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The meaning and origin of the name Lyudmila, the character and fate of the girl

Lyudmila: the meaning and origin of the name, character traits, fate

The name Lyudmila first appeared in the Middle Ages, but was not in special demand until the poem of the same name by V. Zhukovsky was published in 1808. The peak of popularity came in the 50-60 years. last century.

Today, the name Lyudmila takes only 74th place in the ranking of the most popular in Russia.

Phonosemantic name gives the impression of something beautiful, feminine, reliable. These characteristics are fully consistent with the owner of the name, which is distinguished by iron will power, wisdom, prudence, independence.

The following are the magic symbols and talismans for Ludmila:



Friday — favorable, environment — unfavorable

Brown green yellow

Jade Yellow Sapphire

Important years of life

Named dates on the church calendar

September 28 — the holy martyr Lyudmila Petrova;

September 29 — Holy Martyr Lyudmila, Princess Czech

In numerology, the number of the name Lyudmila is seven. Such a number gives the owner of the name independence, love of freedom, wisdom.

Such a girl is an innovator, a generator of ideas, engaged in self-development. She is closed, reluctant to share with the surrounding thoughts and feelings.

Thanks to dedication and hard work he achieves unprecedented success in life. Because of its originality, it often does not find support from others.

Prefers to work and live alone. Disadvantages of character include cunning and deceit.

The spelling of the name:

  • L — extraordinary creativity, artistic taste, the ability to appreciate the true beauty. Finding the perfect partner along with the desire to satisfy sexual needs. Qualities are doubled by duplicating the letter in the name.
  • U — romance, amorousness, emotionality, a tendency to impulsive actions. Unwillingness to tie the knot.
  • D — indiscretion, inability to admit their mistakes.
  • M — charm, sensitivity, humanity, humanity, the desire for everything new and unknown, loyal attitude to human weaknesses and shortcomings.
  • And — spirituality, grace, a sense of harmony. Straightness and honesty harms relationships with others.
  • A — activity, leadership skills, the desire for physical and spiritual development.

The meaning and origin of the name Lyudmila, the character and fate of the girl

The name Lyudmila, according to the history of its origin, has Slavic roots and comes from two words: “people” and “dear”. It is believed that the female version is derived from the Bulgarian male name Lyudmil. According to the most common interpretation, the meaning of the name is “sweet to people”.

Among the linguists who study the mystery and origin of the name, there is also an opinion that Lyudmila is a modified form of the Latin word “freedom” or derived from the Indo-European verb “to grow”.

In the history of Christianity, the holy martyress Lyudmila, Princess of Chesh, who lived in the 9th-10th centuries, is considered the patron saint of all the owners of the name. AD Memorial Day — September 29

The most common forms of the name are Lyuda, Lyusya, Lyudochka, Lyudonka, Lyudmilochka, Lyusechka, Lyushenka, Lyudasik, Lyudusya, Lyudasha, Lyudmilka, Lyudochki, Lyudushka, Milasha, Milochka, Lyulya, Lyudukha, Milusya, Milusha, Lilina. The short forms Mila, Mika, Lola and Lyalya are separate names.

Foreign synonyms: Ludzimila (pol.), Lucy (French), Lucia (ital.), Milko (Bulgarian).

The meaning and origin of the name Lyudmila, the character and fate of the girl

Among the celebrities who glorified the name of Lyudmila are: Russian singers Zykina, Lyadova, Senchina, actresses Gurchenko, Maksakova, Khityayeva, Kasatkina, Savel’eva, Polyakova, Tselikovskaya, sportswomen Pakhomova and Turischenko, Soviet ballerina Semenyaka, chess player Rudenko, writers of the city of the city, and the players of Pakhomov, Turishchenko, Soviet ballet dancer Semenyaka, chess player Rudenko; Petrushevskaya.

The meaning and origin of the name Lyudmila, the character and fate of the girl

The powerful energy of the name gives the child a strong and strong character, “immunity” to the difficulties and vicissitudes of fate. However, in the soul Luda is very vulnerable and sensitive, especially in childhood.

As a child, Luda is a real “little lady”: she is not childish, intelligent, responsible. He does not bother his parents with tantrums and whims, from an early age he strives for independence. She is happy to help her mother with the housework, respect the elders, listen to their opinion.

If necessary, he can stand up for himself. Relations with a sister are usually strained, more tolerant to a brother.

Favorite activities of the girl: crafts, playing “daughter-mothers”, cooking.

