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The meaning and origin of the name Leonid, the character and fate of the boy

Leonid: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature of men

The name Leonid is gradually losing ground. Currently, it is no longer as popular as in the period of the USSR. Young parents are less likely to call so newborn sons, considering the name obsolete.

However, it gives its owner unique qualities. Such a man is bold, responsive, noble. He is curious and comprehensively developed.

Sometimes Lenya can be selfish and domineering, but more often he is a nice and kind person who will never refuse to help his neighbor.

The name Leonid is of Greek origin, derived from the ancient name Leonidas. Translated into Russian, it means "descendant of a lion" or "like a lion".

The name gained tremendous popularity thanks to Leonid, the king of Sparta, who immortalized the memory of himself in the battle of Thermopylae (the tradition of 300 Spartans).

Taking into account the importance of the name, its secret lies in the pursuit of chivalry, morality, unity with the whole world. Leonid is characterized by kindness and a desire to be useful to everyone.

  1. one. Abbreviated: Lenya, Leo, Lead, Alex, Lech.
  2. 2 Diminutive: Lenechka, Lenchik, Leonidushka, Leonidik.
  3. 3 Name in foreign languages: Leon, Leonidas, Lenid.

Church option — Leonid.

The meaning and origin of the name Leonid, the character and fate of the boy

Saints named Leonid are venerated 19 times a year. Angel’s Day the owner of this name can celebrate on any of these dates, preferably the one that is closest to his birthday, but follows him:

  • January — 8, 10;
  • March — 23;
  • April — 28, 29;
  • June — 9, 18;
  • July — 30;
  • August — 21, 25;
  • September — 12, 15, 28;
  • October — 13;
  • November — 2, 11, 12, 13;
  • December — 2.

Saints named Leonid in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church a lot. All of them were distinguished by deep faith and devotion to Christ. For example, the martyr Leonid of Egypt, who from childhood decided to devote himself to God and died in His name during the period of persecution of Christians.

The saint was locked in a dungeon, where he eventually departed to the Lord because of hunger and thirst.

Another, no less revered saint, Leonid of Corinth, whom the pagans drowned in the sea for the true faith and worship of Christ.

The meaning and origin of the name Leonid, the character and fate of the boy

Little Lenechka is an active and cheerful child. He is sociable, easily communicates with both peers and people much older than him.

The boy easily avoids conflict situations and is always ready to help others. It gives parents only joyful emotions. From early childhood, Lenya behaves like a real man — he respects the female sex, protects the weak, practically does not cry and is not capricious.

His main qualities are honesty and loyalty, so he has many friends who love and respect him.

The meaning and origin of the name Leonid, the character and fate of the boy

Over the years, Leonid’s character remains virtually unchanged. He is also pleasant and optimistic. Despite the inherent temper in Lena, he never acts under the influence of emotions and does not blindly trust fate.

On the contrary, setting a goal, the young man calculates every step and does not make mistakes. Among the negative qualities of Leonid should be noted selfishness, vanity and arrogance.

But Lenya tries to hide these features, considering them unworthy of a real man.

Leonid is impressive. He jealously watches his own appearance.

You will not see this man unkempt or sloppyly dressed. His suit is always perfectly ironed, and polished boots sparkle clean.

Description of the personal characteristics of Leonid:

Characteristic Description
Self-realization 91%. Leonid always tries to achieve goals. But, unfortunately, not everything is in his power. Therefore sometimes misses
Mind Emotional, quick-tempered, but trying to restrain himself
Health There may be problems with the digestive tract.
Positive features Friendliness, sociability, generosity, courage
Negative traits Vanity, the desire for power
Intelligence Analytical mind. The man has a well-developed intuition, he knows how to calculate the situation a few moves ahead

The character of Leonid has features depending on the time of year when he was born:

  1. one. Summer. This person is overly emotional and hot. Despite this, he always achieves his goals. His only drawback is that he too idealizes people, attributing to them non-existent qualities. Whereas those who do not hesitate to use it for mercenary purposes.
  2. 2 Autumn. This person has a very developed intuition, thanks to which he achieves great heights in life. A man is not in conflict, has many friends, but in his personal life he is often not very happy.
  3. 3 Winter. A career for this man will always be a priority. He devotes his whole life to work. Pedantic, always acts on a schedule.
  4. four. Spring. This is a holiday man who is always lucky. He is endowed with a mass of talents and, like any creative person, is touchy and impatient with the mistakes of others. Therefore, in a conversation with him you should always control yourself.

