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The meaning and origin of the name Christina, the character and fate of the girl

Christina: the meaning and origin of the name, its influence on the fate of the girl and the woman

The unusual, but sonorous name Christine, which is included in the list of the most common names in our country, does not leave its owner a chance to become an ordinary person. Most often, this is a bright personality with incredible life potential and high ambitions. Such a girl from birth is endowed with increased vigor, ingenuity, solid character and at the same time is unpredictable in kind.

Only the closest people manage to unravel the motives of her actions.

The history of the origin of this name begins in ancient Greece. Christina is the European version of the old name of Christ, borrowed from the Greek language.

The latter became widespread after the adoption of Christianity in Russia.

The meaning of the name in translation from ancient Greek is “Christian”.

By virtue of this interpretation, it gained popularity among the common people, and was not used among the nobility. In the post-revolutionary years, this female name disappeared from everyday life and was forgotten, like its roots, but later received a new life.

Today the name Christine bears the imprint of refinement and aristocracy.

Name forms are presented in the table:

Short formsDiminutive
  • Christie.
  • Cristea
  • Christa
  • Kristen.
  • Chris.
  • Chrissy
  • Kristinochka.
  • Kristyusha.
  • Kristenka.
  • Kristinka
  • Kristyushenka.
  • Baptizing

Derived forms of Tina and Nana became independent names. In addition to them, there is a male version — Christian.

The patron saint of girls with this name is the martyr Christina, who lived according to the descriptions, in the III century in Tire. The girl’s father was the ruler of the city and dreamed that his daughter would become a pagan priestess. But Christina went against the will of the parent and adopted Christianity.

The angry ruler tortured his own daughter in the hope of forcing her to renounce her faith, but she remained adamant.

The meaning and origin of the name Christina, the character and fate of the girl

The names of Christina on the church calendar are February 19, March 26, May 31 and August 6. Choosing the number in which the day of the girl’s angel will be celebrated, should be stopped on the date closest to the child’s birthday.

The meaning and origin of the name Christina, the character and fate of the girl

Now girls with the beautiful name Christina can be found all over the world. His owners are united by such traits as emotionality, hard work and pragmatism. In addition, they are endowed with tremendous creative potential, so many examples of women known to the general public can be cited:

  • Orbakaite — Russian actress and singer, daughter of Alla Pugacheva.
  • Aguilera is an American singer, actress and TV star.
  • Nilsson is a Swedish opera singer.
  • Pimenova — Russian model, recognized as the most beautiful girl in the world at the age of 9 years.
  • Ricci is an American actress and producer.
  • Stead is an Australian writer, author of psychological novels.
  • Asmus is a Russian theater and film actress, married to the famous humorist Garik Kharlamov.
  • Kristen Stewart is an American actress who gained fame through the Twilight series of films.
  • Janda — Polish theater and film actress, film director.

The meaning and origin of the name Christina, the character and fate of the girl

Since the name has a fairly powerful energy, its owner will not be able to be an inconspicuous person. This pushes Christina to be strong, even, one might say, elected.

Already in childhood, she feels special and tends to be in the higher strata of society. Otherwise, the girl runs the risk of becoming a timid and notorious person.

From the point of view of numerology, the sonorous name Cristina corresponds to the number 6. This indicates that the girl for the most part will carry on the path of life. She will succeed and win the recognition of the people around her, and that’s what the name owner wants.

The meaning and origin of the name Christina, the character and fate of the girl

Christina’s personality trait depends largely on the season in which she was born. This information will allow you to better know the bearer of the name and get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages:

SeasonCharacter description
WinterChristina, who was born in winter, is distinguished by prudence and prudence, but is more closed in kind. She is silent and serious, and taking up the case, always brings it to the ideal result. Due to excessive straightness and temper in "winter" Christine often has conflicts with her family. But you can always convince her, if not too persistently explain your position and tactfully discuss the situation
Spring"Spring" Christina is kind of romantic and creative. She is prone to frequent mood swings and is always guided by her feelings. Love and capable of reckless acts. She often falls in love at first sight and completely plunges into a new hobby, which usually leads to disappointment.
SummerAmazingly good-natured and sincere person is "summer" Kristina. This sensitive and responsive girl is always ready to help not only a loved one, but also unfamiliar people. Because of her gentle nature and honesty, she rarely succeeds in achieving significant success in her work, but she easily conquers men’s hearts with her mystery and femininity. Her personal life is much better off than that of other namesakes.
AutumnChristina, born in the fall, grows disciplined and highly moral. She is emotional, temperamental and true to her own convictions. The girl is accustomed to control her behavior and to adhere to a certain framework, which also requires from the people around her. Nevertheless, she is subject to strong mood swings, from which her close ones suffer

Little Christina is the owner of a difficult character. She is rather silent, but extremely careful.

