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The meaning of the name Bell: the origin, vocation, talent and destiny of a person

What awaits a man with the name Bella — the value and characteristics

How to name your child? This question arises in families waiting for the appearance of offspring.

Parents pick up all sorts of options, study literature.

Take the name of Bella. He has a beautiful sound.

And how the value of the name Bell will affect the fate of the girl? Consider in detail the emerging issues.

The meaning of the name Bell: the origin, vocation, talent and destiny of a person

General characteristics of the name

Three versions of the occurrence of the name are distributed:

  1. This is a name of Latin origin, meaning “beautiful”, “beauty”. The most popular version is not recognized by linguists, it is considered popular.
  2. Bella is a short version of Isabella, descended from the French name of Catherine. Translated, it means «my God is an oath.» This option is followed by professional linguists.
  3. The third interpretation — Slavic roots, means «white», or light. However, in the ancient Slavic sources the word is not mentioned.

If the name is used as a concise form of the names Arabella and Anabella, then women inherit the features inherent in these values.

In European countries, Bella is an independent name. In some cases — Bella.

Abbreviated options: Bellochka, Belka, Bellona, ​​Bellushka, Belchik, Belly, Ella.

Bella is a symbol of reliability.

Principality and prudence characterize a woman. She inherits a stubborn character from her mother, and looks from her father. She manages to make new acquaintances easily.

This is facilitated by talkativeness and sociability.

Childhood and youth

The little girl is a hyperactive, outgoing child. Her actions are impulsive.

Her business ahead of thought.

At school, Bellochka assiduity is no different. Learning is not easy for her.

She rarely misses alone, she is always surrounded by friends. Its distinctive feature is independence, it cannot be influenced by others.

At a young age, Belka trusts his diary with his soulful feelings Loves to read.



Mature woman has the same features as in childhood: impulsivity, sensuality, temperament.

Bella loves beautiful things, fashionable outfits, exquisite jewelry, to impress her surroundings.

The desire for self-improvement encourages her to attend various courses and seminars. She is interested in psychology, eastern philosophy, and foreign languages.

To itself imposes excessive demands. Own mistakes and mistakes lead to strong experiences.

The main features inherent in a woman:

  • perseverance;
  • willpower;
  • stubbornness;
  • demanding of themselves and their surroundings;
  • intelligence;
  • observation;
  • energy;
  • sociability;
  • working capacity.

Work, business

Bella is a typical business woman. The main motive in the work is material interest.

The desire for financial independence encourages her to start work at an early age.

Creative professions are ideal for this woman: pianist, poetess, composer, designer, model. Often there are teachers, trade workers.

The meaning of the name Bell: the origin, vocation, talent and destiny of a person

Love, family relationships

Bellochku is always surrounded by many fans. Its beauty and impeccable appearance contribute to this.

But the circle of contacts consists of weak, dependent men in need of maternal care. They rush to Bella because she likes to patronize everyone.

The result — she has to undergo the most difficult life situations.

Her jealousy creates tensions with her husband, sometimes ending in divorce. The first marriage is unsuccessful.

Bella does not like to do everyday work in the house.

If she meets a man, firmly on his feet, she will be a diligent wife and a wonderful mistress.

Favorably formed alliances with men bearing the name:

You should not bind yourself to your marriage with Eugene, Vitaly, Dragomir, Philemon, Alfred, Ludwig, Joseph, Naum, Leonty, Elizar, Martin, Eldar.

In childhood, Bellochka noticed a predisposition to ARVI, sleep disturbance.

The state of health depends on the month of birth. Consider a few examples:

  • The “February” girl has a weakened immune system, frequent sore throats with high fever. Doctors recommend visiting health groups, swimming pool, to avoid further rheumatism and heart disease.
  • “March” Bella is sick with infectious diseases. It is important for her not to miss the timeliness of vaccinations. In an adult woman, vision may deteriorate, osteochondrosis appears. Recommended observation at the gynecologist.
  • “September” baby is sick with scarlet fever, chickenpox, prone to colitis.

An older Bella’s immune system is strengthened, she rarely gets sick.

Love for extreme sports and activities sometimes leads to injury.

Astrological dossier

Zodiac sign — Capricorn. These people rely only on themselves.

Planet — Venus patronizes romantic and emotional women.

Name colors are brown.

People with a “brown” name have a difficult fate. They always act in their own way, do not listen to rational advice.

The most auspicious color is orange. It gives a person confidence, nobility of thoughts, creative activity.

Stone mascot — amber. He is a symbol of happiness, health, faith and optimism, protects against accidents.

Patron saints — Saint Belina (Catholic). Nameday — March 4th.

The number of the name is 8. The pursuit of power and material well-being is the hallmark of the eight people. They are successfully moving up the corporate ladder, they are not afraid of responsibility.

Famous personalities

The fate of Bella Akhmadulina confirms the correctness of the interpretation of the meaning of the name. The beginning of her career is 17 years. The published poems reveal the creative potential of the poetess.

The ability to reveal the inner female world speaks about the knowledge of psychology.

The meaning of the name Bell: the origin, vocation, talent and destiny of a person

Let’s continue the list of women named Bella:

  • Kurkova, Yezerskaya — journalists;
  • Darvey is a French actress;
  • Manevich-Kaplan — artist;
  • Davidovich — pianist;
  • Rudenko — singer;
  • Dijur — poet, prose writer.

It is impossible to give a complete description of a woman or a little girl by one analysis. But, having considered all these factors, one can use knowledge for a possible perspective of personal development or a better understanding of the nature of a loved one.

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