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The meaning of the name Athena — the character and fate of a girl

What fate and character predict a girl named Athena

The girl named Athena, as usual, has a lot of opportunities to realize her potential. In any case, you will be able to show everyone where the crabs hibernate.

As a rule, the girl named Athena constantly tries to prove her “divine essence.” Here the “first law of the universe” is manifested, according to which not every living biosocial being reaches its intended goal, you must make maximum efforts and not rely on your divine essence, not always she can help you.

The girl named Athena does not always have to easily in real life, however, she always knows what to do in a stressful situation. This is the main difference between the girl named Athena and her peers.

The fact is that Athenochka doesn’t always take such exits from a situation that would find a favorable response in the mind of her parents. therefore, there may be many questions and omissions between parents and naughty Athens.

It’s not even that the lonely Athena can’t find a peer to play with. She can not find those in mind and prudence.

In these criteria, it will never be found equal.

We must always do something to ensure that Athenochka remained satisfied with herself and her appearance. She always sets herself some criteria on which she relies and tries to meet them. If you are the familiar person of Athena, you must convey to her that all her surroundings love her for who she is.

Otherwise, she will end up with a variety of diets and exhausting workouts, which are absolutely not necessary for her at this stage of development.

The meaning of the name Athena - the character and fate of a girl

How to interpret this name correctly

It is necessary to approach the interpretation of a name with extreme caution, since constant haste once led to an unforeseen collapse. Such interpretations, which promise the wrong fate, are usually conducted over such popular names as: Kirill, Andrey, Marat.

It is they who always suffer about such negligence and cannot find a real interpretation.

But such a divine name of Greek origin as Athena can also find a place on this pedestal of undervalued names. Each name can be interpreted correctly, one has only to think about its meaning.

Always like pathos names are interpreted with the mind and constellation. As otherwise, the owner of a similar name with an incorrectly recognized meaning can get involved in adventures that are dangerous both for the physical and for the moral health of the owner of the name.

The meaning of the name Athena - the character and fate of a girl

Name carrier character

Athena was never pliant, she always and everything had to be served heated and with a crust. Since Athena is not accustomed to mistreatment, she can be in trouble regarding the speed at which new duties emerged, on which the ladies should be responsible.

Also, during the development of her abilities, it becomes clear that Athena is not a representative of the system, but a completely creative person, and therefore requires special attention to her talents. Do not neglect her words if she suddenly declares: “I deserve more” or “I am bored with it,” because such outstanding people simply cannot do their work for more than two days.

It is noteworthy that the fair sex is usually much better able to cope with work that requires sample skills. Men in this regard are far behind and can not even fold a sheet of paper several times in a row, fatigue will appear on the face.

But Athena is so terribly uncomfortable, so you should heed her words.

In this case, you just need to give her freedom of action, which the young lady is so lacking in the heyday. If the parents prevent her from developing now, then in the future this will lead to the immediate collapse of her inner core and flint, which makes her soul inflame with all the colors of a rainbow shade.

As a rule, for Athena is very important advantage in any direction. She knows her worth and never gets tired of repeating it.

You should allow her to spend more time with friends and never deny pleasure. The girl knows what she is doing and will never let her own parents down.

Friends should also appreciate the good-natured girls more, because sooner or later her patience to forget all the insults can fail and she will finish lisping with you. It will happen exactly when you forget about your promise or once do not fulfill its requirements, which are very very important for the person.

If you are a young man and you plan to build a happy life while being in a relationship with a young person, then you do not need to put much pressure on her role, since you risk neglecting her personal space. This young person does not tolerate, it is better for you not to try to get out of the “friend of the zone” and acquire similar allies in your own.

Better to know young Athena should herself. Remember, if you are the owner of the name Athena, then never neglect your own ideas and desires, since all your thoughts and creations have a chance to become ingenious, so that various members of society “The system is good for us” will not say.

You should not close on this vicious circle and be disappointed in yourself.

Athena in business

Maybe you don’t have to see yourself in the business chair every day, your work may be completely unrelated to the exchange rate, or you don’t even have your own account of expenses and income. But you, as the owner of the name Athena, do not need to get involved in business affairs.

You only need to feed yourself with creativity, this is what gives you the best.

Relationship with friends

Often Athena does not know when to say no. You often can not navigate in the simplest social situations.

You often try to help and become friends with all representatives of your environment, but it does not always work. Nevertheless, you strive to be the soul of the company, and you, as a creative person, are doing great.

The only thing you should not rely only on your own ability to “start” a company, friends should also be on the alert.

Financial issue

Your life does not need a young man — similar thoughts come to each Athena in the heyday between 17-25 years. However, each Athena needs a passionate young man who will not only not leave you with the illness and will give the necessary care to every interesting person, but also provide the necessary resources for living.

Not always you have to rely only on their ambitions, take advantage of male attention.

And in general in financial matters such person as Athenia constantly tries to belittle her own interests. However. This is only a professional screen. which hides the support necessary for any representative of the name Athena.

In social and financial terms, any girl with that name needs a strong male hand.

The meaning of the name Athena - the character and fate of a girl

  • Theosophical root of vowels (reflects a hidden spirit);
  • Theosophical root of consonants (reflects the body);
  • Planet: Jupiter;
  • Element: air element;
  • Zodiac signs: Sagittarius and fish;
  • Name colors: crimson;
  • A good day of the week: Thursday;
  • Metals: tin and electrum;
  • Minerals suitable to Athens: sapphire, beryl and hyacinth;
  • Animals: sheep, swallow, pelican, partridge, peacock;

Thus, we can sum up: the most favorable way of life for a girl with that name, which originated from the Greek language, is life with the use of her creative skills in a useful way, otherwise she runs the risk of completely parting with her inner fire.

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