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The meaning and origin of the name Cyrus, the nature and fate of the girl

Kira: the meaning and origin of the name, the fate and character of the girl

Kira is a confident and ambitious lady who possesses iron restraint and inner core. This is a strong-willed woman, in which leadership qualities are pronounced, and she leads people who willingly obey the owner of this name. Kira occupies a leading position at work, in the family she takes the reins in her hands, without giving her spouse any chance to feel at home in the house.

She is honest and fair to others, is able to achieve the desired and gains the favor of any person due to her natural charm and insight.

There are several versions of the origin of the female name Cyrus:

  1. 1. Most linguists are inclined to believe that the name Cyrus (full name Kiriya) is the female form of the male name Kyros. The meaning of the name is translated from Greek — "mistress", "lady", "mistress".
  2. 2. According to another version, it comes from Old Persian "khur"what means "the sun", "sun-like".
  3. 3. There is another interpretation: the name is translated from Irish as "dark-haired".
  4. 4. Deciphering the name when translating from Sanskrit — "sun ray".

The meaning and origin of the name Cyrus, the nature and fate of the girl

The name Kira can be used as an abbreviated form of female names Shakira, Kyriakia, Kiara, Cyril.

The diminutive pet forms: Kiryushik, Kironka, Kirushka, Kiryusha, Kirochka, Kirchik, Kiryushenka, Kiryunchik, Kirusya, Kirushychka.

Analogs of the name of Cyrus in other countries:

  • Spain — Syrah;
  • Italy — Chira, Chiara.

The meaning and origin of the name Cyrus, the nature and fate of the girl

Name day on the church calendar (Angel’s Day), the carrier named Kira celebrates twice a year: December 17 and March 13. In the Orthodox calendar, St. Cyrus of Macedon (Berian) is mentioned, who is the patroness of all the fair sex called Cyrus.

The meaning and origin of the name Cyrus, the nature and fate of the girl

According to legend, in the 6th century in the city of Beria there lived a girl named Kira. And she had a sister, whose name was Marina.

The girls were the daughters of a noble and wealthy man, but they left their father’s house as soon as they reached the age of majority and refused all material wealth.

Kira and Marina decided to devote their lives to serving the Lord and found their refuge on the outskirts of the city, wearing iron chains on their bodies and stoning the cave in which they settled. They observed strict fasting and consumed food several times a month.

The life of the righteous sisters was discovered by Theodore Kir of Kirill, who served as a bishop in the local church. Kira and Marina let the priest into the monastery, and he was a welcome guest for the sisters at any time of the day or night.

Saints Cyrus and Marina for about half a century of their lives did not leave the cave and only twice violated their solitude: a trip to Jerusalem and a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Thecla. The sisters died around 450 and were elevated to the rank of saints.

The meaning and origin of the name Cyrus, the nature and fate of the girl

The girl Kira grows up as a stubborn and independent child, from an early age shows her character. This is a very serious, responsible and obedient baby, who always keeps her promises and helps her mother in housekeeping.

At school, this girl is different from other peers special diligence and desire for knowledge. She is equally successful in mastering both the exact and the humanities, occupies the first places in the city and regional Olympiads and gives great hopes.

Growing up, Kira becomes an attractive and cheerful girl who receives several higher education at the same time and independently passes all exams to the highest ball. Leaderships of this young beauty strengthened, she likes to lead people and lead youth organizations.

She takes an active part in student activities and spends her leisure time in a fun and diverse way, often meets with friends and enjoys traveling and relaxing in nature.

Characteristics of Kira depending on the time of year when she was born:

WinterWinter Kira has a masculine character, but she is generous and attentive to others, not capable of hurting her loved ones. It is difficult to come to a compromise with her, because this girl is very stubborn and intractable. Winter Kira carefully ponders his actions. Such qualities as hypocrisy and flattery are alien to her, so for those who for some reason are unpleasant to her, Kira immediately talks about it, looking into her eyes, and not behind her back, as the vast majority of people do.
SpringA cheerful, artistic and charming woman who is demanding of herself and others. Spring Kira uses creativity in everything, she thinks outside the box and has a quick reaction. This is a pragmatic nature, which clearly defines its life goals and knows how to achieve the desired
SummerIt is a little closed and shy, prefers loneliness to noisy companies and is afraid of being deceived, therefore it is fenced off from everyone. Summer Kira takes everything close to her heart, it is impossible to please her. She is often in a bad mood, looking for another trick, and rarely takes the initiative.
AutumnA soft, docile and balanced woman who never shows off her feelings. She does not put herself above others and tolerates the shortcomings of others. Autumn Cyrus is economic, rational and economical, it is optimistic and tries to develop comprehensively

The name affects the fate of the girl and reflects in a certain way on all aspects of life. The mystery of the name of Cyrus is presented in the table.