This child will never leave scattered toys behind him, and her mother’s favorite activity will be mother’s help around the house. The baby takes over the features of a parent, but gets along better with her father, who trusts all her secrets.

Christina is curious and cognizes the world around her with interest. Already at an early age, the girl likes to think carefully about her own actions, which is why some have the impression that she is slow..

But it is precisely this quality that allows the child to make significantly fewer mistakes than her peers.

Since the baby is a leader by nature, her shortcomings can be called high self-esteem and some arrogance. Christina is always looking for an interesting lesson.

With extraordinary zeal, she rushes to meet a new hobby, but often her interest quickly dies away.

The girl will need help from her parents to overcome shyness. It is not easy for her to communicate with unfamiliar people, and adaptation in a new team requires more time than its peers.

The school program is easy for a girl, but she doesn’t show much zeal for learning. Christine has a wonderful memory that allows her to respond easily on the subject without long cracking the material. She will make efforts only in those disciplines that will cause her interest.

The girl is rather diligent and copes with monotonous work without any problems.

In adolescence, a girl transforms and flourishes, begins to devote quite a lot of time to their own appearance. She has a sense of style, so a young lady is dressed with taste.

As a teenager, the girl is not surrounded by a large number of friends and buddies, as she considers it necessary to keep in touch only with those people whose trust has been forming for years. It’s not everyone who is friends with her because of her desire for independence and characteristic stubbornness.

In communication with her peers, the girl fails to suppress her innate shyness, but new acquaintances are made quite easily.

Christina is restrained in expressing her feelings and prefers not to show them off.

Christine has a heightened sense of justice, so if necessary, she is able to defend her own principles to the bitter end. In this case, even in the most difficult situations, the girl knows how to remain calm and the ability to think sensibly.

Defending one’s position can offend a person. Over time, the girl learns to control emotions.

Matured Christina becomes independent and overly pragmatic. She has no time for dreams.

Being self-confident, she prefers to do, rather than build castles in the air. The girl becomes noticeably more sociable, but a stranger may seem withdrawn because of the habit of listening more than talking.

The shyness of Christina over the years gives way to inner calm and patience. A woman is almost impossible to ruffle, but trying to do it is not worth it, because getting her forgiveness is a task that is almost impossible.

The key features of a woman with this name are observation and ingenuity, thanks to which she makes every decision deliberately.

The adult Christina is a strong-willed person setting high goals. She does not always manage to correctly calculate her own strengths and capabilities, however, she is dismayed and stops at what has been achieved — not in her habits.

This woman will not be happy in the role of housewife, as she is oppressed by monotony and daily routine.

The name has a significant impact on the fate of Christina. A woman will always hide her emotions behind a mask of cold judgment, therefore only the closest people manage to see her passionate nature.

Setting a goal in front of her, the girl will follow the chosen path without fear of obstacles. However, she is capable of selfish deeds.

Religious roots of the name and its decryption protect Christina from making irreparable mistakes. Usually, she successfully copes with all life challenges and hardships.

From nature, the girl is endowed with a strong immunity, thanks to which she rarely gets sick even in her childhood. The only disease that will visit the girl as a child will be the common cold.

In adolescence, the girl may have problems with the respiratory system. Her parents should pay attention to light daughters.

In order to maintain her health, she needs to monitor her diet and walk more often in the open air.

With age, Christina has a predisposition to various diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system, so she should not choose an activity that involves a long pastime in the chair. At any age, the weak point of the girl are her teeth..

From the nature of the girl named Christina is endowed with many talents, but for their disclosure will have quite a lot of work.

The main hobbies of women are work and family.

If Christine manages to choose a suitable field of activity for herself and performing her work duties brings her true pleasure, she will devote the chosen profession to the maximum available time. In an effort to create a comfortable atmosphere in the family nest, Christina can master any hobby that will help with this.

She is keen on any business, from sewing to interior design.

Congenital commitment helps Kristina to achieve incredible results on her own. She is extremely hardworking and suits every business with great responsibility.

The girl is able to successfully express themselves in almost any field of activity. The following professions will be most suitable for her: diplomat, scientist, doctor, architect, administrator or politician.

