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The meaning of the name Arthur — the nature and fate of Arthur

Meaning and characteristics of the name Arthur — character and other aspects

Arthur is a rare name: if the majority of Russian names are Greek, Roman, Hebrew, a little less than Old Slavic or Scandinavian, then Arthur is Irish, it became popular here thanks to the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. There is no consensus about its meaning — “mighty bear”, “man-bear” or even “guardian-bear”.

In a man named Arthur, creativity dominates, in activities related to creativity, he achieves heights, and the routine kills him. As is characteristic of many creative people, this person is inconsiderate to everyday life, often surrounding, for example, in a family, solve some everyday problems for him.

The meaning of the name Arthur - the nature and fate of Arthur

Arthur knows how to please, fascinate people with his talents and charisma, he could use it to subordinate them to himself, but one of the features of Arthur’s character is that he is indifferent to power, he does not want to be a leader. This can be considered for lack of will, but in a difficult situation, Arthur immediately mobilizes his will and behaves like King Arthur, his namesake.

Arthur’s positive traits are intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, mobility, and composure. He almost foresees changes in the surrounding world thanks to a developed intuition and is always ready for them, not afraid to change his way of life in accordance with the situation.

Arthur’s negative traits are egotism, vanity, snobbery, pragmatism. Arthur is not interested in having anything to do with him personally.

Other variants of the name Arthur

The Celtic name Arthur in the Russian language has acquired many diminutive forms: Arthur, Ar, Art, Ari, Artya, Atia, Artyukh, Arthur, Arthurushka, Artyushenka, Artyusha, Artyunya, Artyus.

This European name has spread to many European languages:

  • · In English — Arthur;
  • · In French — Arthur;
  • · In Spanish — Arturo;
  • · In German — Arthur;
  • · In Finnish — Artturi;
  • · In Latvian — Artūrs;
  • · In Lithuanian — Artūras.

In the Orthodox calendar there is no name Arthur, at the baptism of a person with the name Arthur he will be given a new church name — or similar, for example, Artyom, or the name of that saint, on whose day he will be baptized.

Arthur’s character

Arthur likes everyone, even if he doesn’t shine with talents. He has impeccable manners and amazing charm, and everyone likes him, but he does not use it for his own purposes, but just enjoys the moment.

This seeming windiness is combined in him with pragmatism, he seeks to ensure a decent standard of living. Arthur succeeds in this, although he is not inclined towards stubborn everyday work. He is very lucky, able to adapt and adapt without humiliation and deals with his conscience.

Of course, such a person cannot live without problems, but he knows how to foresee and solve them. In solving problems, he manifests all his will and firmness, which normally hide behind frivolity.

The meaning of the name Arthur - the nature and fate of Arthur

He is capable of something that pedantic people who are accustomed to the routine are hardly capable of — at one time he can release a huge amount of strength and energy that ordinary people spend a little every day, in other words, can be energized all day, do not sleep for days until it solves the problem. Every day, a little — not for him, he was accustomed to one-time efforts and abrasions, with whom he copes well.

Arthur is hard hit by defeat, it can even lead to disappointment in the case where he failed. His developed self-esteem will not allow him to throw up tantrums or swear, do not hesitate in expressions, but inside something will break, the vulnerable and susceptible Arthur will close in on himself.

Arthur has many friends, and their circle can often take turns. In addition to charm and the ability to behave, people are attracted to him by the lack of desire to dominate, he will not suppress anyone with his leadership qualities.

But there is a reverse side to this — not accustomed to taking responsibility for others, Arthur is unlikely to become such a friend who will fall for help at the first call, most likely he will remain a good friend, with whom you can have a good time and have fun, but hardly share sorrows.

But Arthur does not pretend to be what he is not inclined to be, does not give promises that he cannot fulfill. Arthur is not a leader, but not scored, he does not like conflicts and skillfully leaves them, solves problems in communication diplomatically.

Despite the fact that Arthur is not distinguished by his love for work, in that he will be interested, he reaches great heights, he is able to surrender to his beloved work completely and do not only what is required of him, but beyond that.

Arthur’s Fate

In childhood, the quiet and obedient Artyusha is different from other guys. He does not cause troubles to his parents, he likes to play both alone and in the company of other guys, where many people like him for his openness and friendliness.

At Arthur’s school, it’s hard to force him to study, as he cannot tolerate the daily routine with which schooling is associated. The teacher needs to be able to interest the boy with his subject, to captivate, so that he will show his hidden abilities in his study, which he has a lot of.

Also during his school years, Arthur attends a variety of hobby groups and sports clubs, and can change many hobbies. In them, he can achieve great success, victories in contests and competitions, but defeats can force him to change this activity to another.

The meaning of the name Arthur - the nature and fate of Arthur

Arthur occupies a very good position in the class among his comrades — on the one hand, many people love him, on the other hand, unlike schoolchildren with the need to be a leader, he does not make enemies either, although this moral person will not silently watch someone offend, and always stand up for him.

Arthur enters a higher educational institution according to his hobbies, not what parents and teachers want, what is fashionable now or what will bring more profit. If he chose a specialty without error and will not be disappointed in it, he will achieve a lot during his years of study, and later he will easily join the professional activity.

Various characteristics

  • · Planet Neptune;
  • · Zodiac sign — Aquarius;
  • · Totem animal — bear;
  • · White colour;
  • · Tree — oak;
  • · Flower — flowers of an apple tree;
  • · Stone — chalcedony.

Different aspects of life

In professional life, he does not strive to be subordinate, but he does not strive to be a boss either, since he does not like to take responsibility for others. He does not tolerate the routine, but the creative professions suit him perfectly — a musician, artist, actor, fashion designer, archeologist.

Not afraid of such professions that society considers not too masculine — a dancer, a scientist in the humanitarian sphere. Due to his talents and lack of cowardice, he can become a surgeon or a dentist.

In love, Arthur is difficult, despite the fact that he has the gift of falling in love with women. He himself falls in love too easily, but irresponsibly, quickly cools.

In the period of being in love, he is very devoted, and when she passes, Arthur will not betray her former lover and pretend that he still loves her, but honestly confesses everything to her.

Such a person does not marry too early, and even if his ardor cools, he is a noble and faithful wife, loves his wife and children, but prefers not to help with the housework. He likes to play with children, but his mother has to take care of the children.

Compatible with other names

A strong marriage, full of love, awaits Arthur with Anna, Valentina, Diana, Lydia, Love, Lyudmila, Raisa.

Relations with Alla, Veronica, Eugenia, Claudia, Nellie, Nora, Olga are undesirable.

Famous people named Arthur

Many famous people of the past carried this name. Now known are actor Arthur Smolyaninov, a polar scientist and vice speaker of the second convocation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Arthur Chilingarov, scriptwriter Arthur Makarov, rock musician Arthur Berkut (Mikheev).

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