Type of characterMelancholic with features sanguine
Positive traitsSociability, responsibility, diligence, politeness, dedication, responsiveness, discipline, courage, independence, justice, honesty
Negative qualitiesNaivety, sacrifice, excessive dedication
friendshipKira has many friends and friends, she is rarely alone, because it is pleasant to talk with her. In any situation, you can rely on this person
HealthKira has good physical health, but she can have serious problems with the nervous system. The owner of this name needs to rest more and throw out negative emotions in order to avoid psychological disorders.
MindA woman named Kira has a stable psyche, and no difficulties and obstacles can break her. It extracts invaluable experience from the mistakes made and becomes wiser with each stage of life passed.
MoralKira can surely be called a moral personality who always acts according to his conscience. She will not go to various kinds of fraud and tricks, acts according to generally accepted standards and has a heightened sense of justice.
IntuitionKira has a well developed sixth sense, but she prefers to rely on logical arguments and makes decisions dictated by common sense.
IntelligenceKira has a sharp analytical mind, excellent memory and high concentration of attention, which helps her to work along with the representatives of the stronger sex.
ProfessionsFashion designer, musician, designer, model, choreographer, educator, teacher, doctor, financier, prosecutor, lawyer, TV presenter
Hobbies and hobbiesLiterature, languages, computers, travel, fashion, movies, music, sports

The fate of Kira develops most often successfully. With a man whom Kira will love with all her heart, she will be affectionate and kind, will give him all the tenderness unspent over many years and will never look in the direction of other guys.

Cyrus loves flowers, but will not demand increased attention and romance from her chosen one. It is important for her to be sure that there is a person next to her who will always be honest with her.

Most often she marries late, but Kira will never marry from mercenary motives, since she can independently earn her living.

A woman chooses a young man who will become a loving father and never hurt his loved ones. The opinion of parents about her chosen one is important to her, so Kira will introduce her boyfriend to his mother and father before accepting a marriage proposal, having listened to the advice of his relatives.

In bed, Kira removes the mask of a cold and unapproachable woman and becomes a passionate lover who craves for various experiments and will not be content with little. For her, small details are extremely important: the furnishings, music, fragrances, lingerie, various accessories and other things that make your sex life vivid and memorable.

Compatibility with male names:

  • High — Kirill, Artem, Leonid, Valery, Vlad, Rostislav.
  • Average — Pavel, Maxim, Ignat, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Mikhail, David.
  • Low — Vitaly, Semyon, Victor, Mark, Peter, Konstantin, Eugene.

The owner of this name loves children, but cannot give them all their time due to their employment at work, so she prefers to hire a nanny and teachers who will develop certain qualities and skills in them. Kira does not spare money for her family, she creates a cozy atmosphere in her home, although she does not like to engage in routine duties.

Kira loves to travel with her husband and children, she goes abroad several times a year and attends fashion shows, exhibitions and other cultural events.

This woman never raises her voice to her household, does not make scandals and does not find out the relationship due to the delay of her husband at work. Kira tries to maintain harmony and order in everything.

This woman is a natural leader, so she can easily develop her own business. Kira always keeps within the set deadlines and competently organizes the work of her subordinates.

Such a girl quickly and effortlessly copes with her duties and helps staff in the implementation of the work plan, gives them valuable advice and guidance, treating them as their own children.

She can find her vocation in any sphere, but Kira is exposed to professions related to the fashion and beauty industry, communications and finance.

Talismans and happy characters for a girl named Kira:

PlanetPluto, Uranus
Totem animalLobster
A rockYantar, topaz
Lucky numberfive
ColourBlue, orange, burgundy, brown, purple
Day of the weekFriday
Zodiac signCancer, Leo, Capricorn

Women named Kira, who left their mark on the story:

  1. 1. Ivanova — figure skater of the USSR.
  2. 2. Zvorykina — master of sports in chess, GM of the USSR.
  3. 3. Knightley — actress from the UK.
  4. 4. Plastinina — Russian fashion designer.
  5. 5. Smirnova — Russian entertainer.
  6. 6. Proshutinskaya — TV presenter, Soviet producer.
  7. 7. Gorbachev — Russian volleyball player.
  8. 8. Sedgwick is an American film actress.
  9. 9. Muratova — director, Ukrainian screenwriter.
  10. 10. Kreylis-Petrova — Honored Artist of Russia, film and theater actress.
  11. 11. Grigorieva — illustrator from Ukraine.
  12. 12. Kira Kirillovna — Princess, daughter of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, who received the title of All-Russian Emperor at the beginning of the XX century.