The fate of Leonid develops ambiguous. He manifests himself in different ways in different spheres of life:

Sphere Description
Profession A man can be a good social leader, politician, fireman, police officer
Business Leonid has excellent prospects in running his own business. An analytical mind and determination will help him to succeed in business.
Talents and hobbies Lyonya is a talented person. He sings beautifully, plays several musical instruments at once. A man loves when they pay attention to him, so his hobby often turns into a profession. He is a big fan of country rest. However, sophistication and expensive resorts do not need Leonid, the guy is quite quiet, a country cottage or a tent on the river bank
Moral A man is a good and devoted friend. Not talkative, can appreciate true friendship
Love Lenya is romantic and in love. There will be many women in his life until he meets his one and only. It will happen in adulthood, because he, as a creative person, is inherently rapidly "light up" and fast "cool down"
Sexuality The man has a burning temperament. However, he is not inclined to random novels. Fully open Lenya can only with a woman he knows well
Family and marriage Lenya does not welcome early marriages, as he is confident in their short duration. He prefers to start a family at a mature age, when both partners could already reveal themselves as individuals. Will be happy with a woman who will listen to him and will be able to put up with his shortcomings. With his children, a man is kind and tender, forgives them many mistakes

Relations with women at Leonid develop ambiguously.

Compatibility depending on the name of the chosen one:

Successful marriage Tender friendship Lack of compatibility
  • Natalia;
  • Tatyana;
  • Maria;
  • Anastasia;
  • Irina;
  • Elvira;
  • Catherine
  • Anna;
  • Violetta;
  • Galina;
  • Zlata;
  • Kristina;
  • And bath;
  • Varvara
  • Hope;
  • Miroslav;
  • Sophia;
  • Karina;
  • Daria

Astrological symbols and talismans:

Characteristic Patronizes or brings success to Leonid
Planet Mercury
Zodiac sign a lion
Animal Elephant, lion
Plant Basil
Mineral Jasper, diamond
Colour White
Day of the week Thursday

The name Leonid corresponds to the number 11. It is believed that beneath it are indigo people with many different talents.

The character of Leonid is influenced by the sign of the zodiac, under whose auspices he is:

Zodiac sign Distinctive qualities
Aries Temperamental and open person, strongly dependent on the opinions of others
Taurus Charming and loving man. Doesn’t like being pointed out to his mistakes, but he often makes comments to others
Twins Hilarious and optimistic, hates loneliness. Good friend, never betray and will always lend a helping hand.
Crayfish This man is used to go with the flow. He lives one day without thinking about the future. Therefore, it is better if there is a woman next to him who will push him to action.
a lion Arrogant and self-confident man, who believes that the world revolves only around his person
Virgo Indecisive and insecure person. Because of these qualities, he often suffers defeat in his personal life, and when building a career
Libra Romantic and sophisticated man. Able to present themselves in a favorable light, therefore, has no end to the fans. Professionally rarely achieves great heights.
Scorpio Authoritative and domineering, does not accept compromises, to the end holds its own opinion. His chosen one will be a woman who will be able to indulge him in everything and endure his intolerable character.
Sagittarius Sociable, cheerful, but inconsistent man. He used to change women like gloves, not thinking too much about their feelings. Life is his eternal holiday, so he will not be ready for marriage even in adulthood
Capricorn An enterprising and reliable person. Overly demanding of both himself and others. Due to his hard character and determination, he achieves great heights in life. Often connects their fate with politics.
Aquarius A controversial, selfish person. For the sake of its own benefit is ready to go over the heads. For obvious reasons, he doesn’t have many friends, but he doesn’t need much communication.
Fish Impudent and capricious nature, which looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. It is not adapted to life, so there should be a woman next to him who will fully control him.

The name Leonid belongs to many famous people:

  • Leonid Agutin — singer, songwriter, musician;
  • Leonid Panteleev (Pantelkin) — Petrograd raider;
  • Leonid Fadeev — poet-peshenik;
  • Leonid Bronevoy — theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the USSR;
  • Leonid Kogan — Soviet violinist;
  • Leonid Filatov — theater and film actor, film director;
  • Leonid Yarmolnik — theater and film actor;
  • Leonid Bykov — actor, film director and screenwriter;
  • Leonid Utesov — reader, orchestra leader, singer, film actor;
  • Leonid Gaidai — film director, actor;
  • Leonid Yakubovich — TV presenter, actor, screenwriter.

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