Kristina approaches the choice of profession very seriously and is ready to devote herself completely to the chosen matter. Even from the most difficult situations, she manages to find a way out because of prudence and pragmatism. She is able to control herself in stressful situations and make the right decisions due to cold calculation.

All these qualities allow a woman to cope with the tasks of the contractor, and with the serious responsibilities of the leader.

Discipline and forethought, characteristic of Christina, allow her to take up business. She is smart enough to cope with the difficulties of doing business on her own.

Christina knows how to love sincerely, completely devotes herself to her beloved, which is why she often encounters disappointments. Since the girl is afraid of the routine, the ideal man for her should be both serious and romantic at the same time, so she approaches the search for a partner very carefully.

For this woman it is important to see in the chosen one not only sincere reciprocal love, but also respect for her values. Christine often has to deal with vain personalities, who are used only to promise, but not to do,Therefore, the valuable qualities in a man girl believes reliability, willingness to maintain moral and prudence.

Winning the heart of this person is not easy. Christina is able to show to the representatives of the opposite sex not only indifference, but also coldness.

However, if a potential partner succeeds in proving the seriousness of his intentions, he will receive a truly loyal, caring and tender companion as a reward.

An important role for the girl is played by the intimate sphere of personal life. Sincerity of the chosen one she wants to see in bed.

The very same will reveal his passionate nature only to the man who managed to win her full confidence.

When a girl falls in love, thoughts of marriage begin to occupy most of her time. Christina gladly presents herself in the role of a married lady and seeks to create a family.

But over time, her passion subsides, habitual clarity returns to her mind, and dreams of marriage cease to be obsessive. For this reason, a woman’s family life can develop in two possible scenarios: either she is getting married too early, or, conversely, rather late.

Marriage has a positive effect on Christina’s character: as a spouse, she becomes more docile and balanced. But such changes occur to a girl only if there is a real man next to her, who is able to fulfill the role of head of the family.

Usually, Christine manages to successfully combine professional growth and housekeeping. She demands the same return from her chosen one. If the spouse does not meet her expectations, the marriage will not last long.

From this woman you get a loving, but strict mother. She will make every effort to nurture independence and responsibility in children.

Talisman girls named Kristina are:

Patron planetSaturn, the Sun
Zodiac signVirgo and Leo
Element nameLand
A rockDiamond and Amber
Day of the weekWednesday
ColourYellow, orange and brown
Totem animalToad and dove

An unusually active and curious girl, seeking to keep abreast of absolutely all events. Christina, born under the sign of Aries, knows how to achieve what she wants, but she lacks diplomacy and tact.

The mood of this person is changeable, like the wind. A woman has a tendency to impose their opinions on others, which often causes irritation in people.

Christina-Aries is extremely in love, but her hobbies are mostly short-lived, and this contributes to a large number of disappointments.

Key traits of Christina-Taurus are prudence, responsibility and vulnerability.. Criticism in his address perceives painful.

Always striving for self-development, which helps her innate dedication and endurance.

The Taurus girl is incredibly prudent. She does not take spontaneous decisions, and she plans every action carefully.

Able to attract the views of men. Choosing a partner, show him the depth of their feelings.

Christina, born under the sign of Gemini, is kind, good-natured and very sociable. She is a true optimist and tries to charge others with her positive.

True friend, ready to listen and give advice.

Christina Twins is a multifaceted personality, but it is precisely this quality that does not allow her to focus on one thing. Being an unpredictable man, he needs a man who is ready for surprises and unplanned events.

Only with such a partner will she be happy.

A rather unusual person, in which completely opposite qualities are combined: tenderness and severity, gentleness and pride, good nature and arrogance. Usually Christina-Rak is quiet and docile, but if you touch her, she turns into a vengeful fury. The girl of this sign is sensitive nature, not endowed with leadership skills, like her other namesakes.

She is a homebody and has a strong affection for the family.

Her beloved man, Christina-Rak, is surrounded by tenderness, care, and is waiting for an appropriate attitude towards her person.

Temperamental and bright girl seeking to be in the center of attention. From the outside, she looks kind and ready to do good deeds, but she does it only for the sake of universal recognition.

Under the mask of virtue hides a very tough and vindictive nature.

The behavior of Christine Leo depends largely on the mood and life circumstances. If everything is going well, she is generous and condescending, but if something happens that will spoil her mood, the sarcastiness and aggressiveness opens up to the public eye.

As a spouse looking for a wealthy man with a high status in society.

The most pragmatic of Christine, which is characterized by prudence and responsibility. She prefers to adhere to generally accepted rules of decency and is rather restrained in communication.