A sign of the zodiac has a great influence on the character and worldview of a person.

Such a lady is incredibly stubborn, selfish and has unreasonable ambitions. Kira Aries is not accustomed to surrender, she does not notice anyone on the way to the intended goals and is capable of much to achieve the desired.

This woman does not know how to lose and chooses all the best for herself, she does not believe in signs of fate and relies only on herself.

Finding an approach to Kira Aries is not easy. She is well versed in people and can not tolerate pretense and lies.

She does not stand on ceremony with those who once offended her, and does not spend her time on short-term romance and romantic dating, which will not lead to anything.

Kira, born under this sign, does not believe in love at first sight and does not seek to find her soul mate while pursuing her career.

She will draw attention to a strong and persistent young man who will be able to draw her attention to her person through courageous deeds, expensive gifts and beautiful courtship. Her future husband should be loyal, honest, and be a decent person.

Direct, sociable and pretty girl who knows her worth and never allows others to use herself. She is benevolent, intelligent and diplomatic, able to support any conversation and is an attentive listener.

Kira-Taurus, born in May, has natural magnetism, so she has many friends and does not need men’s attention.

This woman will not open her soul to the first comer, as she is afraid of betrayal and disappointment.

It is important for Kira-Taurus to be in harmony with the outside world and with itself. This lady calmly refers to the reproaches and criticisms of others.

She does not participate in lengthy discussions and always finds a compromise.

Such a girl needs a reliable and kind man who will never deceive her and will help in any situation. She must be sure that the secret of secrets, opened to his soul mate in intimate conversation, will remain only between them, and no one will know about her.

An emotional, hot-tempered and inconstant woman who often succumbs to momentary whims and desires. In the life of Kira-Gemini there is no place for despondency and routine work, this lady loves fun and leads an idle lifestyle.

The carrier named Kira loves adventures and often gets involved in various kinds of adventures.

Such qualities as responsibility, diligence and discipline are unusual for a girl. She lives by her own laws and is guided only by her own instincts.

This woman has a great sense of humor and is used to joking for any reason that not everyone will like it. She is obsessive and too talkative, she doesn’t know what a sense of proportion is, and often goes to extremes.

Kira Gemini treats love relationships easily and does not want to change her lifestyle for the sake of a man. She will connect her fate with a man who is willing to accept his many infidelities and save her from any obligations, giving full freedom.

A vindictive, envious, foolish and impatient woman who wants to get everything at once. Kira-Rak is stubborn and does not notice the obvious things, considering himself the best and most perfect in all respects.

It is difficult to find a common language with such a lady, she is melancholic and is a pessimist by nature, does not know how to rejoice at little and does not appreciate what she has.

Kira-Rak can move mountains if she has iron motivation for this or someone doubts her abilities. She is sensitive to other people and knows how to influence them.

She is an unspoken leader, never listens to the opinions of others and does not learn from her mistakes. Kira-Rak has many talents and loves creativity in all its manifestations.

The bearer of this name will find her happiness with a person who will have the opposite character. Kira-Rak will become a devoted wife and a real keeper of the home, if a man takes on the solution of all material issues.

A passionate, purposeful and brisk woman who confidently goes through life and skillfully manipulates people. Kira Lev is merciless, selfish and sometimes despotic towards her close ones.

This woman values ​​freedom above all else, so she will not allow anyone to point out and give advice on how to live. She is indifferent to public opinion, never oversteps her own principles and likes to criticize others.

Kira Lev is successful in all respects, surrounds herself only with expensive things and is not accustomed to deny anything to herself. She lives a rich life, her day is painted every minute, a woman often travels and has many hobbies.

This is a career woman who loves to lead and will not obey under any circumstances. She will be a good party an energetic and freedom-loving man who has achieved a lot in life and never doubts herself.

A calm, modest, but at the same time courageous and energetic woman who has clear life goals and looks at the world without illusions. She knows how to think logically and in any situation controls her own emotions, so no one knows what is going on inside her.