Learning is given to the owner of the name easily thanks to a good memory and an analytical mind. Excellent progress sometimes prevents restlessness and inattention. Luda is endowed with excellent organizational skills, striving for leadership, therefore she often becomes a class leader, performs responsible instructions from teachers, participates in school life.

For diligence, heightened sense of justice, healthy ambitions are loved and respected by classmates and teachers.

Young Lyudmila is an ambitious, vain person who craves admiration, praise, recognition of merit and compliments from others. In order to achieve this goal, he often puts on a mask of a sweet, docile and calm girl.

Thanks to the artistry, coquetry, fits well into the chosen image, but only until someone tries to invade her personal space or touches her vanity. Then Luda from a quiet «mouse» turns into a tough and coarse person.

It is because of straightforwardness, harsh statements that the owner of the name does not like others. Build a harmonious relationship with others prevents its excessive selfishness and greed.

The girl is able to manipulate people and often uses them for personal purposes. He puts his own interests above all else, does not forgive others for mistakes, will definitely take revenge on the offender. Competitors are trying to keep away from themselves, because they do not tolerate rivalry.

However, this behavior is more pronounced for strangers with whom the owner of the name is superficially familiar.

Lyudmila can be called a loyal friend and loyal companion. In relation to loved ones, she takes care, love and attention.

Best friends and relatives know the temperament and impulsivity of the girl, so do not be offended by her direct statements and outbursts of anger.

Adult Ludmila is endowed with incredible charisma, femininity, charm, but a complex and ambivalent character. There are no half-tones in it: today the owner of the name sincerely and disinterestedly rushes to help an unfamiliar person, and tomorrow plunges her friend into shock with her indifference and frank indifference.

Being a man of mood, a woman herself cannot predict her behavior and reaction in the next minute.

In an incomprehensible way, diametrically opposed features coexist in the girl: nobility and rudeness, sensuality and emotional cold, laziness and hard work.

The owner of the name takes to heart the failures and problems of loved ones, so she has many friends. She hates gossip, intrigue, does not take part in them.

Able to keep other people’s secrets. She loves to be in the center of events, can not stand the routine and monotony, so live an interesting and eventful life.

Lyudmila is a woman with a complex character, which for many remains a mystery. She is woven from contradictions, but the peculiarities of her deep nature, albeit paradoxical, give her a special charm and charm.

Characteristics of Lyudmila:



Analytical mindset, the ability to focus on the main thing, but excessive pickyness to trifles

Unusually developed, so the owner of the name often listens to the inner voice

Unstable moral principles, when a man yesterday defended those beliefs that today despises. The owner of the name is able to adapt to new circumstances and extract the maximum benefit from them. Being a zealot of morality and educator, it is accepted to arrange the fate of loved ones, but in the end it is a fiasco

Unstable, therefore Ludmila is prone to spontaneous and impulsive actions. The girl is easily inspired and often changes life priorities and guidelines.

Activity, energy, curiosity, hospitality, independence, independence, kindness, romance, artistry, tolerance, responsibility, honesty, hard work

Impermanence, impulsiveness, despotism, aggressiveness, excessive self-confidence, unprincipledness, rudeness, toughness, touchiness, vindictiveness

Among Ludmila’s hobbies are reading, handicraft, communication with friends and family. The girl loves to receive guests, and she does not mind visiting friends and relatives.

He does not think of life without communication and new impressions.

In general, Lyudmila has good health, but there are problems with the cardiovascular system. They manifest early in the form of varicose veins.

The girl needs to deal with the disease in time, not to let the disease develop into a chronic form.

Lyudmila enjoys increased attention from the opposite sex, because she knows how to present herself from the best side, focusing on femininity, gentleness, tenderness. She is surrounded by a mass of fans, bathed in male attention: it gives her confidence and energizes.

At the same time, the choice of the chosen one is meticulously and carefully, making excessive demands.

The first marriage is usually early, but unfortunate. The reason for the separation becomes the hard character of Ludmila, who does not know how to perceive people as they are.

She tries to remake her partner, to rebuild it for herself, but as a result she suffers a defeat. Building a strong and long-lasting relationship is also hampered by the love of the owner of a name that seeks independence.

In search of the ideal, a girl can change a lot of partners, repeatedly get married. But for the sake of the chosen one, who will meet all her requirements, Luda is ready to sacrifice both her freedom and her career.

It is important for her to feel near a reliable male shoulder. Next to a weak man, the girl will not live a day, since it is important for her to respect her partner.

