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The meaning of the name Ariana, Arianna for a girl: character, fate and lineage

The girl named Ariana is characterized by activity and vitality. She is hardworking, thinks creatively and can achieve success in her career. Winning the heart of the owner of this name is not so simple.

She is able to marry only her beloved man who meets all her requirements. Despite the fact that Ariana is not at all attracted to housekeeping, she will become a loving wife and a caring mother.

Currently, the name is widespread in the United States. It is also popular in Europe, where it is pronounced differently: Ariana, Arianna, Erian, Erian, Arian, Ariani.

There are several versions of the origin and meaning of the name Ariana:

  1. one. Greek According to one version, the name comes from the Greek name Ariadne and means "the holy", "immaculate", "faithful", "sacred". In European countries such as Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, these names are considered identical. The name Ariadne is in the Catholic and Orthodox church calendar. There is also a male form — Arian, the origin of which is associated with the Greek god of war Ares. It is based on the interpretation of the name Ariana as "owned by Ares", "warlike".
  2. 2 Persian. In Persian, the name Ariana translates as "noble", "heavenly". According to one version, this ancient name was transformed into more modern forms, for example, Alan — this name is found among Muslims. In another way, it sounds like Aryana, Aryan, Ariyana.
  3. 3 Old Aryan The origin of the name connects with the people of the Aryans, who lived in Asia and the Middle East. It is interpreted as "noblest", "mistress", "free".

In Hebrew, this name sounds like "lioness", it is similar to the name of Leon. The name Ariana was widely spread in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

It comes from Illyrian culture from the Balkan Peninsula and matters "golden", "gold", which is identical to the names of Zlata and Zarina.

The meaning of the name Ariana, Arianna for a girl: character, fate and lineage

The talismans and patrons of Arianna are:

  • Zodiac sign — A lion;
  • the stones — amber, citrine, aventurine;
  • day — Sunday;
  • patron planet — The sun;
  • Colour — yellow, orange, red;
  • plant — Snapdragon.

This name is subject to the number 1. "Units" — extremely active and purposeful natures. They put all their efforts into realizing their plans.

Usually surrounded by the attention of other people and know how to subordinate them to themselves. Despite the aggressive behavior, through persistence, such people achieve their goals.

There are many contradictions in their character, they are capable of many doubts, but they do not lose their self-esteem.

The meaning of the name Ariana, Arianna for a girl: character, fate and lineage

The secret of the name of Ariana is that the girl has a strong will and activity, she is attentive to the behavior of other people. At the same time she is cheerful and cheerful, she has a good disposition.

The girl does not claim to be a leader, but sometimes tries to influence others, adjusting their behavior so that it fits into the framework of her own principles.

Because of her persistence and firmness of character, the girl is very demanding of others. Despite outward benevolence, she puts pressure on other people to get their desired line of conduct.

If someone resists her in this, then she will face the manifestation of aggression from Arina.

Owners of this name in extreme situations can quickly make the right decisions. The girl is easily mastered in the new conditions, even if she moves to another country.

Arians cannot be denied hard work and perseverance, but few people notice this, because she does not like to show off her work.

A woman can not save money. Initially, having set herself the goal of making one or another purchase, she, under the influence of minute weakness, is able to spend money on another thing.

The meaning of the name Ariana, Arianna for a girl: character, fate and lineage

The fate of Ariana develops generally well. The little girl is active, she is agile and gets along well with other children.

For parents, education is not difficult, as it is an obedient, soft child, not different stubbornness. In the company of peers, she does not show leadership skills, and therefore she is not inclined to fall into conflict situations.

In adolescence, Arianna is not very diligent in her studies and can skip lessons. But still, the girl receives basic knowledge after graduation from school, which gives her the opportunity to settle in later life.

The relationship with the girl’s mother is not very good, as she is not disposed to domestic work.

Most of all Ariana loves reading, mostly adventure literature.

In adulthood, the nature of the girl remains the same. There is no seriousness and practicality. The girl is sociable and easily makes new acquaintances.

After high school, Ariana graduates. The girl has a rich imagination, she shows creativity when solving problems, therefore she is able to cope with any complex project. This allows her to gain recognition from others, both during her studies at the university and at work.

After receiving a diploma, Ariana is committed to science. She especially does not care about life, preferring to devote time to spiritual development.

The owner of the name is touchy and even reacts to fair criticism. highly painful. But the girl is not vindictive and can quickly forgive. "offender".

When problems arise, she prefers to solve them alone and rarely seeks help from friends and close people.

Ariana has a high working capacity, but she is not prone to monotonous work. It will suit the professions associated with communicating with people, business trips or traveling, and those areas of activity where she can lead a team or organize various events.

Possessing a cheerful character, she takes the matter more than seriously and copes well with professional duties. Even if the work does not cause her delight, she still performs it qualitatively.

The greatest success of the girl is doing what she likes.

Arianna is not very much to the household, so she gives all her strength to building a career in which she achieves high results. Since she is able to carry along other people with herself, professions connected with training and education will suit her.

It is not recommended to do business with the owner of the name, since she not only knows how to make money, but also spends it without hesitation.

The girl has creative abilities, so she can link her life with the field of art. But if this does not happen, then she realizes her need for creativity, choosing an appropriate hobby.

If she nevertheless has to devote herself to the family, then Arianna will cease to please those around her with her joie de vivre.

The owner of the name is usually of good health, but because of her carelessness, she sometimes wears not according to the weather. Therefore, the girl is prone to colds.

Otitis, kidney problems are possible.

Ariana attracts the attention of men, because it is able to attract views due to its heightened sexuality. She has the flexibility and refined manners, but at the same time charismatic, which causes genuine interest in guys.

Of great importance in the relationship girl attaches to intimacy. She places high demands on her partner, and not everyone is able to satisfy her.

For the owner of the name in question, the inventiveness of a man in bed, a hot temperament and ability to take initiative are important.

Arianna is not in a hurry to marry, because life repels her. But having met a beloved man, she marries and creates a strong family.

Despite the fact that life does not give her pleasure, she easily copes with the household.

Leadership in the family is entirely owned by Ariana. The husband often does not even know about it, because the woman skillfully controls him and influences his behavior.

The children of Arianna will be equally strong and brought up within the framework of certain principles.

Over the years, the woman has a habit of reading moralizing that eventually turns into grumbling.

High compatibility in marriage is noted with men named Filimon, Averyan, Emelyan, Modest, Alexander, Dmitry, Daniel, Gleb, Victor, Maxim, Timofey. The union with Igor, Ruslan, Vadim, Stepan, Nikita, Nikolai, Semyon, Vladislav will be unfortunate.

The famous owners of this name include:

  1. 1. Ariana, Princess of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands) — the youngest daughter of the King of the Netherlands. Takes the third place in the line of inheritance.
  2. 2. Ariana Labed — Greek actress, was awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Actress («Attenberg») at the Venice Film Festival in 2010.
  3. 3. Ariana Grande — American singer, actress, model.
  4. 4. Ariane Hingst — German footballer, a multiple world and European champion, participant of three Olympics.
  5. 5. Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American writer and journalist, one of the most influential women in the media world.
  6. 6. Ariana Rose — Russian and American singer, winner of three Golden Gramophone awards.

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