She is secretive, sometimes silent, thoughtful, and for those around her is a woman of mystery.

Kira-Deva is stable in all respects, it does not easily tolerate any changes and immediately feels false in people. This lady has great creativity and can reach the top in any kind of activity, because she is very responsible and hardworking.

Kira-Deva knows how to forgive and never harbors an insult in her heart, she is kind and responsive, always ready to lend a helping hand and is deprived of greed and vanity. She is an attentive and caring woman who will become a good party for an intelligent and judicious man who values ​​not only external but also internal qualities in girls.

Charismatic, impulsive, naive and direct girl who is ready to believe the first comer. Being an optimist in life, she is not upset when faced with human vices, because she believes that good qualities can be found in every person.

Kira is very loving, every time she falls in love, as if at the last, and she firmly believes that the relationship with a man whom she knows for several days will last until the end of her life. She is always friendly and open to new acquaintances, easily finds a common language with both women and men who have sincere sympathy for her at the first meeting.

The owner of this name will find happiness with a caring, sensitive and good-natured man with a similar outlook.

An arrogant, proud and self-serving woman who appreciates not their spiritual qualities in people, but their financial position and income. Kira-Scorpio has practically no friends, because a woman treats people from the inner circle scornfully and cannot be relied on at a crucial moment.

This lady lives for her own pleasure and does not try to create a good impression about her person.

Kira, who was born under this sign, never apologizes, she does not notice her own shortcomings and is always dissatisfied with something. This woman believes that the whole world should only revolve around her.

Men prefer to avoid this woman, because not everyone is able to endure her character.

To build strong relationships with men, Kira-Scorpio needs to reconsider her life priorities and understand that you need to change internally and be kinder to people, care more about your spiritual development than about material goods.

Wounded, dreamy and sentimental nature, who tries to seem iron lady, but she is not good at it. Cyrus-Sagittarius often doubts his own capabilities, she is slow and does not have a special determination. This lady has a lot of complexes that are immediately visible to others.

She does not set herself transcendental goals, and thoughts are spinning in her head that she will not be able to achieve what she wants. Such an approach to life does not allow her to develop as a person and negatively affects her relationships with men.

Cyrus-Sagittarius often feels love feelings that are non-reciprocal. She falls in love with those guys who do not pay attention to her, and feels lonely and unhappy, having to endure another setback.

This woman is constantly trying to change herself, to become harder and more resolute, to get rid of bad habits and complexes, fears and obsessive thoughts. However, due to the lack of willpower, she often cannot fulfill her plans.

Tough, self-confident and independent woman who can offend not only in word but in deed. Kire-Capricorn is lazy, she is accustomed to complete any business, never stops at what has been accomplished and sets high standards.

She is too strict to herself and does not forgive other people’s weaknesses, hates tears and excessive sentiment.

Cyrus-Capricorn never appeals to anyone for help and believes that any person can betray, therefore, she trusts only herself. This woman is not afraid to take risks, she ponders her actions well, but she can commit an act that no one expects from her.

Kira-Capricorn falls in love once or twice in his entire life, but does not lose his head from strong feelings towards his chosen one and continues to think rationally. She needs a man who is serious about life, loves to work and will not demand increased attention from her lover, knowing that everyone should have their own personal space.

A relaxed, charming and smiling woman who easily endures her own failures and never loses faith in people. Kira-Aquarius loves adventure, her life is bright and diverse.

This girl does not like the monotonous and monotonous work, has an unconventional thinking and any occupation can turn into an exciting game.

Cyrus-Aquarius is initiative, resourceful and witty. She believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it goes against the generally accepted norms.

This lady is looking for a man who knows how to ironicize herself and treats everything easily. He should not be jealous of his soul mate to his many friends and find positive aspects in any troubles.

Cyrus, born under this constellation, has a rich imagination and is inclined to exaggerate everything. She is often cunning and wishful thinking.

Kira-Pisces cannot prove anything, she loves to gossip and compose unprecedented stories about her friends, whom she has a lot of.

This woman can talk incessantly for several hours, she does not know how to listen to her interlocutor and tries to be the center of attention in any company.

She gives the impression of a superficial and close girl, but this opinion is wrong. Cyrus Pisces is intelligent, spends a lot of time reading books and knows several languages, has an excellent memory.

She needs a man who can satisfy the needs of the girl and will listen to her fantastic stories with pleasure, without interrupting and not doubting the veracity of what was said.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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