The owner of the name will be happy in marriage with Alexander, Maxim, Mark, Peter, Victor, Gleb, Daniel, Dmitry, Timofey. Unsuccessful alliance with Igor, Nikolai, Ilya, Alexey, Artem, Nikita, Vadim, Ruslan.

Medium compatibility with Mikhail, Andrey, Yegor, Sergey, Vladimir, Kirill, Oleg, Yuri, Konstantin.

Lyudmila is an ideal hostess, who seems to be created in order to equip comfort in the house. She is an excellent cook, loves handicrafts, responsibly treats her duties. Her household is always well-fed, well-groomed, clean and tidy in the house.

If the spouse wants, she may refuse to work in favor of the family, but usually she manages to combine both.

Luda brings up children in strictness, but treats them with great trepidation and love. Sometimes her husband lacks care, affection and attention from his wife, so the owner of the name needs to learn to be softer, sympathetic and docile.

Cooling in relationships can occur due to monotony and boredom. If the owner of the name gets bored, she will become more irritable and despotic. A man needs to praise Lyudmila more often, to present her surprises in the form of a romantic dinner by candlelight or a joint weekend in nature.

Otherwise, the woman will feel abandoned, unnecessary and will seriously think about divorce. It is noteworthy that with age, the owner of the name is disappointed in the institution of marriage, but retains the relationship for the sake of children.

The passionate and temperamental owner of the name is open to new relationships, especially if they promise her unforgettable emotions and sensations. Lyudmila prefers experienced and sensual lovers, who are not averse to giving in to the palm of their partner. In sex, a woman is relaxed, liberated, loves variety, not against experiments.

She likes to dominate and lead a partner. She knows how to give a man pleasure, but first of all she thinks about her own satisfaction.

It is important for such a woman to know that she truly loves the chosen one, so the gentleman needs to remember that Lyudmila often needs to pay compliments, admire her mind and beauty. An independent and freedom-loving girl gives preference to guys who do not require her oaths in eternal love, after the first night they do not make grandiose plans for the future.

The very owner of the name also does not expect promises and offers of a hand and heart from her lover.

Lyudmila is a creative and many-sided person, easily trained, striving for diversity and novelty. Due to hard work and dedication can achieve incredible success in any field.

Perfectly manifests itself as a leader: fair, but demanding of subordinates, able to properly distribute responsibilities and establish a workflow. At the same time, the position of middle manager and office work is clearly not for Luda, since she quickly gets tired of monotony and routine.

The best professions for the owner of the name:

  • journalist;
  • doctor;
  • musician;
  • painter;
  • designer;
  • stewardess;
  • actress;
  • lawyer;
  • advertising agent.

Lyudmila has a masculine character, determination and assertiveness, therefore she will achieve success in entrepreneurial activity. Her femininity, coquetry, charisma will help to improve relations with business partners, successfully conduct business negotiations.

The owner of the name easily finds a common language with people, so if you want, you can gather around you a lot of like-minded people.

Lyudmila is not afraid to make independent decisions, therefore she is respected among her colleagues and partners and is a worthy competitor who fights an honest fight.

Good compatibility in business relations with Yuri, Konstantin, Egor, Mikhail, Arseny, Danila, Artemy, Evgeny, Lev. Lack of mutual understanding with George, Semyon, Ruslan, Andrey, Dmitry, Ivan, Victor, Leonid, Maxim, Nikolai, Vladimir, Timur, Igor, Gleb, Stepan, David, Peter, Vadim, Elisha.

The characteristics of character and fate are influenced by the time of year in which Ludmila was born.

Spring Lyudmila is prone to depression and melancholia, the culprit is her emotionality, vulnerability and sensitivity. She takes even minor troubles close to her heart, and failures completely knock her out of the rut. She experiences other people’s problems as hard as her personal ones.

Ability to sympathy, compassion, compassion make it an indispensable assistant for those who need help.

Because of such sentimentality, the owner of the name cannot fully feel the joy and fullness of life, but she does not want to engage in self-improvement and change her character. Lyudmila blames anyone for her problems, but not herself.

Such an approach makes it difficult to build a harmonious relationship with the chosen one. The girl finds an outlet in the work, therefore, often reaches career heights.

Lyudmila, born in the summer, is distinguished by resourcefulness, wisdom, ingenuity, determination. Thanks to extraordinary intellectual abilities, rich imagination is well realized in creative professions.

