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The meaning of the name Anisia — character and fate

Anisia — character and fate, different forms and meaning of the name

Like the greater number of modern female names that are common in the Russian language, the name Anysia has an ancient Greek origin. In Russia, it appeared and spread since the adoption of the Orthodox faith.

Initially, the male form of this name appeared — Anisios, derived from the Greek word “anisis”, which translates into Russian as “fulfilled, completed”. Thus, the name Anisia means «performing» or «completing.»

From the positive traits of character, the following can be noted: Anisia is firm and decisive, able to achieve her goals, is mentally balanced, and sensuality is well developed in her.

The meaning of the name Anisia - character and fate

Self-esteem of the owner of this name is high, often even overestimated, but this is unlikely to become a problem, as she has enough reason not to show this quality in society. In the company of friends or a work team, she will keep herself up.

Emotionality in it is combined with prudence.

Less attractive in the eyes of the people around them are Anicia’s humor, which often has the character of sarcasm. Her unshakable peace of mind only seems so — a strong nervous tension can lurk behind it, and if emotions take over, scandal cannot be avoided.

Various variations of the name

The name Anisia has various abbreviated and derivative forms. One of the short forms of the name is Anya, identical to the abbreviation on behalf of Anna.

Other abbreviations are as follows: Anisa, Onya, Asya, Anisya, Anisyushka.

Synonyms of the name Asya: Anisya, Onishia, Onysya.

The fate of a girl named Anicia

In early childhood, Anisya will be a positive, benevolent and energetic girl. Due to her good nature and sweet temper, she will quickly acquire friends in any team.

The ability to diligently relate to work and general diligence will be traced from an early age.

Parents, educators and teachers will infinitely appreciate her for these qualities. Also Anisia, even a small one, is the responsibility embodied. If she has undertaken any obligation, it will certainly be fulfilled.

Such behavior, not peculiar to other children, will surprise many.

In school years, has a good academic performance, preferring the humanities. Early begins to read. Literary interest does not fade away in it and in later life.

It does not neglect the exact sciences, showing no less success in them, but they do not cause such enthusiasm in it.

The meaning of the name Anisia - character and fate

In adulthood, her character is almost unchanged. This woman will be docile, kind and sociable, ready at any moment to help someone who needs it.

She will do her best to find a job she likes, but she will be diligent even in an uninteresting area.

Careerist Anisia, as a rule, does not become. But thanks to her hard work, she quickly climbs the career ladder.

In a circle of colleagues she expects respect for multiple friendly relations.

Different characteristics of Asi

Few realize that Anisia is truly capable of deep sadness. Surrounding people, accustomed to watching her in an active and cheerful mood, are sure that she cannot be bad.

This is due to the fact that in a bad mood, it simply does not appear in society.

  • Planet Patron — Saturn;
  • Tree-mascot — elm;
  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn;
  • Animal-mascot — waxwing;
  • Plant mascot — thistle;
  • Stone-talisman — onyx;
  • The color of the name is dark green.

Name day and angel’s day Anisia celebrates once a year — January 12th. On this day the holy martyr Anysia-maiden is revered.

Asya and love

The main thing for Anisia is to feel the sincerity of the partner. This girl is one of those who believe in love at first sight. Caring, expressing interest, tokens and romantic dates are especially important to her.

She is able to break the relationship because of the slightest suspicion of fraud.

The one-lover cannot be called her — parting is going through indifferently, without being obsessed with, finds new partners and enters into a new romantic relationship. If she and her man were in the spotlight — against her own will will give him a lot of reasons for jealousy.

If the case does not go to marriage — the financial well-being of the partner does not have special significance for her. At this stage, the main thing for her is interest.

As soon as he gets crushed by gray days, Anisia will immediately leave.

The meaning of the name Anisia - character and fate

Shows much greater responsibility in choosing a spouse. In this matter Asya will not allow herself to take an unwise decision.

Adheres to such a position that you first need to stand up.

At a young age, it is tempered by attempts by young people to take advantage of its excessive credulity. At first it may hurt her but, in general, will have a positive effect — she will gain experience that will save you from mistakes in the future.

Asi Family Life

This woman, being married, can safely claim the status of an ideal wife. Most often she gets married rather late, after which her behavior and values ​​change drastically.

From now on, the family is at the forefront. For the sake of children and the spouse is ready to do absolutely everything.

Also Anisia is an excellent hostess. There are always many guests in her house — her friends, relatives, and other people can be in common with her spouse.

All who will be in their house, plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and will not be able to resist the treats that she skillfully prepared.

Her talents in the field of cooking will appreciate everything, because besides the fact that she cooks very tasty, Asya is distinguished by her ability to perfectly serve the table. Also Anisia is a beautiful mother.

Children feel friendly support in her and understand that they can entrust any secret to her — mom will not swear, but will certainly help them out. Children can devote all their free time.

A real blow would be for her spouse treason. It will take a lot of time, she will suffer greatly, but in the end will forgive him, giving a second chance to start everything from the beginning.

He pays attention to parents, not forgetting from time to time to brighten up their gray days.

Successes in work and business

As a rule, while still on the school bench, Asya already knows what profession she will devote her life to. Due to his openness and hard work, he can get any desired position, however, as a rule, he does not seek leadership positions.

Her personal qualities contribute to the establishment of friendly and trusting relations in the work team, thanks to which her colleagues will always come to her aid. From Asi you get a good lawyer, historian or designer.

Because of the regular need for communication, she should choose the appropriate case. It is also necessary that the work was paid decently.

After marriage and the birth of children, for some time they can head over to the household, but over time, they will still feel the urge to realize their potential.

Male Name Compatibility

Anisia is compatible with many male names, however, the most favorable union will develop with a smart and adventurous Anton, always able to entertain Gleb, a strong Stepan, a wealthy Alexander and sincere Ivan.

Less successful relationships will develop with Zakhar, Igor, David and Anatoly. Marriage or romance with these men will not bring a cheerful and open Ace happiness.

Famous bearers of the name

Among the owners of this beautiful and rare name there are such famous women as:

  • Anisya Tolstaya — court lady of Catherine the first;
  • Anisia Bolotina — leader of the revolutionary movement;
  • Anisya Bulakhova — Opera Artist;
  • Anisya Solunskaya is a Christian saint.

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