness. As a wife he will be approached by a balanced and quiet woman, striving for marital well-being.
  2. Taurus, Binding and knowledgeable nature, carefully thought out their actions. This erudite man in life is achieving a lot. With other people always finds a common language. For women, this is an attractive type of man. With it, you can create a reliable and happy family.
  3. Twins. Attractive and calm nature. The man he is sociable, romantic, loneliness is alien to him. In life and in relationships with women, he is looking for vivid emotions. A sensual, energetic woman will suit him, although with her he may not be so easy.
  4. Crayfish. Sensitive and vulnerable nature, requiring support from outside. Such a man is not self-confident, painfully perceives any criticism in his address. In relations with women, she is shy, which causes difficulties to find a faithful companion for life.
  5. A lion. Natura is charming, so he always has many friends. There are practically no real friends with him. Women are drawn to such a man, so he finds himself the most desirable and suitable spouse.
  6. Virgo. Persistent and strong-willed nature. This man is constantly improving, wanting to get rid of his shortcomings — the lack of determination and shyness. In a relationship with the female sex, he is caring and polite. Falls in love rarely.
  7. Libra. Resourceful and subtle nature. He lacks the hardness of character. People close to him can help to gain faith in their strength, highlighting more positive qualities in him. Such a man seeks to win respect in society by any means. The marriage will enter with a woman who can understand him and not pay attention to his shortcomings.
  8. Scorpio. Irritable and persistent nature. A man with a complex character, prone to imposing their point of view. To find a compromise with him is difficult. For family life he needs a patient woman.
  9. Sagittarius. Impetuous and emotional nature. A man who does not tolerate objections. Behind his harsh character lies indecision, fear of falling into an unpleasant story. He needs to trust others more. Despite its shortcomings, women like it, but it’s not so easy to win over.
  10. Capricorn. Pragmatic and prudent nature. Such a man tries to live for today and plan his future a little. Able to distinguish truth from lies and deception. Avoids rash and risky actions. Stability and certainty in the future — this is what he seeks. In women, he appreciates candor, loyalty and intelligence.
  11. Aquarius. Careful and educated nature. This man attracts people because of his ability to listen and understand a person. He does not like conflicts, and he can always find a compromise solution in any situation. For a marital relationship, a sensible and meek woman will suit him.
  12. Fish. Friendly nature. Such a man easily forgives insults, easily finds a common language with people. Despite this, he has few friends, because he is incredulous. With the female sex is almost always a waiting position. It turns out only a serious relationship, which in the future may lead to the creation of a strong family.

Birth depending on the time of year matters

  1. In the winter. It has a difficult character. He likes to complicate things and often gets into an argument, while considering himself to be right. He does not take matters seriously, he is inclined to shift responsibility to others. He has good taste and erudition, likes collecting antiques. He marries late due to his complex nature.
  2. In the spring. Growing painful baby. He is difficult to bring up because of his stubbornness. In adulthood, the work is unimportant, although he wants to achieve recognition in the team. Not influenced from outside, but he likes to manipulate the people around him.
  3. Summer. Hard-working and creative person. Often achieves its goal. He is distinguished by attentiveness and friendliness, the willingness to always help a friend. In the field of finance shows prudence. Chooses a profession related to mental work. Leisure activities can be easily exchanged for games with intellectual activities.
  4. In the fall. Careful and tactful in relationships. Always find a compromise in any situation. Hardworking and demanding of himself and his colleagues. He carefully thinks about his actions, which helps him to be successful in commercial affairs. He is a reliable and diplomatic partner. He takes an active part in family affairs, helps his wife in economic matters.

Astrological symbolism of the name

  • Zodiac — Aries.
  • The planet Mars.
  • Green colour.
  • Flora — Laurel, immortelle.
  • Animal World — Bat.
  • Stone — Green marble.

The meaning of the name Bogdan - character, fate and meaning

Famous people named Bogdan

  • Khmelnitsky — commander.
  • Titomir is a singer.
  • Stupka is an actor.

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