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The meaning of the name Arman: character, love and family relationships

Arman — name for the winners: fate, health, profession

Appeared in several territories at once:

  • The first option — among the ancient Germans, read as: «warrior», «brave».
  • The second is Old Persian: “striving,” “dream.”
  • According to the third version — Armenian origin, according to the sound of Armen, means “Armenian man”.

The name Arman is much found in the French, Kazakhs, Armenians, Germans, Iranians.

Many variations of sound have this name — Armen, Armenians, Ermann, Hermann, Armando, Hartmann, Armand, Nando, Hartman, Herman.

A beautiful male name is often used in fiction, in particular, by Alexandre Dumas; also called by this name cinemas, all kinds of companies.

Character and fate

As a child, Armanchik is a funny mischievous person who arranges unexpected surprises. He has a good sense of humor, is characterized by a quick reaction of actions, easily adapts to changes.

School years pass under the sign of excellent study, is in the center of attention, we respect peers and teachers. Learns unreasonably, without delving deeper into the subject, but gets good marks for ingenuity.

Kindness towards people, a positive attitude is a distinctive feature of a boy.

Very purposeful — early on is determined by the choice of profession, dreams of the future. You can rely on the boy, he is conscientious, he is serious about assignments. Like any child, it needs recognition of merit, approval, gratitude.

Inspired — can move mountains. The ability to make decisions at lightning speed, will lead to the fact that the guy will fight over an impossible task, losing time.

The acquisition of knowledge while studying should be focused on the in-depth study of certain subjects necessary for future choice. Greater preference for Arman to the exact sciences.

The man independently understands everything, in his opinion, should listen to him. Always support, advise, generous, kind.

Reliability and charm attracts the environment.

The meaning of the name Arman: character, love and family relationships

Has no bad habits, is engaged in physical education, can become a professional athlete, and then a coach.

Confidence, the strength of Arman can only envy. He is successful in many endeavors.

Wide horizons, a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Unobtrusively, on occasion, uses connections, no one will deny him a favor.

Luck does not leave Arman; he attracts her with his individual approach, magnetism of personal charm.

He is never bored, he can give compliments, words of support. He does it sincerely, as a self-sufficient person with inner power.

Like a fish in water, a man feels himself in any situation, early begins an independent, separate from his parents life. Does not give empty promises, reputation is important to him.

Rarely spreads about the plans, prefers to bear in secret. Maybe get in the world of influential people.

Positive character qualitiesa: determination, confidence, firmness, generosity. Able to help, neighbor, without hesitation.

Negative traits: considers himself to be right in everything, will not yield. Implacable rival, can be rude and cruel.

Has good health, stretches to physical education. He spends a lot of time in the open air, participates and organizes outdoor games and competitions.

Strong nervous system, leadership attitude.

In adulthood, can become a real champion of a healthy lifestyle. Do not tolerate loved ones to have bad habits.

In old age blood vessels and heart may disturb.

Love and family relationships — marital compatibility

Women are crazy about Arman. This is a charming and loving partner. Outwardly cute, moves well, knows how to dance.

However, he is strong, gentle, affectionate. A man is a holiday.

Romantic, very popular with girls.

The meaning of the name Arman: character, love and family relationships

A lot of novels gets to get married. The family creates later, early marriage more often unsuccessful.

Only having matured and having gained material status, he binds himself to the knot of marriage. In his wife chooses not a homebody, but an interesting and easy-going companion.

Husband becomes caring, companies go into the past, devote time to family. Jealous enough, he himself gives many reasons for suspicion at the beginning of living together.

The wife must be patient, because the girls and «stick» to her husband. After a couple of years, you can not worry — in a successful marriage, Arman will forget about the adventures on the side.

Spends a lot of time with children, loves them, tries to make joint entertainment, travel. He instills a love for sports, active recreation: tourism, cycling, rafting on mountain rivers.

With such a father and husband is never boring.

Difficult relationships: Angelica, Alevtina, Hope, Viola, Anastasia.

Professions and career

Arman is a good worker, a valuable employee in any service. Since childhood, he has been in the spotlight, so the profession is an independent and responsible person.

Has a sense of purpose, experiencing setbacks. Has the strength to recover from them and move forward. It is desirable to distribute global goals into smaller ones, rank them.

Then the result will appear faster and at lower cost.

In school years, loved the exact sciences, can link their lives with computer graphics, engineering, do design.

A man loves material status, he knows how to earn money, surround himself with beautiful and expensive things. He loves sophistication.

The meaning of the name Arman: character, love and family relationships

Creatively also gifted, knows how to make an impression. Become a designer, photographer, dancer.

He likes to drive a car, it is a mandatory attribute in his life.

Working in a team, enjoys well-deserved respect and trust. Over time, it can become a good leader, trainer, teacher.

He is a leader in life, so for a long time he will not sit on the sidelines.

Can create your own business. He likes to take risks, but often unjustifiably.

Should not rush, in financial matters to observe prudence. There is a possibility of collapse, loss of property.

In general, commercial activity can be successful, but you need to calculate all the risks.

Secret name

Armand can be very cruel and dangerous. It can be brought to this state when diplomacy is powerless. It is not out of weakness that he always offers to negotiate peace.

He just warns.

Astrological features, angel’s day

  • Heavenly body — Saturn, Uranus, Mercury
  • Zodiac constellation — Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Rock — cherry yacht, beryl
  • Coloring — dark shades of green, brown
  • Plant — ilm
  • Animal — Condor, Golden Eagle

Named Arman celebrates once a year, December 23 (for Catholics).

Famous historical figures

  1. Armand, Duke of Richelieu — Gray Cardinal of France
  2. Armand Guillamin — French painter
  3. Armand Robin — French writer
  4. Armand Falier — President of France
  5. Arman Manukyan — Armenian artist
  6. Arman Pashikyan — Armenian chess player
  7. Arman Karamyan — Armenian football player, member of the national team
  8. Arman Dunayev — Kazakhstan politician
  9. Arman Zheltiesbayev — Kazakhstan politician
  10. Arman Tovmasyan — Russian football player
  11. Armand Fernandez — American artist of French origin
  12. Arman Shilmanov — Taekwondo Champion from Kazakhstan
  13. Arman Zhaksybergenov — an outstanding clarinetist from Kazakhstan

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