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The meaning of the independent name Emir — character, fate and love

The meaning of the royal name Emir — career, health, character and destiny

The name Emir, meaning “sovereign”, appeared in Arab countries, where before the emergence of the Islamic religion, military leaders, rulers, and spiritual leaders were called by this name. Now this royal name is popular in Turkey.

In some countries, this name is pronounced as Amir.

The diminutive form of the name: Emirchik, Emirka, Emirushka, Mirchik, Mir, Mirka.

In the church calendar, the Muslim name Emir is absent. Boys who decide to adopt the Catholic or Orthodox faith are baptized under a different consonant name.

The meaning of the independent name Emir - character, fate and love

Pros: Responsible, noble, decisive, quick-witted.

Cons: Aggressive, despotic, arrogant, stubborn.

Little Emirchik is growing up a bold, decisive and quick-witted boy. Already at that age, according to his behavior and manners, it is clear that the real prince is growing.

After two years, Emir becomes self-willed, arrogant and uncontrollable, parents should seriously take up his upbringing, sowing the good and the beautiful in his soul so that the child does not become a complete tyrant. The Emir easily meets the children, loves to play active games with them, always acts in justice, does not offend the younger, the weak, and girls.

Conflict situations bypasses.

In adolescence, the proud Emir periodically keeps himself apart from his peers, with whom he is sometimes bored. He loves being admired, paying attention to him.

Adults need to explain to Emir the consequences of his bad deeds, to tell what a true friendship should be, why it is important to do good deeds. At school, Emir learns well, but is too lazy to do homework.

Not all things bring to the end. At this age, Emir already knows how to manage his friends, showing his excellent leadership qualities, nobility, courage.

An adult Emir monitors his appearance, dresses stylishly, knows how to behave in society, has a talent for diplomacy. Often, in adulthood, Emir gets a pet, whom he takes care of with pleasure, takes care of his upbringing.

With age, the Emir becomes more restrained, if he does not like the person, then he will behave arrogantly and arrogantly with him. Emir is equally friendly with friends, he has no close friends.

The Emir has enjoyed good health since childhood, but doesn’t like to visit doctors very much, until recently it has delayed the trip to them. Sometimes the result is a neglected disease.

Only in old age does Emir become more tolerant of doctors and try to follow all their instructions.

The meaning of the independent name Emir - character, fate and love

For the Emir, it’s important that she is well paid, interesting and so that she can climb the career ladder. Thanks to the excellent intuition and leadership qualities, the Emir will be able to succeed in business, if it can finish the job without leaving it halfway through.

Emir, in a leadership position will be strict but fair, able to quickly find a way out of difficult situations. If Emir doesn’t like his work, he will easily replace her with another.

The Emir is especially good in business, economics, military affairs, and religion.

In relations with the girls, the noble Emir, sincerely caring for them, gives expensive gifts, leads to restaurants. It is important for him that the girl should have not only a soft and gentle character, but also have a beautiful appearance and dress stylishly.

But if a lady has some flaws in his heart, he will not blame her for her, but just close her eyes to them.

Marries usually in adulthood, walking up well. In his understanding, the family is a reliable and unbreakable fortress.

The Emir never marries a vulgar, greedy, stupid and eager for scandals to a woman. Emir will never endure family scandals outside the family, his brains will never endure his wife.

A woman who skillfully combines several qualities at once can become his wife: a party girl, a housewife, a beautiful woman, an inventive lover, a loving mother. Emir loves his children very much, enjoys his free time with them, helps them do their homework.

If he moves away from his parents, he tries to get housing closer to them. Usually Emir has a strong and happy family.

The meaning of the independent name Emir - character, fate and love

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — the sun.
  • Name color — Yellow.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Sunday.
  • Lucky number is 1.
  • Metal — Gold.
  • Zodiac sign — Leo.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Leo.
  • Plant — Lemon.
  • Tree — Oak.
  • Mineral talisman — Aquamarine.

Famous people named Emir

  • Emir Kusturica — Serbian filmmaker.
  • Emir Spahic — Bosnian footballer.
  • Emir Najip — Soviet orientalist.
  • Emir Dizdarevich — Bosnian chess player.
  • Emir Bayrami is a Swedish football player.

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