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The meaning of the name Arkhip — character, love relationship, health

Name Arkhip: temperament, fate and life path

It originates from the Greek words «arch» — «seniority», «primacy» and «hippo» — «horse.» «Arkhip» — «the chief, the leader of the cavalry.»

Name options

In the Russian colloquial usage of Arhip, they call Arkhiponka, Arhipka, Arkhipushka, Arya, Arhipchik.

In Europe, Scandinavia, the name Arkhip — Arkhip, Arhip, Archippus, Archippe (Arshipp), Arhippa (Archipp).

Character and character

The meaning of the name Arkhip fully reflects the original Greek roots — a courageous, confident leader. Leading the position of avoiding, but will be able to defend themselves.

As a child demanding attention, capricious. Manipulates parents.

In the children’s team is naughty, needs supervision and extra care.

School age adds a degree of desire to learn. Consciously chooses favorite objects, seizes them with a special hunt and zeal.

Behavior is still unsustainable, remarks from teachers.

Arhipchik is determined rather early on with professional preferences, prepares for student life, intensively studying textbooks.

The meaning of the name Arkhip - character, love relationship, health

Avoids quarrels and conflicts, if they happen — firmly defends its line. Not affected by extraneous — excellent quality of character.

Arkhip — a name with a strong character, a self-sufficient person. Critically assesses the situation.

Carefully follows the speech, not upstart.

Prudent, proud and persistent. Fully possesses logical consciousness, ignores intuition.

Strives to live separately, is interesting in communication, a connoisseur of art, loves to travel.

Destiny named Arkhip

Most likely to live a rich life and succeed.

Personality extraordinary, independent and multifaceted. Obstacles that many cannot overcome — Arkhip forces it with ease.

It has a special style in all aspects. Constantly surrounded by people, interesting with him.

Easily comes into contact, causes unlimited trust. Destiny named Arkhip

Astrology name, favorable compliance

  • Zodiac — Taurus, Virgo
  • Planet — Saturn
  • Name color — brown, red, ocher
  • Rock Mascot — Amber, carnelian
  • Animal Totem — Shell, Trumpeter, Horse
  • Plant — the patron — Fir, heather, nettle

Day Angel

The name Arkhip is honored in the Catholic and Orthodox faith. Especially popularized during the formation of Christianity.

17.01., 04.03., 05. 12. — the name day of the Bishop of Colossian and Hierapolis, Archippus

19.09. — sexton Archippus Herotonsky

Career choice, career

From a young age begins to work, sets ambitious goals. The authorities value Archip for responsibility, efficiency and self-discipline.

It is advisable to work in a team, rarely have your own business.

Exact sciences — mathematics, physics, programming will easily give in. Do not avoid training in medical practice, healing and hypnosis.

The meaning of the name Arkhip - character, love relationship, health

Creative ambitions are present in certain representatives of this sign.

Arkhip — role model for a significant circle of people.

It has good stamina and health. Physically active since childhood.

He loves competition, can reach heights in sports. He is picky about food but avoids excesses.

The overwhelming number of representatives of the sign are healthy, energetic and vigorous.

Love compatibility, family

Relationships with the opposite sex do not force, courtship are long enough.

Almost all Arkhips marry once, for many years, while remaining faithful to the chosen one.

With him, a woman acquires a reliable rear, protection. In a close relationship, he can pour out personal experiences.

Not too romantic.

Arkhip supports the individual development of his partner, is not jealous of the achievements. Thanks to her own self-sufficiency, can create an alliance with an ambitious, determined partner.

He likes order in the household, is able to cook dinner and clean the house.

The patient and devoted man, avoids scandals, will not be solved on divorce.

Beautiful father to his children, proud of success, supports in life.

The meaning of the name Arkhip - character, love relationship, health

The name Arkhip in history

  • Arkhip Kuindzhi, Russian painter. Master of landscape.
  • Arkhip Perttunen, folklorist, author of Karelian runes.
  • Arkhip Lyulka, designer of aircraft engines, academician
  • Archippus, Rev., champion of Christianity IV.

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