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The meaning of the name Angela — fate, love, career, character and luck

Angela: the meaning of this gentle, heavenly name

Many parents like this “angelic” name. But does it really endow her possessor with such an angelic temper?

The meaning of the name Angela - fate, love, career, character and luck

Meaning and origin of the name

The Late Latino male Angelus became the “great-grandfather” of this name. It meant, as you might guess, the «angel».

In Christian books, it is often the male name that is mentioned. But in the people his female version gained great popularity, and the emphasis in the name can stand on both the first syllable and the second.

Among friends and relatives, it is replaced by: Angie, Gel, Zhela, Zhelya.

In other countries, it sounds like this: Angel (English-speaking countries), Angel (France), Angel or Angel (Spanish-speaking countries), Angela (Germany), Angelka (Serbia), Anel (Poland), Angela (Bulgaria).

All sides of Angie’s character

Advantages: hot temperament, self-esteem. She loves all beautiful, comfortable life. She has a great fantasy (it can even go so far that the girl begins to live in her own world, not wanting to accept the flawed real).

The girl is prone to self-sacrifice. He has a good intuition, and if he begins to develop his inner voice and listen to him, he will succeed at work.

Disadvantages: it is an intolerant girl, often in conflict with others. She is very envious.

This is a fierce intriguer and gossip girl, often without friends because of these unflattering qualities.

She has many fantasies, but little hardness, so that all of them remain dreams. She is indecisive, often under the influence of others.

This is an irresponsible, unbalanced personality.

The fate of the bearer named in our country

  • Childhood. More often by this name is called the younger girl. She can be born before the deadline, but in the first year of her life she can outrun her “nine-month-old” peers. Baby loves to play, and if you do not call her to the table, she is ready to spend all day in her doll world (and she has a great appetite). She cannot live without communication, so her mother should be on her guard: in Anji Park, she can easily take an unfamiliar grandmother’s hand and go to her house.
  • School. The girl «peck» independent character. She may stop obeying her mother, but her father still respects (or is afraid of). One cannot speak hysterics with this capriciousness, only calmly and in a balanced way.
  • Youth. The girl becomes eccentric. If this trait gets out of its control, problems immediately begin to pour into it — both with friends and in school. But, although Angie does not want to stand out with her appearance, her natural beauty and charm make the guys to look closely at her figure.
  • Mature age. This is a strong, albeit slightly proud woman. Loves to achieve goals. She considers as the priority not external gloss, but erudition. So, the premium will be spent not on a fashionable skirt, but on visiting advanced training courses. She likes to stand out from the team — if not with her appearance, then with her behavior.

All the happy signs for Angela

The meaning of the name Angela - fate, love, career, character and luck

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac: Leo (from July 23 to August 22).
  • Planet behalf: Venus.
  • Bringing good luck color: purple, and even stronger — blue.
  • Stones, which in the hands of Angela will turn into talismans: turquoise and lapis lazuli.
  • Happy plants: rose (alpine required) and aspen.
  • Totem animal: the inhabitants of the seabed — electric eels and scat.

Angel Day: July 14th.

How does this woman act in different situations?

  • Love. She’s a little mysterious, and that one pulls in guys. But in the partner just appreciates not half hints, but full sincere openness.
  • Family. From her husband she has no secrets. For Angela, it is important that her lover always listens to her and is genuinely interested in her inner world. If he starts to shrug off intimate conversations with his wife, she may even stop loving him. The perfect marriage for her is the union of two best friends.
  • Job. It is better for her to choose a position in which there is no need to decide anything and be responsible for anything. She can be a good writer, actress (drama), a journalist.
  • Health. Even at school, this baby may face scoliosis. As for typically children’s colds, they will bypass the baby if parents start to harden her from the cradle. The only thing: she can start to have pharyngitis. And as soon as this disease appeared, it must be cured to the end, otherwise it will develop into a chronic form. And in general, her throat is rather weak. It would be nice in childhood often take it to the sea.

With which man (name) to build a life together?

For the union to be successful, the wife of Angie should not be forgotten: secretive in public, at home this woman becomes just an energy volcano. Yes, she will never restrain herself in criticism, she will acquaint her beloved with all her experiences, fears and hopes.

But Angela is a great hostess!

Unsuccessful alliance: Arkhip, Mark, Matthew, Thomas.

Namesakes, because of which the whole world looked at the name of Angela

The meaning of the name Angela - fate, love, career, character and luck

  1. Angela Lansbury (1925) — singer and actress, played in the theater and film. Received an honorary Oscar for her contribution to cinema. Known to us thanks to the TV series «She wrote the murder,» the film «Mrs. Santa Claus», «My terrible nanny.» Born in London, emigrated to the United States, where she worked.
  2. Angela Davis (1944) — African-American, communist, public figure and writer. It was to her that our countryman, Garik Sukachev, dedicated a famous song. And there is a cake, named after this famous human rights activist.
  3. Angela Merkel (1954) — a politician from Germany. Party leader, chancellor.
  4. Angela Vieira (1952) — actress from Brazil. Filmed primarily in melodramas or dramatic films.
  5. Angela Molina (1955) — actress from Spain. She starred in Almodovar’s “Living Flesh” and “Open Hugs” films.
  6. Angie Everhart (1969) — American fashion model and actress («Time of the Mad Dogs», «Love in Paris»).
  7. Angie Hermon (1972) — model and actress from the United States. Deleted in movies and TV shows (the most famous of her role can be considered the role of detective Jane Rizzoli in the TV series “Rizzoli and Isles”).
  8. And little girls will love the Talking Angela game, which can be downloaded to your phone, tablet, or used online. The main character (snow-white cat) can become the best “girlfriend” of both a one-year-old baby and an adult ten-year-old.

Well, at the end of the article we traditionally offer a song performed by the famous Soviet singer Valery Obodzinsky. And may it be sung not in a modern, but in a classic manner, it warms the heart of all Angela, because it was written for them:

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