Always achieves goals, does not succumb to difficulties.

The woman enjoys increased attention from the opposite sex, as she is fluent in the art of flirting. He likes to flirt, can not imagine life without male attention.

It is for this that other women dislike her, so Lyudmila has little friends.

The autumn owner of the name is a bright, charismatic personality, an individualist who values ​​her freedom and independence above all else. Possesses excellent oratorical abilities, is endowed with the gift of persuasion, therefore, always achieves the desired.

He does not think of life without adventures, new acquaintances, impressions, emotions.

Serious relationships become a real test for Lyudmila, especially when the elect tries to make her a housewife. She does not seek to marry, preferring to be in free flight.

Family life and life seem to her boring and bland, so the owner of the name is unlikely to become an exemplary wife and a good housewife.

Winter Ludmila — nature domineering, vain and principled. It makes an impression of an arrogant and unapproachable person, so many are afraid of her, considering it too despotic and harsh.

The owner of the name really makes high demands, but not only to others, but also to herself. Despite such a hard temper, in reality this girl is kind and responsive.

Behind the mask of coldness and harshness lies a vulnerable and sensitive nature that craves love, caress and warmth. The owner of the name itself is ready to move mountains, to sacrifice personal interests and ambitions, but only for the sake of the person who can appreciate it.

The fate and character of the owner of the name is influenced by the sign of the zodiac under which the girl was born. To make an accurate psychological portrait of Ludmila, you need to study her horoscope:

Zodiac sign


Lumila-Aries is a tactful, sensitive, sweet and kind woman who makes a favorable impression on others. She is charming, intelligent, delicate, easily finds a common language with any person.

With new buddies is careful, does not immediately open. In men, appreciates a sense of humor and reliability

Due to self-confidence and ambition, Ludmila-Taurus achieves unprecedented career success. She is a reliable friend and loyal friend, who will always come to the aid of her friends and relatives.

He does not know how to admit mistakes and considers his opinion the only correct one. In love, generous to the manifestation of sincere feelings and emotions

Ludmila-Gemini is a cheerful, sociable, resilient nature, which sees the positive in everything. She adores adventures, travels, constantly being in search of new sensations. Able to set a goal and achieve it.

In relationships with others, avoids conflicts. Dreams of finding pure and bright love

Lyudmila-Rak is a closed, vulnerable and sensitive person, who find it difficult to find like-minded people. Because of her modesty and lack of ambition, she rarely succeeds in building a career, although she is an innovator and a generator of ideas. Material wealth, as a social status, a girl does not interest at all

A strong, strong-willed, independent person with whom it is not easy to find a common language. She is proud, vain, selfish and calculating, ready to do anything for the desired goal.

Does not tolerate rivalry, easily eliminates competitors. Due to the difficult nature of her difficult to arrange a personal life and find a decent life partner

This workaholic, who even on vacation can not sit idle. She is responsible, executive, punctual, pragmatic, constantly engaged in self-improvement.

In all relies on himself, prefers loneliness. Due to excessive selectivity and exactingness, it is usually unhappy in personal life.

Lyudmila-Libra is a sociable, charming, easy-to-communicate woman who does not think of life without new acquaintances, communication and adventures. Due to the excellent sense of humor, erudition, erudition becomes an ornament to any team. In love, faithful and loyal partner

This is a real rebel who does not like to live by the rules and is looking for new ways. She is determined, assertive, temperamental.

Thanks to stress tolerance, easily overcomes any obstacles, does not succumb to difficulties. Surrounding her at the same time and respect and fear. In love, fickle

Lyudmila-Sagittarius is an energetic and resolute girl with a keen sense of justice. Sensitivity and naivety give it a special charm, to which men can not resist. She aspires to power and leadership, but never takes advantage of her position to harm someone

Lyudmila-Capricorn is a serious, pragmatic woman with high moral and moral principles. Thanks to hard work, diligence, diligence builds a dizzying career, can be an excellent specialist in any industry. Respected by colleagues and bosses, but for many it seems like a bore

A real altruist who is ready to give the last to the needy and sacrifice her own interests. This kind and gentle woman beckons adventures and new sensations.

She never complains about her fate, she prefers to cope with her problems alone. Often idealizes people, therefore, confronts disappointments and failures in love

The girl is indecisive, cautious, always doubting. With her fears and phobias she is able to bring herself to a nervous breakdown.

Like no one else needs the support of loved ones. Will be happy next to a confident, decisive man who will lead the owner of the name for life

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

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