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The meaning of the name Anfisa for fate — life and character from a girl to a woman

What is the main meaning of the name Anfisa — history and fate

With the adoption of Christianity, new names of Greek origin came to Russia. These include Anfisa, which originally sounded like Anthous, among the ancient Russians like Anfusa.

It has a wonderful meaning «flower», «flower».

The meaning of the name Anfisa for fate - life and character from a girl to a woman

In the first centuries of the Christianization of Europe, the name was popular in the West, but today almost no one names their children among Catholics. The most common among the Orthodox.

It coincides with the baptismal, but you can choose another.

Other variants of the name Anfisa

Concise and pet forms

  • Fisa
  • Anfisushka
  • Anfi
  • Pishon
  • Fisheye
  • Aniska
  • Fiska
  • Pishon

In other languages

  • Anfisa — Belarusian., Ukr.
  • Anthousa (Antusa) — Portuguese.
  • Transliteration — for English. lang

ANFISA — the generally accepted mark for the international passport.

The character of the owner of the name

Since childhood, the girl laid the features that she will carry throughout her life. Little Fisk loves to express herself, despite her calmness. Outwardly, even adults point out her modesty.

He knows how to hide his self-confidence. In a huge crowd of cheerful comrades, only a few friends will be found.

Rapprochement is extremely rare.

Education does not attract, although the child is endowed with good abilities. Does not like to strain, understanding the teacher’s explanation from the first time.

Must necessarily something very much to wish, but in this case will achieve the goal. Hobbies are far from school affairs.

Health does not shine. Cold brings her frequent colds.

The tone of life is usually average.

The girl Anfi is able to turn many heads, but she has the reputation of a proud impatient. He gladly pushes his boyfriends with their foreheads, laughing from the side. Having fallen in love, plunges headlong into fatal passions.

After getting married, he gives his chosen one the happiness of family comfort with interest. Negative attitude to gossip.

Good qualities

Distinguished by a healthy ambition. The girl is overwhelmed with energy.

Witty, with rich imagination. Feels great all the depths of works of art.

Often believes that you need to constantly assert itself. Understands much from half-word. The owner of a very strong energy, a lively mind. Always can repel enemies.

Sensitive intuition.

Negative points

With age, unpleasant features appear. Loves attention from the side.

Unfortunately, he often loses the edge. It can strongly laugh at the weaknesses of a person, which causes a negative response towards her. He likes to live widely, save, does not want to save and does not know how.

In every way strive for well-being. Considers that money is intended mainly for entertainment only.

The woman Anfisa is starting to love herself more and more. In old age is very tricky and vindictive. I want more and more admiration for my persona, arrogance can grow to gigantic proportions.

Very worried if someone about her unimportant opinion. Always waiting for approval, which pushes her to rash and strange actions.

The ability of Fisa to learn everything new helps to move forward. Fortune loves her, provided she forgets about her egoism.

The meaning of the name Anfisa for fate - life and character from a girl to a woman

The management appreciates the woman as a class executive. Her creativity often helps the company to develop in the right direction. Maybe in an instant take off on a social elevator.

With a good upbringing life is the best way possible.

The profession is often associated with art. If you do business, it can burn, playing on the stock exchange. Speculative, circumventing the law classes are contraindicated.

She is not given.

Under circumstances, it can be severely undermined, even to neoplasms. Often suffers from pain in the intestines, from colic.

The choice of the second half, family

A girl is very sensitive, if she loves, then truly, with all the dedication. Before becoming a spouse, everything weighs, ponders, but it rarely helps to prolong the marriage. Very picky for men, especially for her.

As a mother and mistress of the house copes at the highest level. Hospitable, but she avoids running around guests.

If a lady is born in winter, then she wants to put her husband under a heel. Not everything is fine with parents.

For the autumn Anfisochka, the norm is to choose one of the companion friends, treasure them, be friends for a long time. In family matters, he does not listen to other people’s advice, he trusts only himself.

A good family turns out with Vitalik, Onufry, Timofey, Miron, Fedosiy. Not be easy with Alan, Karp, Ostap, Augustus.

Protection, patrons

  • Zodiac — Virgo.
  • Plants — lilac shrub and its inflorescences.
  • Totem — birds of the owl family, bull.
  • Color, lilac, blue.
  • Planet — Mercury.
  • The talisman is amethyst.
  • The number is 5.

The main secret of Anfisushka — too often acts out of selfish motives.

The meaning of the name Anfisa for fate - life and character from a girl to a woman

Angel Day Anfisa is available, while repeatedly:

  • 09.08. (July 27) — the demise of the Rev. hegumen (VIII c).
  • 09.09. (August 27) — sfm Anfisa for adherence to Christianity was executed.

Famous Anfis in history

  • Anfisa Reztsova — skiing, biathlon, Champion of two Olympiads in both sports. One of a kind. (Russia).
  • Anfisa Petrova — outstanding contralto, singer 19th century
  • Anfisa Nikolayev — during the Civil War of the last century, secretary of the Moscow Railway District Committee of the RKP (b).

Characters: in the Soviet film “Girls” — beauty and fashionista Anfisa. In the most popular TV series 20 in “Eternal Call” — one of the main characters, a beautiful peasant (Tamara Semina).

In Shishkov’s novel “Moody River” — a femme fatale.

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