Her own reputation is extremely important to her, so she carefully hides her emotions.

Even in relationships with men, Christina Deva does not lose her head and looks cold. Due to the inherent stiffness, the chosen one is hardly revealed. Having found his betrothed, surprisingly strongly attached to him.

In the role of the wife will be a real support for the man and will be faithful to him to the end.

Very intelligent and elegant person, not accustomed to denying anything. Proud, therefore, does not accept criticism.

Christina-Libra is committed to a prosperous life and pays attention only to wealthy men. She cannot be called responsible, but those around her love her sociability and charm.

The girl does not believe in love at first sight, the choice of a partner is serious. Nevertheless, the main thing in the relationship is spiritual compatibility.

Beloved man will always be for her in the first place.

Christina-Scorpio is a very impulsive person with the makings of a leader. Having set a goal, she will not calm down until she reaches it.

In this case, the girl is quite envious of the success of others and constantly analyzes her own failures.

In love, extremely jealous, loves his man sincerely and with all the passion. Next to him, the girl becomes a gentle and even defenseless creature, but this does not mean that she will like the role of a housewife.

Much more she likes to build a career and actively relax.

Incredibly cheerful nature, accustomed to doing only what she likes. Christina-Sagittarius does not like being imposed on someone else’s opinion, and always goes against the generally accepted rules.

Sometimes a girl is too straightforward than can hurt loved ones, but she is not at all cruel.

Can not tolerate deception, flattery and routine. Always in search of new and engaged in self-development.

The girl does not intend marriage, so only the man who is able to give her personal freedom can rely on a serious relationship.

Christina, born under the sign of Capricorn, is kind of demanding and straightforward. The main thing for her in life is a career in the name of which a girl is able to sacrifice both personal happiness and peace of mind.

She is not afraid of even the most difficult work, which helps innate persistence. Because of his dedication to work, he risks being alone.

In love, Christine-Capricorn is rather restrained, sometimes even shy. He approaches the search for a partner responsibly and will stop his choice only on a reliable person with whom you can build a strong family.

Christina-Aquarius is closed and mysterious, immersed in her own thoughts and thoughts, while she has broad interests. Despite her dislike for new acquaintances, this girl is surrounded by a large number of friends, as she accepts people as they are.

In a relationship, Christine-Aquarius is completely open to her partner, and the same demands of him, but the girl is not ready to expose the soul to anyone. To fix the relationship by marriage is not in a hurry and because of this, it usually marries late.

The only thing that she will not tolerate from a spouse — unfounded jealousy.

The Pisces girl is a real dreamer. She was so accustomed to living in a fantasy world that she sometimes struggled to cope with ordinary life problems due to her own absent-mindedness.

At the same time, Christina Pisces tends to exaggerate.

Being kind of charming, this woman is endowed with a stunning charm. She is impressionable and can truly dissolve in love for a man. Christina Pisces should understand that her habit of completely surrendering to the will of feelings can lead to intense disappointments.

She should avoid unreliable people.

Girls with the popular name Christina have a high compatibility with many male names:

  • Artem. Relationship with this guy will be trusting. Young people respect each other and are able to find compromises in disputes, which determines the reliability of the union. With Artem Christine expects a strong love affair, which will grow into an equally strong marriage.
  • Vitali. A man with that name is reasonable and pragmatic, like his chosen one. The couple prefers to solve any problem by joint discussion, each decision is carefully weighed. It helps to create a harmonious and stable union.
  • Dmitriy. Marriage with this man for Christina can be almost perfect. Partners have the same beliefs and set similar goals. They may well create a happy family.
  • Maksim. This couple is united by common interests and dislike for everyday life. Maxim and Christina crave new and vivid impressions. They truly enjoy each other’s company, so this union is usually durable.
  • Novel. Partners perfectly complement each other, they have a lot in common. Roma and Cristina are easy together, they prefer active joint rest, which makes their relationship bright and emotional.
  • Ruslan. With this man, Christina will feel safe. The couple can not tolerate lies and betrayal, so people will create a relationship of trust. They are not in a hurry to get married, because they want to look at each other.

A less happy future awaits the girl with Alexander, Alexey, Vladimir, Victor, Ilya, Oleg, Pavel and Sergey. Relations with these men will not be completely cloudless, but young people will be able to find a common language.

Christine will have to learn how to resolve conflicts, otherwise she will be happy with any of the proposed elects.

You should not try to build relationships with Arthur, Andrey, Eugene, Illarion, Cyril, Leonid and Jan. The girl will not be able to find a common language with these men.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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